Breast cancer treatment in Singapore is costly for the woman and her family. As per stats, nearly 29% of the women suffer from breast cancer and 18% die because of breast cancer in Singapore. Treatment of cancer is expensive and its cost will also depend upon its type. The worst part is that people may or may not live with cancer.

Mastectomy in Singapore

Mastectomy is a kind of breast surgery which includes the elimination of the entire breast. There are two of mastectomy namely the simple mastectomy and the entire breast restoration mastectomy. In a simple mastectomy, the breast is removed along with the nipple. After the surgery, a patient has a flat chest with marks of surgery. In the second kind of surgery the entire breast is recreated for the patient after the removal. Tissues from various parts of the body are taken to give a shape to the restructured breasts. The breast does not have a feel like the one before the surgery. It is done for the patients to feel better.

During the time of the surgery, several complications can occur. With anaesthesia lasting for a longer period of time for longer surgeries, a patient can go through a heart attack, numbness of the breast area, and many others. After the surgery, the patient is explained how to take proper care for a speedy recovery. A patient has to undergo radiation therapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy to recover soon.

Cost Comparison

The cost of breast cancer ranges from $ 8,000 to $ 17,000 monthly in Singapore. The average earning of a woman being $ 4,027 per month. For mastectomy in a public hospital in Singapore, it can cost between S$ 3,937 and S$ 6,646. On the other hand, a private hospital can charge between S$ 12,686 and S$ 18,238.

Treatment and Cost


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