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About the Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Nose plays a very important role in defining one’s personality. The entire contour of the face changes with a well-defined nose in place. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed on the nose to enhance its appearance. It is also known as rhinoplasty or nose reshaping. The shape and size of the nose can be changed drastically to improve the features of the face.

Rhinoplasty surgery is mainly performed for aesthetic reasons. An accident or too big or too small appearance of the nose can be given a proper shape with the help of rhinoplasty surgery. A nose can get mutilated or crooked due to some injury or accident which can be corrected through a surgery. Minor problems in breathing can also be attended.

People with abrupt or deformed shape of the nose may experience problems in breathing and subsequent problem in talking normally. Rhinoplasty surgery can help provide great relief to such people.

Nose plastic surgery is commonly performed on both men and women. In fact, it ranks third in the list of most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. The shape of the nose can be altered through rhinoplasty by addition or removal of bones, cartilage, and tissues or by performing grafting.

How is Cosmetic Rhinoplasty performed?

The nose is composed of consequent interlinked parts comprising the skin, the pyramid of bony origin, followed by the cartilage, and finally the tip of the nose. There is a strip of skin named columella that separates the two nostrils.

The existing quality of nose plays a pivotal role in the final result of a rhinoplasty surgery. People who have inherited a thick skin may not like the transformation of the bone structure below the nose. On the other hand, people with think skin are unable to hide too many problems related to the symmetry and regularity of the nasal bone.

  • During the initial few consultations, the surgeon shall discuss the changes that can be incorporated within the nose.
  • Photographs are taken and choices of anaesthesia available to the patient will be discussed in this phase along with the technique used to conduct the procedure.
  • Nasal reconstruction approaches may vary from one patient to the other. In case of internal rhinoplasty, incisions involved are made from within the nasal cavity.
  • A light sedation is usually employed, which numbs the area.
  • A general anaesthesia may be employed for a long and complicated procedure and if both the surgeon and the patient decide that it is the best option available. General anaesthesia is generally administered in complicated cases where the external incision will allow the surgeon to have the cartilage and bones completely exposed.
  • During nose reshaping procedure, the skin is removed from the cartilage and bone support. Now the framework of the nose is worked upon to give the desired shape and form.
  • In many cases, the surgeon employs skin from the forehead right above the eyebrow and places it vertically to substitute the missing nasal tissues. The forehead skin's tint exactly matches the tint of the nose and face. It makes the best reconstruction of the defective nose and with a little bit of work, the skin on the forehead can be easily camouflaged to give the normal appearance.
  • If there is any requirement for adding more structure to the existing bone, then donated cartilage or bones or even skin can be used. It can also be taken from some other parts of the body. A synthetic source can also be used to achieve the objective.
  • After the completion of rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon will apply a splint. The new shape of the bones will be maintained with the help of a splint. With the help of a dressing, the nose is stuffed or packed to allow stabilization of the septum.

Recovery from Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

  • Some swelling is expected on the face right after the surgery.
  • Patients should use a few pillows to raise their heads while sleeping for the initial few days.
  • It is common to expect a headache or some pain in the nose.
  • Medications shall be suggested by the surgeon to make the pain subside.
  • Swelling of the face and bruises around the eyes are expected to reduce within three days.
  • Depending upon the extent of the surgery, some amount of stuffiness in the nose accompanied by mild bleeding may be experienced.
  • People are mostly able to resume back to work after a week while walking around is possible after the lapse of two or three days.
  • Strenuous activities or physical exertion must be avoided for the first three weeks.
  • Patients are expected to maintain hygiene, proper diet, and required exercise levels during the recovery period. Regular follow-up visits to the doctor should be made.
  • To prevent the disruption of the healing process, blowing nose for the next one week must be avoided.
  • Make sure that the surgical dressing is dry.
  • After two weeks, splints, stitches, and dressings are removed.
  • Excessive sunburn must be avoided by the patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of Rhinoplasty cost in the United Kingdom?

Clinics in the UK offer a broader price range of US $ 7,800 – US $ 11,000 for the rhinoplasty procedure. On average an individual has to pay the US $ 8,000 to undergo the procedure.

What are the factors affecting the cost rhinoplasty in the United Kingdom

Rhinoplasty procedure cost differs from patient to patient. There are several factors influencing the overall cost structure of the procedure. Most importantly, the location of the clinic will exert a considerable influence on the cost structure. High real estate and other overhead costs will lead to higher price quotes by the centers in metropolitan and urban areas compared to the clinics from town or interior parts. 

