Ankle Fusion Surgery cost in Turkey


Ankle fusion, or ankle arthrodesis, fuses the ankle bones and this is done using medical nails, screws, plates, and medical hardware that leads to bringing the ankle bones together. This surgery helps in treating arthritis and for several more reasons. There are many kinds of ankle fusion operations. The recovery period after ankle fusion surgery is six to sixteen weeks. It is only after so many weeks have passed that your ankle can take on weight. A person who has undergone ankle fusion should use either walker or crutches for around one and a half months to two months.

Ankle Fusion Surgery in Turkey

Turkey has really advanced medical and surgical technologies and some of the best multidisciplinary hospitals, clinics, and medical centers which can provide the best orthopedic surgery options. The doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and other support staff is really helpful and kind. They are qualified and trained to provide you world-class treatment. Ankle Fusion surgery in Turkey can be done in any of the hospitals and medical centers mentioned below. Emsey Hospital, Pendik Acibadem Hospital Group, Ankara Kolan International Group, Istanbul NP Istanbul Brain Hospital, Istanbul Medical Park Group, Istanbul Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Istanbul KOC University Hospital, Istanbul Medicana International, Istanbul Medipol University Hospital, Istanbul LIV Hospital, Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul American Hospital, Istanbul Okan University Hospital, Tuzla Anadoly Medical Center, Kocaeli Istinye University Hospital, Istanbul Mersin Medical Center, Mersin Private Kusadasi Hospital Turkmen, Aydin OTA and Jinemed Hospital, Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil Universitesi Gaziosmanpasa Hospital, Istanbul

Cost Comparison

Ankle Fusion Surgery cost in Turkey is US$ 8000 which is much lesser than what Ankle Fusion surgery costs in the United States of America i.e., US$ 20,000.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

3 Day in Hospital

12 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 7151


About the Ankle Fusion Surgery

What is Ankle Fusion Surgery

Ankle fusion operation, also known as ankle arthrodesis, is a surgical procedure conducted to close the joint space by joining the bones that make up the ankle joint.

Your ankle joint is an articulation of three bones. These three bones are known as the tibia, fibula, and the talus. During ankle fusion operation, the cartilage covering the bony surface of the ankle joint is scraped off. The diseased part of the bones is also trimmed.

Next, the newly exposed bony surface of the tibia and the talus are placed in close contact. Additionally, they are compressed using screws. New bone formation takes place in and around the joint resulting infusion of the bones into a single bone.

Candidates for Ankle Fusion Surgery

Ankle fusion operation is recommended for patients experiencing unbearable pain during the ankle movement. The pain may result because of the following reasons:

  • Joint wear and tear
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Infection in or around the joint
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Failure of previous non-surgical treatment

Not all patients with the aforementioned conditions are always suitable for ankle fusion. Patients with the following characteristics are not suggested to undergo this surgery:

  • Insufficient quantity and quality of bone
  • Severe deformity in the leg
  • Vascular diseases that prevent proper healing

How is Ankle Fusion Surgery performed?

During the surgery, you are given either local anaesthesia or sedation to numb the entire ankle area. The doctor makes a small cut on the lateral side of the ankle through the skin so that the joint can be seen clearly. If more visibility is needed, the doctor makes an extra cut in the front of the ankle.

The doctor then uses a saw to remove the articular cartilage on the surface of the joint bones. The diseased bone is removed, exposing the healthy part of the bone. The healthy bone surfaces are compressed using large screws. The bones join naturally through deposition of bone material as is the case with natural fracture healing.

Sometimes, a doctor may place an artificial bone graft or a bone grafted from your fibula to ensure fast healing of the bony surfaces. Before placing the screws, the doctor carefully positions the ankle to ensure maximum movement possible. The ankle is placed at 90 degrees to the lower leg and the heel is slightly outwards. Then the skin is brought back in place and sutured together.

