Scoliosis is a condition which leads to an exceptional blend of the spine or the backbone. When seeing a spine from the side then it appears to be slightly bent and from the front, it appears to be completely straight. If there is a scoliosis development then there is a tendency for curves to form on either side of the body. Apart from this, spinal bones curl around on one another forming an S or a C shape. This form of curvature can be noticed in any age group. It is most common among girls than among boys. It is most likely to form among children who are above 10 years of age. People who have scoliosis are likely to pass it over to their children as well. There are four types of scoliosis which include functional, neuromuscular, degenerative, and idiopathic.

Scoliosis Surgery in Thailand

Medical professionals and doctors are trained extensively and after that, they receive a medical license in order to start practising as a doctor. The hospitals in Thailand are well-equipped and fully-furnished. With the help of modern equipment, the surgeries are performed so that the patient is on the safe side. The cost of scoliosis surgery in Thailand is much more affordable when compared to the western countries. Thailand has become the ultimate medical tourism destination.

Cost comparison

The cost of scoliosis surgery depends on a number of factors like the age of the patient, medical history, type of doctor opted for, etc. Moreover, hospitals keep on introducing affordable rates from time to time for the benefit of the customers. One-time surgery will cost between $11000 and $25000 in the USA while the same surgery will cost a patient somewhere around $7000 and $15500 in Thailand.

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