Breast Cancer Treatment in Thailand

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Breast cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts. This cancer is common in women and rarely affects men. Some of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer include changes in the shape and appearance of the breasts or nipples, discharge from nipples, and the formation of a lump in the breast tissues. Breast cancer may affect any age group, however, it is most common in women aged 40 and above.

Breast Cancer Treatment in Thailand

Breast cancer treatment is available in all major cancer hospitals in Thailand. Each year, the breast cancer specialists in Thailand treat thousands of patients with this condition. Many breast cancer patients from abroad prefer to get themselves treated in Thailand because of the availability of experienced oncologists, latest technology, and a calm and serene environment that promotes healing and recovery. When it comes to the availability of latest technology, the best cancer hospitals in India are globally renowned for their advanced infrastructure and use of top-notch technology.

Cost Comparison

Breast cancer treatment cost in Thailand depends on the type of treatment modalities used, which, in turn, depends on the stage and extent of cancer. Early stage breast cancer patients are mostly treated with the help of a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The third and fourth stage breast cancer patients are mostly treated with prolonged cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Thus, the total cost of treatment may depend on the type of treatment conducted and the duration of treatment, among other factors.

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