Recovery from Ankle Fusion Surgery

Ankle fusion recovery time depends on how seriously you take the following precautions after the surgery:

  • You need to keep the leg raised and give yourself cold compression to avoid swelling.
  • You may sometimes feel tingling sensation early in the morning once you put your leg down. This is because sudden rush of blood towards the ankle when you change the position from an elevated position.
  • You should take pain medicines as directed by your doctor.
  • You should come back to the hospital 10 to 15 days after the surgery to get the stitches removed.
  • You will have to carry the splint for 6 to 12 weeks.
  • Your doctor will put you on a no-weight bearing program for 6 to 12 weeks. This period can be extended if your doctor finds that healing is not fair enough.
  • You will be advised to go ahead with gentle physiotherapy after removal of splints to prevent stiffness in joints.

Alternate treatment options:

Arthroscopic ankle fusion surgery: This procedure is similar to the open ankle fusion surgery. However, the incision is very small and the entire procedure is carried out by inserting an instrument that has a camera attached to one end. It helps the doctor clearly view the interior cartilage and bones. Faster recovery and healing are the two advantages of this approach.

Ankle joint replacement: During this procedure, the entire ankle joint is replaced. The advantage of this technique over ankle fusion is that it retains complete movement of the ankle.

Ankle Fusion Recovery Time

  • The minimum time that it takes to recover from fusion recovery is between 12 to 15 weeks.
  • During the first 6 to 8 weeks, you are not supposed to put any weight on the ankle. If you do anything like that, it may disturb the natural healing of the joint.
  • During 8 to 10 weeks of a recovery period, your doctor will advise you to get an X-ray done. If the healing is good, you will be allowed to conduct the light physical activity with the help of cast boots.
  • During 10 to 12 weeks, you can increase the physical activity, but you will be asked to take help of supportive ankle devices.

Patient Stories

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Some of most highly rated doctors for Ankle Fusion Surgery are:

Following are some of the highest rated doctors available for Online Video Consultation for Ankle Fusion Surgery:

Doctor NameCostBook Appointment
Dr. Haluk Cabuk130 USDBook Now
Dr. Erden Erturer160 USDBook Now
Dr. Sujoy Kumar Bhattacharjee23 USDBook Now
Dr. Enric Caceres606 USDBook Now
Dr. Mohammed Monkez Alwani173 USDBook Now

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Best Hospitals for Ankle Fusion Surgery are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go for Ankle Fusion Surgery in Turkey?

Turkey has a very well-established board of medicine that governs the working of the hospitals and also governs the doctors working in these hospitals. The level of care and individual attention that Turkish hospitals can provide is excellent for the very economical prices that they charge. There are very experienced nurses that can take care of your post-surgery needs. The stay in the hospital is very comfortable with varying ranges of hospital rooms that are available. Turkish hospitals also have hi-tech and latest machinery and medical equipment to handle these surgeries.

What is the cost of ankle fusion surgery cost in Turkey?

The cost of ankle surgery in Turkey is comparatively very very less in Turkey. If you consider the cost of medications after the surgery also, it would work out way cheaper and economical than having the same surgery in other countries. This is exactly why people are ready to spend money on passports and visas to come to Turkey just to have one surgery. Even the return tickets booked in advance are way cheaper than in having the surgery in other Western countries. The post-treatment cost is also low. You would require to have some physiotherapy sessions after a successful operation. If you choose to have these sessions in your own country or place of living, it would still be affordable. The surgery is the most expensive item on the list. Everything else is a minor expenditure. The average cost is just about 7000 dollars.

Which are the top Hospitals and top Orthopaedic Surgeons for Ankle Fusion Surgery in Turkey?