In the second place, the Surgeon’s fee is stationed upon the overall experience and the clinical expertise possessed by the physician. Board-certified surgeons invest significantly in their education and continuous pieces of training from experts all around the world and adopt the most recent trends and technology, hence may charge more for the surgery.

Apart from these above-mentioned factors, costs of the surgical facility, costs of anesthesia, the extent of the surgery, medical tests conducted prior and/or post-surgery or both, prescription medication and consultation post-surgery represent few other factors that produce a significant impact on the rhinoplasty procedure cost.

Which are the top clinics in the U.K for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

Top clinics in the United Kingdom

  • Cranley Clinic:

Driven by the aim of being the leader in all the aspects of dermatology, Cranley clinic provides superior quality care in non-invasive and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments.

25+ years in the field of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery domain, the clinic is recognized and enthusiastically praised for its innovative and pioneering technologies and valuable contributions to the field.

The clinic has the most advanced healthcare infrastructure and provides the highest-quality treatments to the patients.

  • Harley Surgery:

One of the most advanced aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics in the United Kingdom, the clinic is recognized for imparting the celebrity look without impacting the candid features of the skin. The clinic offers almost every kind of aesthetic and reconstructive procedure.

The clinic exploits the most recent trends in the aesthetics and uses technologically advanced instruments minimizing the risks.

  • Kingsbridge Private Hospital:

Part of the large healthcare provider group, Kingsbridge Healthcare Group, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of superior quality treatments across all the specialties for all health segments. The clinic provides services that start with diagnosis and consultation and ends with surgery and post-surgical care. 

  • King's College Hospital:

One of the largest healthcare providers and busiest hospitals in London, the hospital possesses the most advanced healthcare infrastructure. The hospital provides care across all the healthcare specialties.


Which are the top plastic surgeons in the UK for cosmetic rhinoplasty?

Top plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom

  • Dr. Aina Greig MA Ph.D. FRCS (Plast):

Fellowship focussing on rhinoplasty from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Aina Greig is a consultant physician associated with St Thomas and Guy’s NHS foundation trust.

A prestigious member of several European and International Associations for Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Aina Greig expresses a keen interest in rhinoplasty procedure.

  • Lucian Ion FRCS (Plast):

Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Dr. Lucian Ion is an experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeon trained in the UK and several parts of Europe. Rhinoplasty being his area of interest, Dr. Lucian Ion has a brilliant track record of successful rhinoplasty surgeries.

Customizing the treatments according to the patient’s vision and preserving the genuine look by making the surgery flawless are his special traits.

  • Dr. Ali Ghanem, MPhil, MSc, MSc MRCS(Ed), MRCS(Eng), MD, PhD FRCS (Plast):

Recognized worldwide, multiple award-winning plastic surgeons, Dr. Ali Ghanem is the most extraordinary talented physician. Having completed his surgical training from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, he possesses numerous degrees and training and academic courses to his credit from most prestigious institutes from across the globe.

He has also worked with global experts in plastic and aesthetic surgeons all around the world and has developed enormous clinical expertise. He is currently associated with the Cranley clinic.

  • Dr. Fatah Ahmad:

An alumnus of Imperial College School of Medicine, London, Dr. Fatah Ahmad is a versatile plastic surgeon capable of performing all sorts of non-invasive and cutting-edge cosmetic procedures. Dr. Fatah Ahmad has undergone pieces of training in different parts of the world with the most renowned plastic surgeons.

Fellow of Roya College of Surgeons, Dr. Fatah Ahmad is a prestigious member of several European and Internationally recognized associations for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons.

What is the success rate for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in United Kingdom?

One of the most efficient healthcare systems in the entire world, the United Kingdom possesses the most advanced healthcare infrastructure. Exceptionally skilled Physicians, competent medical staff, and the use of the latest technology instruments help achieve the high success rate for rhinoplasty procedures. The United Kingdom reports an 85% - 90% success rate for the rhinoplasty procedure.

FAQ's Related to United Kingdom

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in the United Kingdom?

The healthcare systems in the United Kingdom receive accreditation from QHA Trent and United Kingdom Accreditation Forum. QHA Trent is an independent holistic accreditation organization that is dedicated to improving quality and reducing risks for healthcare providers, patients, and the general public. Various accreditation programs are integrated with regulatory bodies and other inspection and improvement processes so that service providers and service users get a mechanism which supports quality improvement. The accreditation bodies have a comprehensive framework for evaluating healthcare facilities and some of the quality aspects are administrative management, patient care, and performance management.

