Ankle Fusion Surgery in Thailand

Do you know why most of the accidents registered in the world's book of accident consist of a higher percentage of teenagers? Yeah, you might be thinking that this has something to do with them being teenagers it’s a straight no. The reason is adrenaline; the high boost of nitro level which is often found in teenagers which is often the reason for these accidents and accidents can occur from any type of falling, from the tree or road accident or bad landing after jump etc. The first thing which gets most affected is your leg which contains this ankle joint. This is the most fragile joint in the body. But sometimes this is not the only reason for ankle fusion surgery; sometimes the surgery is due to arthritis which is a serious problem for the old age people. As we know that in today's time everything is just a touch away & our body is not used for this type of relaxation this makes the bones & joints fragile not taking proper nutrients or calcium is also the reason for having a fragile bone in the body so this the primary reason for arthritis Sometimes it is genetic or an accident which happened in childhood & didn’t receive proper treatment.

This ankle fusion fills the gap between the joints and emits out the reason for having the joint not to work properly. The surgery process for ankle fusion is not some space science, in fact, it is very easy. First they inject some anaesthesia into the patient body so that they don't feel any pain during the surgery then they make a cut around the ankle that makes easy for them to perform the surgery and by making sure that they are gaining access to the part of action on which surgery is going to be performed they insert a metal piece in that gap which ensures the working between the joints properly. Then after the suggested time for rest, the patient will be able to walk properly.

Pros of ankle fusion surgery

• It will help you to walk properly- After the surgery, the surgeon will give you a prescription which will include the details of rest and the further processes involved. So, just follow that properly and then feel the spirit of walking.

• It will give back your life- We only know the value of something when it's gone but having that back again will increase its value more.

• Some surgeries won't even require the complicated metal piece.

Cons of ankle fusion surgery

• Other joints get affected by this surgery

• If proper rest not taken then this surgery might result in failure.

• Having a minor accident after this surgery might result in permanent failure of that body part. So being cautious every time is the primary factor of this surgery.

Cost comparison

Basically, this depends on the type of surgery you are opting for is it an ankle fusion surgery or fully ankle replacement surgery. Does the surgery requires a metal piece or is it the surgery without metal piece so after deciding the type of surgery for your condition the surgeon will describe its costing and procedure.

In the USA it costs around USD 66K-80K this is the highest of all countries then followed by the UK with some decrease in numbers around 50K in euros then followed by Singapore and Malaysia they cost around 7k-9K USD which can be referred as a medium line. Then the lowest goes to India and then to Thailand, which will be around 5K USD. Sometime the patients health also matters if he/she is having a previous record of any illness which might affect the surgery in any way then that patient will have to stay some days before and after the surgery for proper treatment because if not done so it might result in the failure of surgery and then the further consequences will be worse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per the availability of surgeons and hospitals with quite low fees which definitely include world-class treatment Thailand is the best place for having an ankle fusion surgery. The services and hospitality are the same as that you will get in other countries so getting down in coasting doesn't mean that we are compromising with the quality.

The cost might vary from hospital to hospital as not all the hospitals' works on the same principle, but the difference in the cost is unnoticeable. In any hospital, the surgery would cost around 7K-8K USD including all the services are included in this costing.

Thailand is known for some of the best hospitals and clinics for Ankle Fusion Surgery. There are plenty of hospitals and clinic for ankle fusion surgery in Thailand; some of them are named as follows: Bangkok Dusit Medical Service, Yanhee international hospital.

Bangkok & Krabi are the two major cities where all these hospitals situated that deals with ankle fusion surgery and ankle replacement surgery. There are plenty of other too but according to comfort and reach, these two cities are much popular than any other cities in Thailand for surgery.

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