Anadolu Medical Centre: Located in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey. The speciality of this hospital is that its staff are also on call with the famed John Hopkins medical centre. They have open lines of communication with the established doctors of John Hopkins. This enables you to get second opinions via video conference. They hire only US board certified doctors. This does not mean the cost is extravagant. They have very competitive prices. Best foot and ankle surgeon in Turkey are available on call at the best hospitals. The top Orthopaedic Surgeons for Ankle Fusion Surgery is Prof. Ahmet Kıral.

Medipol Mega University hospital, Turkey: This is a specialised and modern medical institution which has some very unique features. It has the capacity to accommodate some of the heaviest choppers in the world. This means that it is accessible by air during emergencies as well. It is a very important reference point for patients within and outside the country. They also have facilities for robotic surgery. The top Orthopaedic Surgeon for Ankle Fusion Surgery is Prof. Dr Mahir Mahiroğullari.

Acibadem Fulya Hospital Istanbul, Turkey: This hospital is built around 4500 Square miles. This hospital in 2012 received the prestigious FIFA excellence certificate. It provides excellent care to all the patients admitted there. Their pricing is also very economical and affordable. Prof.Dr. Aziz Kaya Alturfan is the top Orthopaedic Surgeon for Ankle Fusion Surgery.

Which are the best cities for Ankle Fusion Surgery in Turkey?

All the major cities in Turkey have extremely modern medical hospitals that provide ankle fusion surgery. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is one of the main places where patients from overseas land. And this is where most of them are admitted for Ankle Fusion Surgery. Istanbul is also a hub for patients who are seeking to have ankle fusion surgery in Turkey. It is also a major treating centre with lots of hospitals in clusters. Hence people of various nationalities come here for their surgery.

Which are the best hospitals in Turkey for Ankle Fusion Surgery and their costs ?

Some of the top hospitals in Turkey for Ankle Fusion Surgery and their associated prices:

HospitalMinimum CostMaximum Cost
Medicana International Samsun Hospital, SamsunUSD 7172USD 8136
I.A.U VM Medical Park Florya Hospital, IstanbulUSD 8007USD 8623
Medical Park Fatih Hospital, IstanbulUSD 7576USD 9197
Medical Park Goztepe Hospital, IstanbulUSD 7632USD 8981
Medical Park Ordu Hospital, OrduUSD 7640USD 8933
Medicana Camlica Hospital, IstanbulUSD 8529USD 8753
Acibadem Hospital Taksim, IstanbulUSD 8096USD 8512
VM Medical Park Ankara, AnkaraUSD 8054USD 9710
Medical Park Antalya Hospital, AntalyaUSD 8224USD 9150
Medicana Bahcelievler Hospital, IstanbulUSD 8162USD 8966
Which are the most common cities in Turkey where Ankle Fusion Surgery is performed and their associated costs ?

Following is the list of cities and the associated costs for Ankle Fusion Surgery in Turkey

CityMinimum CostMaximum Cost
BursaUSD 7787USD 8630
FethiyeUSD 7821USD 8882
TrabzonUSD 7704USD 9318
KonyaUSD 8180USD 8948
SivasUSD 8538USD 9222
KocaeliUSD 7178USD 8322
SamsunUSD 7172USD 8136
ElazigUSD 7500USD 8577
AnkaraUSD 7135USD 8158
CanakkaleUSD 7735USD 9327

FAQ's Related to Turkey

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Turkey?

Turkey has been globally recognized as a therapeutic center, where patients get world-class treatments at reasonable costs. Offering premium medical care and comfort in a secure and safe environment, world-class hospital chains in Turkey can support you with a range of clinical needs. Most of the hospitals have received accreditations from global platforms which ensure that the hospitals not only perform evidence based practices but also give importance to access, affordability, efficiency, quality and effectiveness of healthcare. The best multispecialty hospitals in Turkey are:

  1. Emsey Hospital, Pendik,
  2. Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul,
  3. Acibadem Hospitals Group
  4. American Hospital, Istanbul,
  5. Florence Nightingale Hospital, İstanbul,
  6. Medipol University Hospital, İstanbul,
  7. Anadolu Medical Center, Kocaeli,
  8. Smile Hair Clinic, Istanbul.
What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Turkey?

