Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the ovaries in females. The treatment for ovarian cancer depends on the type of ovarian cancer, the stage of cancer and general health.

Viable treatment options are Epithelial, Germ cell, Stromal cell and Borderline tumour This is usually treated with surgery only. The cancer is staged surgically which implies that the surgery will assist the doctor in working out how far the tumour has spread within the pelvic cavity. A general anaesthetic is administered and either a laparoscopy (with 3–4 small cuts in the abdomen) or laparotomy (with a long, vertical cut from your belly button to bikini line) is carried out. The type of surgery depends on the certainty of the gynaecological oncologist about how cancer has spread.

The ovarian cancer specialist will take a look inside the pelvis and abdomen for signs of cancer then take tissue and fluid samples via biopsy. If cancer is present in the ovaries, the gynaecological oncologist will continue with the operation and eliminate as much of cancer as possible. This procedure is called surgical debulking.

If cancer has metastasized, the patient will have to undergo Lymphadenectomy, Colectomy or Removal of other organs. The surgery is accompanied by risks such as regular tubes and drips, pain, injections and intensive wound care. It might also lead to infertility.

Treatment and Cost


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