Whipple’s Procedure in India

The Whipple procedure is a complex procedure that is done on a patient to remove the head of the pancreas, the gall bladder, the bile duct and the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). This procedure is called as the pancreaticoduodenectomy by doctors and surgeons. The Whipple procedure is mainly performed to treat serious disorders that arise in the pancreas of the patient as well as remove any tumors that may have formed in the pancreas, bile ducts and the intestine. It is most commonly used to treat cancer of the pancreas where the cancer is confined to the head region of the pancreas.

Once the Whipple procedure is performed, the surgeon that is performing the Whipple procedure will reconnect all the remaining organs as they were before. This is done so that you can digest food normally even after the completion of the surgery. The Whipple procedure is quite a crucial surgery as it involves removing these organs and hence it is also associated with a high amount of risk. But in certain cases, like when there is cancerous tissue that is present in these areas, having the Whipple procedure is justified even with the risk that the operation poses. The Whipple procedure can be a life-saving surgery for patients who have pancreatic cancer or cancer in the other parts that are nearby of those organs which are removed by the Whipple procedure. This procedure can only be performed if there is cancerous tissue that is on the top part of the pancreas. You should consult your oncologist to know if you can have this surgery done on you or not if required.

Cost Comparison

The cost of the Whipple procedure in India is not exorbitant which means that it is less expensive when the cost of the Whipple procedure is held in comparison with different countries that are situated on the western hemisphere of the earth. Though the surgery is quite complex and it requires that of an experienced surgeon to perform it, the cost in India for having this procedure performed is less. Especially if you hold it in comparison with some of the other procedures that can be performed for having cancerous tissue removed from the body like chemotherapy. The Whipple procedure is a procedure that saves lives, and hence the cost is warranted and justifiable. Some insurance companies also reimburse or offer various cashless treatment in specific hospitals that are equipped to perform the Whipple procedure on patients.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

12 Day in Hospital

16 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 10000

Frequently Asked Questions

Whipple procedure as discusses is a life-saving procedure. The medical board in India that oversees the certification and registration of doctors and surgeons is extremely strict and does not allow any unregistered doctor or surgeon to perform any procedure, let alone a complex one like the Whipple procedure operation. India is home to some of the best oncology institutes and research centers in the world and procedures like the Whipple procedure have been performed extensively here with high success rates.

The success rate for the Whipple procedure In India is pretty high. This is characterized by the fact that the surgeons who perform the Whipple procedure in India have been trained by other senior surgeons in India as well as in countries abroad. There are many methods of how the Whipple procedure can be performed. There are minimally invasive procedures like that called the laparoscopic Whipple procedure where many small cuts are made in the patient’s body instead of one single large cut. This not only decreases the time that it takes for the patient to recover after the surgery, but this also results in very less scarring on the body. The laparoscopic Whipple procedure is also resulting in lesser loss of blood of the patient and hence post-surgery complications are also reduced and so is the risk of surgery.

The best cities in India for the Whipple procedure are the metro cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and other metropolitan cities. There are also hospitals in other places like Chhattisgarh, Ahmedabad, Manipal and other places where the laparoscopic Whipple procedure or the Whipple procedure is extensively performed. These cities also have good transport facilities outside India, as well as intercity transport and as a result, patients have no problems when they have the surgery performed in these places. Post-Surgery care is also affordable in these cities as boarding and lodging are not enormously expensive. The hospitals here also offer many types of rooms and wards that can cater to everyone’s financial status.

The average cost of the Whipple’s Procedure in India ranges anywhere between 5 lakh rupees to 10 lakh rupees depending on the type of the procedure and the complexity that is involved. There is no standard price as such that is fixed for the Whipple’s Procedure in India, and the price varies with the hospital. The price will also depend on the surgeon that is involved in the Whipple’s Procedure. Generally senior and highly experienced doctors will charge more for the procedure compared to other doctors who do not have that much seniority and experience with the Whipple’s Procedure in India.

The leading and best hospitals in India for Whipple’s Procedure are:

  • Medanta Hospital – This hospital is located in Delhi and is quite well known for the Whipple’s Procedure in India. Many patients from overseas countries also visit this hospital when they want to have Whipple’s Procedure in India without any hassle.

  • Kokilaben hospital – This is a hospital that is situated in the city of Mumbai. It is famous for the popular surgeons that are present here. There are also high success rates for the Whipple’s Procedure in India in this particular hospital. The hospitality and services offered in this hospital is worthy of mentioning.

  • Max Healthcare – This is a renowned hospital that is located in the national capital of New Delhi. It is popular among medical tourists coming from other countries as it is close to the International airport as well. The healthcare facilities in the Max Healthcare hospital are state of the art and are way better than many hospitals that are there in most developed countries as well. The medical practitioners are extremely dedicated and ensures comprehensive services during and after the surgery is carried out.

  • Fortis Hospital – The Fortis hospital is a famous chain of health care providers with branches in major cities all over India. The one in New Delhi is particularly preferred when it comes to having the Whipple’s Procedure in India performed. This is a hospital that is frequented by not only the general population but also by the local population In India for the Whipple’s Procedure and the laparoscopic Whipple’s Procedure in India. Its prompt attention to detail with experienced doctors, surgeons and specialists ready to offer quality service makes this hospital different from other hospitals in that city.

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