Over the last couple of decades, breast cancer has consumed more lives than ever before. There are endless factors leading to this tragedy, but the solutions to them are few. One of the most promising and noticeably effective methods is mastectomy – the surgical removal of breasts as a preventive measure against breast cancer.

Mastectomies are performed to treat cancers like:

  1. Non-invasive cancer

  2. Stages 1 and 2 of breast cancer

  3. Stage 3 of breast cancer

  4. Paget’s disease

  5. Locally recurrent breast cancer

Apart from cancer, mastectomies can also be performed to prevent cases like severe chronic breast pain, fibrocystic breast disease, dense breast tissue, or cancer-phobia in the wake of a family member suffering from breast cancer. Mastectomy is the calculated removal of breast tissue so that no cancer cells have any chance of spreading throughout the body. This is a tedious process and requires thorough precision – something that Israel is known for in the medical domain.

Mastectomy in Israel

Israel is covering ground on cancer research on an incredible rate. They are practically applying the best of skills and tools and are seemingly the forerunners in the everlasting battle against cancer. Over the last few decades, Israel has come up with unconventionally effective methods to not only attempt treating, but also preventing cancer. Mastering the age old technique of Mastectomy using modern age medicine and with the help of new-age technology has yielded path-breaking results. Exhaustive research and the infinite access to state of the art tools and equipments set Israel ages ahead in breast cancer research.

With some of the finest and most renowned cancer specialists residing and practicing in Israel makes it one of the most promising countries to get mastectomies done.

Cost Comparison

There are many factors that affect the overall cost of mastectomy in Israel like the qualifications and expertise of the specialist appointed, the treatments performed in conjunction with the mastectomy, the extent of the surgery that is advised, the patient’s general health and the nature of surgery. On an average, however, the cost of getting a mastectomy in Israel could range from $13000-$16000 depending upon the factors mentioned above. When you compare the travelling and hotel charges you may incur by visiting Israel for treatment, with all the money you would be spending in the States or Canada, you realise you save a fortune by getting operated in Israel.

The overall Mastectomy cost including consultation, medication, and post-operative therapy coupled with hotel charges and airfare could still sum up to something less than what it would cost you in America. Medical tourism is now an interesting option and if your healthcare seems to not cover expensive treatments like Mastectomy, you have an alternative now.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

5 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 18000

Frequently Asked Questions

With cutting edge technology and expert panels of surgeons, doctors, and nurses, getting a Mastectomy in Israel could be most effective. You get a full-scale analysis of your condition, and everything – right from the consultation up to the post-operative recovery, including medication, is duly looked after.

The merger of technology and skill that comes from years of practice, the chances of Mastectomy being a success in Israel has a higher likelihood. Plus, considering the overall procedures cost way less than what they do in developed countries you end up saving on imperative procedures.

The overall cost of getting a Mastectomy in Israel largely varies, depending upon the doctor’s qualification and expertise, the facility opted for, the consultation charges, and the medication and tools required. However, it can be safely estimated that the average cost of getting a Mastectomy is anywhere from $13,000-$16,000.

Some of the best Oncologists in Israel you can consult for effective guidance regarding the matter are Dr. Moshe Inbar from the Assuta Medical Center, Dr Ilan Gil Ron from the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel-Aviv, Dr Ofer Merimsky from the Sourasky Medical Center, Dr. Rafael Katan from the Sheba Medical Center and Dr Haim Gutman from the Melanoma Unit Clinica Tel-Aviv.

The best clinic you can visit with Mastectomy concerns is the Sourasky Medical Center as they have the most elite team of experts at their disposal and boast of the highest success rates in Mastectomy cases.

Some of the most advanced cities in Israel have the best access to resources – both human and machine. Cities, where Mastectomy can be carried out efficiently, are Tel-Aviv, Ramat Gan, Haifa, Peta Tikva, and Jerusalem. In these cities, you will find the best of facilities and the best of access to resources with zero waiting time whatsoever.

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