Breast Augmentation Surgery in South Africa

It is a surgical procedure usually performed to adjust the breast size or shape. In this procedure, prosthesis or implants are placed under the breast tissue. Breast implants can be placed in four ways; inframammary (underneath the breast), periareolar (under the nipple), axillary (in the armpit), and Umbilicus (belly button). Usually, an infra-mammary incision is generally performed because research has shown that there are fewer risks of infections and bleeding is easier to control. Breast Augmentation Surgery in South Africa is well sought after from other parts of Northern Africa. People from Germany, the United Kingdom, and other European countries are also visiting South Africa for Breast Implant Surgery.

Breast augmentation surgeries have a significant impact on the quality of life as women who undergo these procedures seem to be healthier than women in the general population. Women may want breast augmentation surgeries for various reasons which include; some women may want to enhance their breast size or shape, some may want to improve their underdeveloped breasts, or some may require after pregnancy to adjust shape or volume.

Two types of implants can be inserted; surgical or silicone implants but silicone implants feel more natural and studies have found their use to be completely safe.  Silicone implants require a slightly larger incision than surgical implants. The doctor-patient preference in terms of the type of implants and incision. As per the FDA, only women above 18 years of age can undergo breast augmentation surgery. The profile (medium, high, extra-high) and width of implants depend on the patient’s preference, dimensions of the breast, the shape of patient’s chest and degree of breast droopiness.  

The facts to consider after the surgery, breasts may look unnatural but within a few months, they will start to look and feel natural as the breast tissue, skin and muscle cover the implant. The doctor’s advice should be closely followed for post-operation care and some doctors recommend wearing a tight sports bra for 3 weeks. After surgery, the patient should avoid wetting wounds for one week, avoid sleeping face down for one month, no physical exercise or heavy lifting for 3 to 4 weeks etc.

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South Africa is a hub of many world-class hospitals with the finest facilities and highly specialised doctors. Many of the hospitals in South Africa are a part of international hospitals and they offer surgical and medical facilities at cost-effective prices for international patients. Some of the hospitals also have an arrangement for medical tourists consisting of a holiday, procedures and treatment, accommodation and local transportation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

South Africa hosts world-class hospitals with cutting edge infrastructure and advanced facilities. The hospitals and clinics in South Africa offer surgical and medical services at affordable prices for overseas patients. They also have an arrangement for medical tourists which takes care of their holiday plans, treatment and procedures, accommodation and local transportation.

The surgery usually takes between one to two hours and the patient needs to stay back for one night in the hospital. The patient can re-join the work after one week or so but for the surgeon to give a go-ahead sign, the patient needs to go regularly for follow up visits which include mammograms to detect any problems with the breast. The cutting edge infrastructure and advanced facilities in South Africa help in achieving better outcomes for breast augmentation surgeries.

Most of the patients who underwent breast augmentation surgeries in South Africa has positive feedback and the implants start to look and feel natural within a few weeks of the surgery.

South Africa welcomes many medical tourists each year, many of which are of breast implants. The average costs of breast augmentation surgery in South Africa are $ 4,500 as compared to $8,000-$12,000 in Australia, $5,000 to $7,000 in the USA and $ 8,000 in UAE. There is no difference in the type of technology and drugs used but it is the costs of labor that makes South Africa cost-effective to carry out breast augmentation surgery.

Some of the best clinics for breast augmentation surgery in South Africa are UCT Private Academic hospital, Netcare Linksfield hospital, Ahmed Kathrada Private hospital, and Netcare N1 city hospital, Ethekwini Hospital, and Heart Centre, Shifa Private hospital, Zamokuhle Private hospital, and Life Kingsbury hospital.

The cities in South Africa for breast Augmentation surgery are Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Lenasia, and Tembisa.

The cost of breast augmentation surgeries depends on the type of implants and placement of the implants. Incision options depend on the type of implants, size, and patient preference and there are 3 types of incision procedures performed in South Africa:

  • Transaxillary incision - in the armpit

  • Periareolar incision - around the nipple

  • Inframammary incision - in the crease under the breast

The technology used in breast augmentation surgery includes cohesive gel technology (preserves implant form), improved implant shell technology and bio-dimensional approach (most appropriate implant according to patient’s chest measurement).

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