Why should I opt for healthcare in the United Kingdom?

Superior healthcare infrastructure and medical technology innovations are some of the most important factors that make the United Kingdom one of the leading medical tourism destinations in the world. The country continues to be a hot destination for a large number of overseas patients especially from the Middle East and this is set to rise as the country invests more in technology and communication and transport. There are some strong reasons for the popularity of the United Kingdom’s healthcare system, such as the availability of a wide range of procedures, appointments and same-day diagnosis, and rapid response multi-disciplinary review teams. The country boasts a unique blend of internationally acclaimed institutions such as The London Bridge Hospital, BUPA Cromwell, and Great Ormond Street. These hospitals are backed by world-class consultants and facilities.

What is the quality of doctors in the United Kingdom?

The doctors in the United Kingdom are highly trained and professional who have to undergo rigorous training to sharpen their skills and gain hands-on experience in their respective fields. The quality of doctors in the country matches the international standards. Majority of them have been educated at premier universities. The doctors perform some procedures like knee replacement, gallbladder removal, and hip replacement with a high success rate, ensuring complete patient safety and speedy recovery. The United Kingdom has a large pool of efficient doctors in all the specialty areas, particularly in gynecology, orthopedic doctors, cardiology, and neurology.

How to obtain a medical visa in the United Kingdom?

The first thing that you need to check is whether you require a visa to visit the United Kingdom for treatment because a visa is not required for some countries. People coming from Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates can apply for a visa waiver. The documents required for applying for a medical visa include:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa fee receipt
  3. Two passport size photographs of the candidate
  4. Civil status of the candidate traveling
  5. Travel details
  6. Medical prescription signed by a registered medical practitioner
  7. A letter of acceptance from the doctor
  8. An estimate of stay period.

You are allowed to extend your visa by 6 months in case you need further treatment.

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom has a large number of world-class hospitals, as listed below:

  1. Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital
  2. The Portland Hospital
  3. BUPA Cromwell Hospital
  4. The Queens Square Private Hospital
  5. Royal Brompton Private Care
  6. King Edwards VII's Hospital
  7. The London Clinic
  8. London Bridge Hospital
  9. Priory Hospital London

Equipped with modern infrastructure and highly trained and qualified doctors, the hospitals provide the best environment for treatment, ensuring complete patient satisfaction. There are a lot of other reasons that contribute to the popularity of these hospitals, including efficiency of doctors and other healthcare staff, safety aspects, low mortality rate, and high success rates, and patient-centric care. You can check a few ratings and rankings systems to find the best hospitals in the United Kingdom. The Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital holds first position in the United Kingdom and ranked at 67 in the world. You can also check inspection ratings of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), an independent regulator of healthcare.

What are the popular procedures available in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom has received worldwide recognition for its excellence in procedures like:

  1. Radiation therapy
  2. Knee Replacement
  3. Hip Replacement
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Immunotherapy

Breast augmentation and breast reductions are the top two surgical procedures in the country according to the BAAPS audit results. The success rate of cancer treatment in the United Kingdom is high due to a number of reasons, such as technological advancements, clinical research, and well-trained doctors. Hip replacement surgery is also becoming popular in the United Kingdom. According to a report, about 50,000 people seek a hip replacement in the country every year.

Which are the most popular cities in the United Kingdom for medical treatment?

The most popular cities that are preferred by medical tourists in the United Kingdom are:

  1. Oxford
  2. Manchester
  3. York
  4. London
  5. Cambridge
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Inverness
  8. Belfast

Edgbaston Medical Quarter in Birmingham offers some of the best places for treatment, particularly in trauma, oncology, diabetes, and fertility and has become the most visited place for medical tourists to seek treatment. Birmingham with modern infrastructure, top hospitals, better connectivity, and skilled doctors, has become a leading city for medical tourism. Attracting people from different corners of the world to seek treatment, London is the hub for world-class hospitals offering a number of procedures with high success rates.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to the United Kingdom?

Yes, vaccines are recommended or required for the United Kingdom. The CDC and WHO recommend the below vaccines for the country:

  1. Hepatitis A
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Rabies
  4. Meningitis
  5. Polio
  6. Measles
  7. Mumps and rubella (MMR)
  8. Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis
  9. Chickenpox
  10. Shingles
  11. Pneumonia and influenza

For effective immunization, a person should get vaccinated at least 8 weeks before the date of travel. You can travel without getting vaccinated if you have a specific medical condition that prevents you from vaccination. Connect with the government official or contact your hospital in the United Kingdom to get complete information on vaccination.