Breast Cancer Treatment in Singapore

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Breast cancer starts when a single cell in the breast tissue begins to divide and grow abnormally. They can spread within the breast and to the other organs. These cells mostly arise from ducts and lobules present in the in the breast. The treatment and prognosis of breast cancer mainly depend on the stage, its type and spread.

Breast cancer treatment in Singapore

Healthcare facilities standard in Singapore is high and reliable. Factors like world-class facilities, skilled doctors, geographical proximity and reputation of the country, makes Singapore as one of the most preferred destinations. Breast cancer treatment in Singapore hospital offers top -of the line healthcare facilities, internationally trained Oncosurgeon, medical oncologist, and staff. Mostly the major hospitals in Singapore have international accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), ISO or OHSAS, which provides trust in the quality of services offered.

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Breast cancer cost in Singapore with ultra-high-quality levels, world-class facilities, a clean and structured environment are available at par with some of the most preferred medical tourism destinations like India, Turkey, and Hungary. The cost of entire procedure including the treatment, medication, aftercare, accommodation, and after-care is available at almost half the price offered in US or UK.

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