Hair Transplant cost in India

Hair transplantation, also known as hair transplant, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the placement of hair follicles in the areas of baldness. This procedure is recommended for people who wish to grow their mane after suffering from hair loss due to aging or underlying medical conditions such as alopecia. There are two methods by which hair transplant can be conducted – follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant in India is an extremely popular procedure conducted at all major cosmetic clinics and hospitals. This procedure is conducted at the doctor’s clinic and does not require a hospital stay. The hair transplant experts in India are highly experienced and skilled. They have helped thousands of patients from across the world so far with the help of the two specialized hair transplant procedure. Over the period of last few years, India has gained popularity as one of the most advanced cosmetic surgery hubs in the world.

Cost Comparison

Hair transplant cost in India is much less and affordable as compared to the Western countries. A person planning to undergo hair transplantation in a country like the US and the UK may end up paying a huge amount of money for just one session of hair transplantation. On the contrary, by traveling to a country like India, patients from the Western country can save as much as 70 to 80 percent of their money. The total cost, however, depends on the number of sessions required to obtain the desired results and the technique used to perform hair transplantation. 

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

0 Day in Hospital

7 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 1900


About the Hair Transplant

Hair transplant treatment has gained an immense popularity in the recent few years. This cosmetic treatment has offered a new hope to people who suffer from premature falling of hair and baldness. In fact, hair transplant not only helps those who suffer from baldness but also the ones who want a new look by altering their main and hairline. Many cosmetologists around the world offer hair transplant as an effective hair loss treatment that gives long-term and satisfying results.

This hair loss treatment is best suited for people who have lost confidence because of their receding hairline and baldness. It can boost confidence in people while improving their self-image and self-worth. However, it is necessary to talk to a good cosmetic surgeon before opting for this procedure and to analyze whether you are a candidate for it or not.

How is Hair Transplant performed?

This hair regrowth treatment is generally conducted in the doctor’s office. During this procedure, the hair already present on the scalp are used for transplant to the scalp area that has gone bald.

The surgeon first cleans the scalp and inject the medicine to numb the area. Depending on the approach used for transplantation, the surgeon may perform the following steps:

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

  • The surgeon removed a strip of skin from the back of the head.
  • The scalp is sewn, closed, and covered by surrounding hair.
  • The strip of skin is divided into tiny grafts with just one of a few more hair

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • The surgeon shaves the back of the scalp.
  • The follicles are removed one by one from the shaved area.
  • The area heals by itself and is covered by hair eventually.

Once the grafts are available, the surgeon created tiny holes in the targeted bald area and places each graft in a hole. The entire procedure takes around four to six hours to complete.Depending on the desired results and the outcomes of the procedure, another session may be conducted.

Recovery from Hair Transplant

You may experience extreme tenderness and soreness in the scalp after the procedure. This is why you will be required to take pain medications for at least a few days.

Additionally, you will have a bandage over your scalp for a few days. An anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic may be prescribed by the cosmetologist following the procedure. You will be able to return to a normal routine within two to five days of the procedure.

The transplanted hair usually fall out within a week or two of the procedure. However, the growth of new hair starts within a month of hair transplant. However, most people are able to see the growth of new hair after six to nine months.

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Some of the most sought after Healthcare Packages for Hair Transplant are:

Package NameCostBook Package
Hair Transplant in Asia Cosmetic Hospital, Nonthaburi, Thailand1850 USDBook Now
Hair Transplant in Medicana Camlica, Istanbul, Turkey1800 USDBook Now
Hair Transplant in Asian Health Center, Istanbul, Turkey1500 USDBook Now

Some of the top international doctors for Hair Transplant are:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best hair transplant surgeons in India?

1. Dr. Shahin Nooreyezdan

Dr. Shahin Nooreyezdan is one of the experienced and best hair transplant surgeons in India. He has more than 28 years of clinical experience. He is currently associated with Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi as a Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon. He has also been associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Shahin has completed his MBBS from Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior in the year 1985 and completed MS from the same college in 1988. Later, in the year 1992, he completed his M.Ch. from PGIMER Chandigarh. He is an expert in different types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

2. Dr. Anil Behl

Dr. Anil Behl is a highly acclaimed Plastic and cosmetic surgeon in the Delhi-NCR region. He has more than 40 years of clinical experience. He is an expert in performing hair transplant surgeries with a high success rate. He completed his MBBS in 1975 and MS and M.Ch. in the years 1985 and 1992, respectively from Armed Force Medical College. He is currently the Director, Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram. In 2013, He was the surgeon of Honorary President.

3. Dr. Kaushik Nandy

Dr, Kaushik Nandy is a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata. He is currently associated with Apollo Gleneagles Hospital as a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. He has more than 38 years of clinical experience. He completed his MBBS in the year 1982 and MS in 1986. In 1988, he was awarded M.Ch. in Plastic and reconstructive surgery from PGIMER Chandigarh. He has hands-on experience in performing successful hair transplant surgery.

4. Dr. Mukta Sachdev

Dr. Mukta Sachdeva is one of the experienced and expert cosmetologists and dermatologists in Bangalore. She has more than 25 years of clinical experience. She has obtained training from India and abroad. She is currently at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India, as head of the Department of Dermatology. She is an expert in various dermatological procedures including hair transplantation. She also has her private clinic, Dr. Mukta Skin Center, and has Mukta Sachdev Clinical Research.

5. Dr. VB Narayana Murthy

Dr. VB Narayana Murthy is one of the top hair transplant surgeons in India. He has more than 36 years of experience. He completed his MBBS in 1983. Later he completed DNB, Plastic Surgery. He has also obtained certification in Plastic Surgery from the British Association of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Murthy is extensively experienced in performing various cosmetic surgeries.

