Intrauterine Insemination in Israel

One might not need to know about probability as they know something about it. Nothing in this world works on surety as everything works on probability. It will happen or won't happen; one can calculate the number of outcomes about the thing to become possible. But here in medical science probability is absent as everything is based upon facts and studies.

What is Intrauterine Insemination - Intrauterine Insemination is the full form of IUI. It deals with the fertility problems and promises to help in curing it. The process in IUI starts by placing or putting the sperm cells into the uterus of the female body. This process is quite straightforward as the sperm is put directly into it. Directly putting the sperm helps the sperm to get closer to the egg present in the uterus of the female body. As this is faster than the natural process because it saves the time which the sperms require travelling to the uterus of the female body via a natural process.

How is IUI performed or done - First the doctor will fully check the individual that whether the individual requires some medicines which will stimulate the IUI procedure in the uterus. Then the semen sample is collected either from the partner or the donor; this donor will be from the fertility centre. Semen is not just taken randomly from anyone when the semen sample is taken then it goes through various stages of testing which will also include the semen washing process and if the results come out good, then that means its healthy semen which can be used in the further process.

Then when the doctors get the healthy semen after the testing, they then put the semen in the uterus of the individual's body which will further fertilize the egg and will result in pregnancy. There are many ways to spot the pregnancy right in its initial stage. The IUI is a simple procedure but doesn't offer any type of guarantee that it will work and result in the pregnancy of the individual as everyone's body structure is different. This IUI process doesn't take time as it’s just a 10-15 min work and can be performed at any fertility clinic.

This is a painless process too as doctors just have to insert a tube inside the uterus of the individual body then via the help of a syringe the sperm is placed inside the uterus so that it can easily fertilize the egg without any problem. During the process, the individual will not be on any type of anaesthesia or mild sedatives as stated above it is a painless process.

Cost comparisons:

This IUI requires low costing as compared to other medical processes mainly because of the time it requires to complete the process. The cost begins to adds when the individual requires services before and after the process because everybody structure is different. The pricing in India is 77K USD, in Turkey its 120K USD, in Thailand its 90K USD, in Israel its 77K USD-90K USD. The costing also depends on the availability of a good sperm or a donor centre from where the sample is collected for the IUI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One can opt anywhere according to their need. But here in Israel, there are some of the best doctors who have a world-class degree and possess good experience in IUI. The availability of fertility cares or clinics and sperm donor facility are not a problem here as in Israel there are many reputable fertility clinics.

Tel Hashomer, Haifa is some of the best cities which are known for quality treatment for IUI in Israel.

The cost depends on the type of service one is opting for in IUI, do they require sperm from the centres or they have partnered for this. But the costing lays in between of 77K USD-90K USD, excluding the other services that might be required.

Sheba medical center, Rambam medical center and Sourksky medical center are some of the best fertility clinics for IUI treatment in Israel.

The success rate of IUI treatment in Israel is above 80%, but this depends on the individual's body. Whether it is responding to the treatment or not is an important factor to be kept in mind. Sometimes individual suffering from some infections in the uterus also opts for this treatment and that results in failure. Hence it is highly essential to have a healthy lifestyle before opting for this procedure.

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