Ankle fusion is an umbrella term for many techniques – but with a common intention. It seeks to take the different ankle bones and fuse them into one bone. It is a preferred procedure for those suffering from chronic arthritis. Cases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis need ankle fusion as the last resort if the pain and inflammation hinder regular activities.

Ankle fusion surgery is also known as ankle arthrodesis. From its first documented usage in the medical world in 1879, the surgical procedure has helped many patients to alleviate the pain around the ankle area and lead a normal life. For almost 100 years there was little literature available on the surgery. But from 1990 onwards, there have been many well-documented cases around ankle arthrodesis. Through this, we come to know that between 1990 and 2006, the rate of foot and ankle arthrodesis increased by 146%.

Ankle fusion surgery in South Korea

Economic development and universal health coverage have led to a massive acceleration in healthcare outcomes in South Korea. It is increasingly emerging as a destination of choice for complicated surgical procedures like ankle fusion. The growth of speciality hospital like orthopaedic hospitals provides much better chances of successful treatment for ankle arthritis patients.

Both minimally invasive and surgical procedures are carried out by well qualified and experienced experts. The orthopaedic surgeons have a very focused speciality. In the key orthopaedic medical centres, these surgeons perform almost 500 surgeries every year on the same types of joints, bones or muscles.  This improves their efficacy manifold and makes the South Korean ortho specialists the preferred expert to treat cases of extreme ankle arthritis necessitating ankle arthrodesis.

You can rely on their innovative skills, use of advanced healthcare technology, and clear diagnosis to trust South Korea as a medical tourism destination of choice for ankle fusion surgery at low costs.

Cost comparison

In the US it costs on average $14600 to $40000 for ankle fusion procedures in Boston. But in South Korea, you get the same eagle eye precision and experienced surgical skills for far less. The favourable currency rate to South Korean Won to works in favour of patients flying in from countries like the US, UK, and Europe, and South Africa.

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South Korea’s state of the art facilities and medical excellence ensures that it remains a favourite for patients coming in from Western countries. Its Ministry of Health and Welfare ensures that the entire process – from pre-surgery consultation to post-operative follow-ups are done in a hassle-free manner for foreign nationals

The entire cost of flight, transfers, accommodation, food, hospital stay, surgery costs, and medical costs is far less than the US costs. In the US the average costs for the procedure alone come to $19184. In South Korea, the same procedure can be done at a fraction of the cost, without compromising on the quality of healthcare or facilities.

Professor Myung Chul Lee from Seoul National University Hospital specializes in new age technology in orthopaedics. Doctor Kook Hee Kyun from Sarang Hospital too is a renowned name in orthopaedics.

Yonsei University Health Systems (YUHS) + Gangnam Severance Hospital has a reputation since its inception in 1885. It specializes in orthopaedics, along with several other departments. The 2715-bed ASAN Medical Center in Seoul to has a team that specializes in foot and ankle surgeries.

The presence of highly qualified physicians and surgeons in South Korea means that the level of healthcare delivered to patients matches international standards. Their intense focus on advanced orthopaedics makes them the top most professionals in the field of foot and ankle surgeries. With it, their success rate in South Korea remains high and is well above the worldwide average.

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