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the major healthcare accrediting body in Turkey. All the accredited hospitals in Turkey make sure they meet the international healthcare quality standards. The standards provide a strong framework for quality assurance by hospitals and focus on the quality of care and patient safety. The standards require continuous monitoring of critical events and a comprehensive corrective action plan for ensuring quality.

Why should I opt for healthcare in Turkey?

People opt for healthcare in Turkey because of the excellent healthcare infrastructure like hospitals, clinics, and health centers. Other factors which contribute to the popularity of medical tourism in Turkey are low consultation fee, low-cost medical treatments, and cheap medicines. Hospitals and healthcare centers in Turkey meet Western standards of healthcare. Turkey has world-class doctors who have vast experience in multiple disciplines and some of them are trained in America and Europe who prefer to practice in Turkey.

What is the quality of doctors in Turkey?

Turkey has some of the finest doctors in the world who have delivered excellent results, ensuring complete patient satisfaction. The highly qualified doctors have been educated at premier educational institutions where they have rigorous training. They possess in-depth subject knowledge, and their skillset and area of expertise are really vast. Board-certified doctors deliver high-quality care to their patients and have the ability to practice at the top of their profession.

When traveling to Turkey for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

You need to carry several documents when traveling to Turkey for medical treatment, such as medical History, passport copies, residence/ driver’s license/ bank statement/ details of Health insurance, test reports, records, doctor referral notes. You need to pay extra heed on packing when traveling to another country for medical treatment Don't forget to make a list of all the essential things you might need during your stay in Turkey. The required documents also depend on your destination, so check with the concerned authority if any extra items needed.

What are the popular procedures available in Turkey?

A large number of medical tourists visit Turkey every year to avail popular procedures, such as:

  1. Ophthalmic surgery,
  2. Dental treatments,
  3. Plastic surgery,
  4. Hair transplant,
  5. IVF,
  6. Hematological oncology,
  7. Stem cell transplantation,
  8. Dermatological treatment,
  9. Bariatric surgery,
  10. Kidney transplant.

Most of these popular procedures have a success rate and are available at an affordable cost. Most hospitals in Turkey offer world-class treatments in almost every therapeutic areas. Hospitals in Turkey are equipped with the most advanced medical technology and highly experienced doctors, making the country the best destination for availing popular procedures.

Which are the most popular cities in Turkey for medical treatment?

Most medical tourists choose cities like Ankara, Istanbul, and Antalya which also are some of Turkey’s most famous tourist destinations. Affordable medical care with world-class facilities, impeccable patient care, and easily available medical visas make the country a foremost choice for international patients. These cities are considered the best destinations for medical treatment in Turkey due to many other reasons, such as cheap accommodation, best infrastructure, transportation facilities, and a wide range of food options. Turkey has always been a popular tourist destination with cities full of history and mesmerizing sandy beaches.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in Turkey?

Hospitals in Turkey offer all modern facilities to patients to ensure that get the treatment in a confortable environment. Hospitals in Turkey offer all necessary facilities, such as visa assistance, travel arrangements, airport transfers, coordination of all medical appointments, accommodations for patients and companions, international staff translators, shopping and recreational options, Internet with wi-fi, mobile sim cards, lockers, and multiple food options. Hospitals provide assistance to their patients at every step of their journey, right from initial queries, preparations for their travel, arrival, visit of the hospital, and follow-up care.

Do hospitals in Turkey accept health insurance?

Turkey has a large number of network hospitals which accept health insurance. You need to intimate your hospital in case you have any health insurance plan that is internationally valid. You need to get in touch in touch with your insurance company in your country to confirm if the treatment you want to undergo is covered at the hospital in Turkey. An approved insurance provider needs to provide Guarantee of Payment to the hospital to start your treatment cashless.