Breast cancer starts when a single cell in the breast tissue begins to divide and grow abnormally. They can spread within the breast and to the other organs. These cells mostly arise from ducts and lobules present in the breast. The treatment and prognosis of breast cancer mainly depend on the stage, its type and spread.

Breast cancer treatment in Singapore

Healthcare facilities standard in Singapore is high and reliable. Factors like world-class facilities, skilled doctors, geographical proximity and reputation of the country, makes Singapore one of the most preferred destinations. Breast cancer treatment in Singapore hospital offers top -of the line healthcare facilities, internationally trained Oncosurgeon, medical oncologist, and staff. Mostly the major hospitals in Singapore have international accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), ISO or OHSAS, which provides trust in the quality of services offered.\

Breast is women’s femininity therefore; it would be a traumatic experience for any women if diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a serious medical condition in which cells in breast grow out of control. It is the leading cause of death in Singapore and also was responsible for 29.6% of total deaths in Singapore in 2016. In order to face this ongoing race with breast cancer, the country has sharpened its healthcare system to deliver the highest quality treatment in a supportive, compassionate and innovative environment.

Cost comparison

The cost of breast cancer depends mainly on the stage of cancer. From diagnose and screening to ultrasound and surgery, there is a number of procedures which has to be performed when diagnosed with breast cancer. In screening, the cost of the mammogram, breast MRI and ultrasound is S$50- S$200, S$1,400 and S$160- S$300 respectively. However, these data are for private practices, to carry out the affordable Breast Cancer Screening Singapore, you can search for the public centres.

The Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in Singapore is around $20000 which includes single mastectomy. While in the USA and UAE, the estimated expense of the surgery is $15000 and $7000 respectively. The cost of Singapore may be higher than the other countries but with its advanced healthcare amenities and modern technology, a person can undergo a life-saving procedure without facing any hassle.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
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2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

20 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 18500

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment plan for breast cancer, best decided by a multi-disciplinary team, will depend upon on the type of cancer, its stage, grade and tumor size, and whether the cancer cells are hormone sensitive, or not. Treatment seekers usually make their way to abroad if the cancer cells start developing in their body, but it is important which country you are aiming at. Singapore has been actively promoting its medical tourism industry by attracting up to 2000 patients annually. From 2011 to 2015, about 1,927 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Singapore each year and thus, Singapore has already strengthened its healthcare system to fight against the most occurring disease in the country, that is, breast cancer. Singapore draws tourists with its world-class and well-equipped infrastructure, cleanliness and English speaking staffs. Being the leading destination for breast cancer for its cost-effectiveness, Singapore offers the best pre and post-treatment handled by topmost surgeons.

In addition to the emotional and physical challenges, breast cancer can also be financially debilitating. As it comes in different forms, breast cancer surgeon will determine the suitable treatment for you based on the type of breast cancer, its stage, size, and so on. To evaluate the extent and the nature of the lump growing in the breast, mammogram and breast ultrasound are advised to the patients. The Cost of Mammogram in Singapore and ultrasound is S$ 50- S$200 and S$160- S$ 300 respectively.

Surgery of Lumpectomy cost S$4,866- S$7,112 where the surgeon removes cancer and a small amount of surrounding tissue while surgery of Mastectomy will costs S$12,686- S$18,238 in which removal of the whole breast takes place. Although this data are for private practices, public hospitals certainly offer a lower cost. On the top of that, if you have undergone for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, the expense will go up to S$20,000 to S$50,000 at a private hospital, depending upon the type of reconstruction.

Cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer among women and in Singapore, 1 out of every 16 women is likely to be afflicted by breast cancer. Thus, the country offers a comprehensive range of specialist and a full range of medical, surgical, and diagnostic service for battling cancer to provide a reliable Breast Cancer Treatment Singapore. Check the list of top hospitals for breast cancer treatment in Singapore:

  • Mount Elizabeth Hospitals

  • Gleneagles Hospitals

  • Raffles Hospitals

  • National Cancer treatment

  • National University Hospitals

  • KK Women’s and Children’s Hospitals

Now, below are the top oncologists for breast cancer treatment in Singapore:

  • Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien

  • Dr. Koong Heng Nung

  • Dr. Ho Gay Hui

  • Dr. Preetha Madhukumar

  • Dr. Yong Wei Sean

  • Dr. Tang Choong Leong

  • Dr. Kho Sunn Sunn Patricia

  • Dr. Tan Hiang Khoon

For breast cancer treatment in Singapore, you can pay a visit to Mount Elizabeth Hospitals which is located at Orchard and Novena. Also, Gleneagles Hospital at Napier road, National University Hospitals located in NUH medical centre at 5 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital at 100 Bukit Timah Rd, where breast cancer can be treated successfully.

Diagnosed with breast cancer means many trips to hospitals or cancer care centres and the success rate highly depends on the stage of breast cancer. In Singapore, the scenario of breast cancer tells the success story of those patients who get acquainted with their early symptoms. According to Singapore’s latest cancer registry report, the patients who were diagnosed at stage 1 had a 91% chance of surviving as compared to that 21 % of cancer patients who were diagnosed at stage 4.

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