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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the most popular procedures performed by Hip Replacement Surgeons in Turkey?

There are a total of three types of hip replacement procedures-

  • Total Hip Replacement/ Hip Arthroplasty- The most popular form of surgery to repair the hip is called complete hip replacement (also called total hip arthroplasty). Worn-out or damaged parts of your hip are replaced with artificial implants in this surgery. A sturdy plastic cup, which may or may not also has a titanium metal shell, is replaced with the socket. Your femoral head is removed and replaced with a ceramic or a metal alloy ball. A metal stem that is inserted into the top of your femur is fastened to the new ball.

  • Partial-Hip-Replacement/Hemiarthroplasty- Partial hip replacement (also known as hemiarthroplasty) requires removing just one side of the hip joint, the femoral head, as incomplete hip replacement, instead of both sides. In older patients who have broken their hip, this operation is most frequently performed.

  • Hip Resurfacing- Hip resurfacing is an alternative to complete hip replacement (THR) that is suitable for certain patients (mostly young age), often called surface replacement. This procedure retains more of the natural bone than a THR does.

Why should you choose a Hip Replacement Surgeons from Turkey?

Turkey Hip replacement doctors are renowned globally for their surgical expertise and skills. They have years of experience in conducting knee replacement surgery. The early rehabilitation period after Hip replacement surgery in Turkey is easier and faster. The doctor in Turkey provides the best service quality, patient care, and safety as the clinic's top priority. They perform dozens of Hip replacement surgeries annually. This reduces the risk of unsuccessful joint replacement surgery outcomes due to the human factor.

What are the average consulting fees of a Hip Replacement Surgeons in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most competitive countries in the world for Hip replacement rates. Despite Turkey's offering of quality facilities. The average cost of a Hip replacement is approximately $19420. However, the cost of Hip replacement includes several factors like the type of surgery conducted, implants used, techniques used in surgery, expertise in the field, type of hospital administration, and fees of the surgeon. 

What is the quality of Hip Replacement Surgeons in Turkey?

The Surgeons provide patients with implants of high quality from the best manufacturers in the world. For decades, they were worthy of serving in the health industry.   The advanced medical facility helps the doctor to change the biomechanical axis of the lower limb perfectly, thereby reducing its deviation. The risk of aseptic endoprosthesis loosening is minimized because of computer navigation. 

How do I schedule an Online Consultation with the best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Turkey?
MediGence brings some of the most experienced and awarded Hip Replacement Surgeon from all over Turkey. To avail the online consultation with the doctor:
  • Simply search the doctor by name or the speciality by clicking here
  • Select the doctor of your choice.
  • Chose the day for the consultation.
  • Quick registration in one single step.
  • Pay online using PayPal to book an appointment for the video consultation with the top Hip Replacement Surgeon.
Which are the countries from where I can avail Hip Replacement Surgeon for telemedicine?
You can avail the doctors from over 10+ countries. Hip Replacement Surgeon are available from India, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, Dubai and many more destinations. You can pick and choose the specialist from the country of your choice based on your preferences and requirements.
How much does it cost for the online consultation with the Hip Replacement Surgeon?
You have the option to choose the doctor from the pool of our handpicked top Hip Replacement Surgeon from worldwide. The video consultation charges differ from country to the country starting from 25 USD and it goes up to 750 USD. You may find all the information about the top Hip Replacement Surgeon, consultation charges on our website. Please follow the link medigence.com/telemedicine to start your journey with us.
How does MediGence ensure that online consultation is safe on their platform?
We strictly follow HIPAA and GDPR compliance level data safety and security standards. We do not store any data with respect to your online consultation with the doctor and moreover your medical records are stored in the HIPAA compliant cloud in the encrypted format. Once you finish your video consultation with the doctor, you receive a link on your email and the dashboard to download the recording that is valid only for 72 hours. On expiry, the video is permanently deleted.

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