Which are the best hospitals in India for Hair Transplant and their costs
HospitalMinimum CostMaximum Cost
Sarvodaya Hospital and Research Centre, FaridabadUSD 2698USD 2967
Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal, BengaluruUSD 3078USD 3385
Apollo Hospitals Bannerghatta, BengaluruUSD 3762USD 4138
Clear Medi Hospital, Karkardooma, New DelhiUSD 2356USD 2591
Apollo Hospital International Limited, AhmedabadUSD 3192USD 3511
Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New DelhiUSD 3306USD 3636
Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwantpur, BengaluruUSD 3154USD 3469
Apollo Spectra Hospitals, New DelhiUSD 2964USD 3260
Fortis Malar Hospital, ChennaiUSD 3496USD 3845
Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation, DelhiUSD 3610USD 3971
Which are the most common cities in India where Hair Transplant is performed and their associated costs?
CityMinimum CostMaximum Cost
NoidaUSD 2660USD 2926
MohaliUSD 2774USD 3051
PuneUSD 2346USD 2580
BengaluruUSD 3078USD 3385
DelhiUSD 3610USD 3971
AhmedabadUSD 3192USD 3511
Greater NoidaUSD 3040USD 3344
FaridabadUSD 2698USD 2967
ChennaiUSD 3420USD 3762
GurugramUSD 1900USD 2090

FAQ's Related to India

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in India?

India has two accreditation standards for its healthcare organisations. The first one is National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers has been recognised as one of these standards. Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH). National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers is a much vied for accreditation standard by healthcare providers. The second accreditation is Joint Commission International whose quality benchmark is sought after by so many different healthcare providers.

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in India?

World-class medical treatment is offered at affordable cost in Indian multispecialty hospitals. Many different kinds of surgeries are performed at these hospitals and they have several specialties. In addition to supporting all kinds of specialties, these hospitals even incorporate the general medical needs. The hospitals that are providing the best treatment in India are:

  1. BLK Super Specialty, Delhi
  2. Medanta Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon,
  3. Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  4. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
  5. Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  6. Fortis Hospital, Noida
Why should I opt for healthcare in India?

One of the leading medical tourism destinations, India offers affordable healthcare and has superior infrastructure. Indian healthcare infrastructure is equivalent to international health standards and equate to high end technologies at par with the western world. India has a large pool of highly professional, competent, and qualified doctors who are known for providing treatment with high precision and accuracy. India has several things going for it that ensures that it is the most favored destination for medical travelers such as ease of communication, ease of travel, alternative treatment availability and visa assistance.

How is the quality of doctors in India?

The doctors in India are adept at treating patients with skill and precision in order to achieve the desired results. No matter what new healthcare challenges are present before them, the doctors in India face and overcome them with a lot of confidence. Indian doctors have been educated at the best educational institutions all around the world. You will feel right at home with the best of medical care that Indian doctors and surgeons can provide you with.

When traveling to India for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

As a medical traveler, you begin your travel journey with packing. The documents are of different kinds such as travel related, treatment related and finances. The required documents are outlined here:

  1. Letter from the hospital indicating duration and purpose of treatment
  2. Medical reports,
  3. Passport,
  4. Tourist Visa Category MT,
  5. To and Fro flight tickets,
  6. Recent bank statement (incase of family bank statement proof of relationship).
What are the popular procedures available in India?

Let us look at the popular procedures that are being performed in India:

  1. Valvular Heart Surgery
  2. Knee Replacement Surgery
  3. Bone Marrow Transplant
  4. Lung Transplant
  5. Thoracic Surgery
  6. LVAD Implantation
  7. Meniscus Repair Surgery
  8. CT Coronary Angiogram
  9. Hand Surgery
  10. Heart Blockage Treatment
  11. Hip Resurfacing Surgery
  12. Interventional Cardiography,
  13. Angioplasty
  14. Cochlear Implant
  15. Pacemaker Implantation
  16. Robotic Heart Surgery
  17. Coronary Heart Disease Treatment
  18. Coronary Angioplasty
  19. Bariatric Surgery
  20. Chemotherapy
  21. Ankle Replacement
  22. Kidney Transplant

The popular procedures performed in India are upgraded regularly with the increasing advancements in the medical and surgical fields. Heart surgeries, orthopaedic procedures, organ transplants and cancer treatment are on a growth path in India because of the exceptionally good doctors and the lower cost of surgery and treatments. The steep rise in the number of popular procedures performed regularly in India is also because of a number of good hospitals and related healthcare facilities.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to India?

Essential vaccinations and up-to-date immunisations are needed for every kind of international travel. All medical tourists traveling to India need to get vaccinated before they leave their country to ensure their safety. The travel advisory issued by the Indian government or the hospital is the right source for complete information on vaccination guidelines. Some of the recommended vaccinations that you can have before traveling to India are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Covid, typhoid fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, DPT, measles, yellow fever.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals?

Hospitals in India offer world-class facilities to international patients to ensure safety and comfort throughout their stay in India. In India, the hospitals have seamlessly functioning international patient care centers that provide all kinds of assistance to medical tourists. The hospitals are dedicated to meeting all the needs and requirements that you or your family members may have during your stay at the hospital. The facilities like room reservation, visa and embassy assistance, hotel services and apartment bookings, language interpretation services, tele-consults and pre departure evaluation are a boon to any medical traveller.

What are the major medical tourism destinations in India?

Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad are the leading medical tourism destinations in India. The excellent medical services on par with many developed countries make India a hub for medical tourism. Owing to the availability of exceptional medical facilities, the patient care and all round medical care at affordable prices have made India an attraction for tourists. The medical tourism sector in India is on a growth spree reflected well in the various medical tourism destinations, being promoted well by the Government of India in tandem with various private players in the healthcare sector.