A brain tumor occurs when there is an unusual development of cells within the brain. There are two types of tumors- benign which are non-cancerous and malignant which are cancerous. The malignant tumor progresses at a rapid speed thereby damaging the brain and its nearby areas. Whereas the benign type of tumors does not grow at a rapid speed. They do cause a lot of pressure on the brain but do not progress rapidly to the surrounding areas of the brain. Patients with brain tumors if left untreated can die and can also affect their ability to lead a normal life.

Brain Tumor Surgery in Singapore

Singapore houses some of the best hospitals for a brain tumor in the world. The main symptoms of brain tumors are unwanted weakness, seizures, worst headache in the morning, facing a problem while speaking, hearing problems, and many others. The occurrence of brain tumors does not have any specific age. The ones that occur in a child are different from those of an adult. A complete neurological investigation is performed on an individual before the treatment starts. Tests like Computer Tomography (CT Scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), cerebral angiogram, and many other special tests are conducted on an individual to find out where the tumor lies. The tests help the surgeon perform the right kind of surgery on an individual. In today's world microsurgery technology is used when brain surgery is being done.

Cost Trend in Singapore

Brain tumor surgery cost in Singapore can vary between $ 50,000 to $ 70,0000. For benign tumors, it is $50,000 and for malignant tumors, it is $7,00,000. If you are medically insured then your cost lowers down to an extent.

Treatment and Cost


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