Knee Replacement Surgery in South Africa

Knee replacement surgeries have changed the lives of many people with severe knee pain while basic activities such as walking. Knee Replacement surgery is also known as knee Arthroplasty. The knee is a hinge-like joint that helps in bending the legs for movement. This hinge joint can be damaged because of reasons like injury, aggressive arthritis, or other destructive joint diseases. Any damage to the hinge joint can cause jamming of the joint and immense pain during movements. Normal movements turn stiff, and quality of life reduces considerably if the damages are too high.

Knee replacement surgeries are often conducted when pain is too unbearable, and X-rays suggest a weak knee. The procedure involves the installation of artificial knee components in knee bones. These artificial components are known as knee prostheses. Doctors remove the end of both thigh bone and lower leg bone. The end of the thigh bone (femur) is provided around the metal prosthesis. The end of the lower bone (tibia) is replaced by a high-quality plastic platform with a metallic base. The plastic platform is channeled and facilitates smooth movement of the metallic shell on the femur. The ligament supporting the knee is also changed based on the condition of the knee. This ligament prevents the knee from moving backward. Doctors can replace ligament with a polyethylene prosthesis to make the knee smoother. Doctors use knee replacement surgery as a last option, as it can be costly and has its own risk factors. Knee replacement surgeries have risks like blood clotting, infection, nerve damage, and heart attack. Proper supervision after surgery is important to treat any side effects before they turn into a bigger problem.

Knee Surgeries are common throughout the world. Hospitals from different nations provide these treatments around the world. But considering the high risk involved, you should choose an expert doctor for optimum results. Among different healthcare hubs, South Africa is one of the fastest growing ones. South African healthcare facilities comprise hybrid technological availability and global experts. The country is home to many orthopedic clinics and hospitals known for high international patient footfall. South Africa provides amazing treatment facilities with high success rates. The country has several medical world records in transplant surgeries. First Heart transplant surgery in the world was performed in Cape Town in 1967. The country also holds records for first penile transplant and the first 3D printed bone transplant surgeries. If you are situated in the African continent or can afford to travel to South Africa, then it is one of the best options you have for your knee replacement surgery in a professional manner.

Cost Comparison

The cost of a knee transplant in South Africa is much lower than that of the European and American nations. The fees structure of South Africa is known to give competition to global leaders like Singapore, Thailand, and India. There are many untapped resources and high development prospects in the healthcare system of South Africa. With continuous growth and development, the costs of treatments are expected to go down further. In South Africa, a total knee replacement may cost around $13000 to $15000 USD. This cost is almost three times lower than the knee replacement cost in the United States.

Within the country, the charges fluctuate largely between hospitals. The main reason is the type of technology and material of prosthesis use. A low-end clinic will provide you with the treatment in as low as $7000.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

10 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 28000

Frequently Asked Questions

The eligibility of a person to have a knee transplant depends on different tests performed during diagnosis. X-ray reports are analyzed to determine the need for operation. A person with a weak immune system and chronic diseases are not operated for knee replacement. A person is usually operated based on the pain. Knee replacement surgeries have a high risk associated. Therefore, a person with high difficulty in walking is the best candidate for a knee replacement.

Travel costs involved in going to South Africa will add up to the expenses. Being an ideal candidate for knee replacement in South Africa involves having a sufficient budget for the whole process. You can have surgery in countries closer to you or your native county to reduce costs.

The average costs in South Africa for knee replacement are lower than the global average. You can have your knee transplant at an average of 10, 000 USD. The best hospitals in the country will charge you higher at around 14,000 to 16,000 USD. Smaller clinics and public sector hospitals will charge as low as 9000 USD. The Netcare Hospital, a renowned orthopedic treatment center, charges 10,500 USD for knee replacements.

Knee replacements require skilled experts and proper technologies. With an absence of any one of these, there can be severe deviations from the expected results. The South African healthcare system is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the world. South African clinics, especially orthopedics, are equipped with suitable technologies. South African hospitals employ some of the most skilled orthopedic surgeons in the world. The country is also a famous tourist destination. So, the country has developed to welcome international people. The bilingual hospitals and special departments for international patients are the key features of the country.

South African hospitals have a strong benefit of high success rates. Doctors are highly experienced in all kinds of transplant treatments. Within the country, the average success rate of knee replacement is 90 to 95%. The remaining failures are usually cured by some minor revisions that are taken care of immediately.

The country houses some of the best hospitals and several specialty clinics for knee replacement treatments. Netcare Hospital in Johannesburg is renowned for orthopedic treatments. It is a large hospital group for all kinds of treatment. The USP of the hospital is its low pricing structure despite the high-quality treatments it provides. Life Healthcare Hospital is another hospital group with good orthopedic services. The hospital is famous for its flawless success rate in knee replacement surgery.

Many orthopedic surgeons serve their expertise independently or through well-established hospitals. Dr. Jason Crane is a legendary doctor in the knee transplant sector. The surgeon provides his treatment services in the famous Mediclinic Hospital, Cape Town, as a full-time surgeon. Dr. Richard PB Vonn Bormann is another well-known orthopedic surgeon who has expertise in transplant surgeries. He currently works under the Netcare Hospital Group in Cape Town.

The cost of knee replacement changes is based on the ownership system of hospitals. Government-owned hospitals will provide cheaper surgeries than private hospitals. Other factors include the availability of technology, demand of the hospital in the markets, extra facilities like accommodation, and the experience levels of orthopedics in the hospital. Another main factor deciding the costs is the quality and material of the prosthesis used for the patients.

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