Ankle Fusion Surgery in U.A.E

Most hospitals in the U.A.E house an all-inclusive ankle and foot clinic and are well equipped to deal with most of the injuries and disorders of the lower limbs of the human body. Hospitals in U.A.E offer intensive treatments coupled with private clinical and medical care, followed by therapy programs that highlight the international medical standards to ensure that patients recover quicker. In order to accommodate all UAE nationals who are vying for an ankle fusion surgery, they have accommodated their hospitals with the necessary medical equipment and medical machines that are used to operate on ankle and foot injuries of varying degrees. Most dedicated foot and ankle surgeons have access to the best in technology in terms of medicine, treatment, and support. From incapacitating ailments to sports and activity related injuries, the hospitals in UAE have the expertise, the experience and the equipment to provide the best treatment possible.

The UAE also boasts about another achievement in the field of medicine. Because of their position as being the leader in advanced medical science, they have hosted the first Total Ankle Arthroplasty (TAA) also known as Ankle Replacement Surgery. The surgery was conducted by Dr. Ma’an Taba of Medicare Orthopedics & Spine Hospital (MOSH) and is the first of its kind operated on a local Dubai based osteoarthritis patient.

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