Heart Transplantation in India

Heart Transplantation is a process that is performed on patients who have serious coronary artery problem or have reached the end stage of heart failure. The heart of the patient is either replaced completely by the donor's heart, or it is left in its initial place to support the donor's heart.  This process is not a medicament for heart disease but a   life-saving treatment. Although this process is risky, a patient can die if his heart is not transplanted at the correct time. Around 3500 hearts are transplanted in the world every year approximately.

A heart transplant before the age of 55 enables a person to live for another ten years. Pregnancy is safe for mothers who have had a heart transplant. The person who donates heart is someone who has died recently or is brain dead, a condition in which the body is kept alive by means of certain machines, but the brain has stopped functioning completely. The heart transplantation procedure is highly successful in India, and due to this reason, most people prefer India for heart transplantation. The first hospital to perform heart transplantation in India was Apollo hospital in Chennai.

The cost of heart transplantation in India is around USD 45000 or above. The medicines which are provided after the surgery are required to be consumed by the patients throughout their lives. The medicines are mostly specialized drugs. These medicines are very expensive. A lot of times a considerable amount of money has to be given to the donor’s family. It takes several months to find a donor who can donate his heart to the patient.

Heart surgery has a lot of types, and the cost basically depends on the kind of surgery one has to undergo. For example, open heart surgery costs a little less. It is a procedure in which the chest is opened, and the surgery is carried out on the muscles, valves, and arteries. For children, open heart surgery ranges from 1.25 lakhs to 2 lakhs. This type of surgery is often referred to as traditional heart surgery. There can be certain risks of this surgery such as infection, irregular heartbeat, memory loss, blood loss and breathing difficulty. Taking care of the patient at home is essential after the surgery.

Heart Transplant Surgery Cost in India

India is one of the preferred destinations when it comes to heart transplantation as the cost is minimal in India as compared to other countries. The medical treatment packages are pretty affordable in India as compared to other places. The cost is approximately 1/6 of that in Europe, the USA or the UK. Also, the medical check-up after the surgery like ultrasound, X-rays or blood tests is significantly lower in India as compared to other countries. A myriad of international patients come to India for their heart transplantation and other such operations due to the excellent facilities provided by India.

Cost of Heart Transplant in the United States

The cost of Heart Transplantation in the US can approximately go up to USD 1 million. However, apart from the high cost, there are a lot of factors such as long waiting list, lack of expertise of surgeons, or approval of the surgery by the medical board which can hamper people residing in the US to get heart transplantation.

Treatment and Cost


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Treatment cost starts from

USD 100000

Frequently Asked Questions

People generally prefer India for their heart transplantation due to the affordable packages that this country offers with the best medical facilities. India has stupendous medical facilities with well qualified and experienced doctors. The techniques like robotic heart surgery, stenting, coronary heart surgeries are also available in India. Specialized rehabilitation that enables a person to recover quickly after surgery is also present in India.

The average cost of heart transplantation in India is 20 lakhs or above. However, it may vary according to the type of heart surgery. For instance, open heart surgery costs less as compared to this type of surgery. The cost is different for international patients.

The best and the most successful hospitals in India for heart transplantation are:

(1) Apollo Chennai

(2) Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre

(3)  Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

(4) Max Super Speciality Hospital

(5) Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital

(6) Max Super Speciality Hospital

(7) The Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai

The best Cardiologists in India are as follows:

(1) Dr. Ashok Seth

(2) Dr. Krishna Slyer

(3) Dr. Naresh Trehan

(4) Dr. Ajay Kaul

(5) Dr. Ganesh K. Mani

The heart transplantation in India is successful in 85 to 90% of the cases. However special care of the patient who has undergone surgery is mandatory. There are a lot of precautions that have to be followed after the surgery is completed successfully. Regular check-ups are mandatory for patients who undergo heart surgeries. The doctor prescribes a lot of medicaments for the patients that are to be taken on time. If these medicaments are not taken properly, then the chances of survival after the surgery are minimal and might cause grave threat to the patient.

Heart transplant cost in Hyderabad is less as it is also one of the leading cities in India for a heart transplant. The best cities for heart transplantation in India are the metro cities. These are the places that the top cardiologists and the top heart hospitals are. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai are some of the best cities in India with hospitals that are able to perform the Heart transplantation surgery in India. Heart transplant cost in Kolkata is at affordable and competitive rates. The overall cost of the heart transplant surgery is also reduced at these cities because they are metropolitan cities and it will not be difficult to find accommodation that is affordable for the patient’s relatives or friends who come with the patient. The hospital stay is a bit long after the heart transplant surgery, but the cost can be reduced by choosing an appropriate ward while residing in the hospital.

The cost of the Left Ventricular Assist Device in India is available for as low as rupees Rs 30 lakh or USD 45000 in India. This special price is only for the made in India brand of Left Ventricular Assist Device in India while in the USA it costs around $726,200 which is much more.

The heart transplant cost in Chennai is reduced because of the usage of the Left Ventricular Assist Device which is made in India. The Left Ventricular Assist Device is a very important device that helps the body receive fresh blood. The Left Ventricular Assist Device is essentially a mechanical heart that does the function of the pumping of the blood that the heart does. This device will reduce the heart transplant cost in Mumbai as well.

The Left Ventricular Assist Device is typically used in a patient who needs a mechanical heart when he or she is waiting for receiving a fresh and viable heart for transplant. As we know that we cannot survive without the heart for even a short time, the mechanical device called the Left Ventricular Assist Device is surgically implanted into the patient. In many cases, the Left Ventricular Assist Device is removed if a new heart is available for transplant.  

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