Also known as ankle arthrodesis, the surgery involves fusing of the tibiotalar bones or the ankle bones. More than 2000 to 3000 candidates are known to undergo ankle fusion surgery every year worldwide. The surgical procedure has been widely accepted as one of the most beneficial as well as long-term cure for ankle arthritis, and has therefore been capable of restoring mobility to innumerable people across the world. The extent of surgical procedure required depends on the condition of the candidate. Although modern incisional techniques have been introduced, yet many candidates require an extensive open surgical procedure in complex cases. Thus, the type of procedure required directly affects the ankle fusion surgery cost worldwide.

What is Ankle Fusion Surgery?

The ankle comprises of the shinbone or the tibia and the fibula from the lower part of the leg that fuses with the talus, which in turn rests on the heel bone. Fusion surgeries are mostly done in extreme cases of arthritis that affects and damages the ankle joint. Ankle arthritis may result in wearing out, of two or more bones in the joint, inflammation, redness, and pain leading to partial or complete immobility in the region. In most cases the condition affects the articular cartilage as well. Apart from that, ankle fusion surgeries may also be performed in case of ankle injury. 

 Ideal Candidate for Ankle Fusion Surgery

Conventional treatments are always primarily suggested for pain in case of ankle pain or injury. Besides, physical therapy and other conventional therapies are also implemented before deciding on surgical procedures. Hence, one can be a candidate for ankle fusion surgery, if the individual:

  • Has incurred severe injury causing bone fracture, or tear of articular cartilage.
  • Has chronic ankle arthritis.
  • Is unresponsive towards preliminary treatments.
  • Severe continuous pain causing restricted daily activities or immobility.

Factors Affecting the cost of Ankle Fusion Surgery

Injury in ankle or arthritis may affect people of any age, mostly in case of athletes. However, in cases that require surgery, the ankle arthrodesis cost may vary depending on a number of factors, which are:

  • The age of the candidate 
  • The reason and requirement of the surgical procedure
  • Extent of procedure required
  • Country where the procedure is being performed
  • Healthcare facilities availed by the candidate.
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