Knee Replacement in Singapore

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged parts of the knee joints are resurfaced and replaced artificial metal alloy together with a plastic component. The reason for replacing this painful and damaged joint with an artificial one is to provide the bones with a new surface, that can move smoothly without causing any pain

Knee replacement surgery in Singapore

Medical tourism encompasses traveling to a different country in orders to get your treatment done. Singapore is one of the emerging medical tourism destinations, with a high standard healthcare system and reasonable prices for the treatment available. Surgeons and specialist in Singapore have qualifications that are recognized on an international stage.

Apart from all this Singapore is also a great place to take a break either before or after the treatment, by offering superb shopping and leisure facility at every turn.

Cost Comparison

The cost of knee replacement, combined with world-class facilities in Singapore are analogous to some of the most preferred medical tourism destinations like Germany, Singapore, Turkey, India, and Hungary. Knee replacement surgery cost in Dubai with the quality care provided comes to almost half the cost in comparison to US or UK. This has made Singapore a very popular destination for medical treatment, with tourist arriving each year from across the globe. 

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