The brain tumor is a condition wherein cells grow in an uncontrolled fashion which interferes with brain function like muscle control, sensation, memory, and other normal body functions. They can result due to exposure to radiation, family history of brain tumours or cancer located anywhere else in the body reaches the brain. If the brain tumor remains undiagnosed, it can prove to be fatal and thus, it is important to initiate treatment as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed.

A brain tumor is graded from 1 to 4, with grade one or two characterized as benign or slowly growing and grade 3 and 4 tumours rapidly progressing. Brain tumour manifests as common symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, epileptic seizures, or neurological deficits.  Brain tumours are not infectious and thus, one cannot catch a brain tumour. The golden standard of treatment for benign tumours is the surgery as the patient might be experiencing pressure inside the brain or functional disturbance in the brain or epileptic episodes. Malignant tumours require radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy is the standard follow-up treatment after surgery.

Regular follow-ups with the doctor are important to monitor the health and to look for any signs of recurrence. Any physiological or psychological effects of the treatment can be looked after during these follow-ups and thus, the number of days in the country are decided after patient-doctor consultation.

While booking a round trip, a person needs to spend 6-8 weeks in South Africa which depends on the surgery performed, whether the patient requires rehabilitation and how fast the patient recovers. After the surgery, the patient may take approximately 8 weeks to recover and get back to normal energy levels. The recovery phase of the patient depends on several factors like duration of treatment, types of treatment modalities used, location of tumour in the brain, age of the patient and overall health condition.  

Length of stay in South Africa can be bifurcated into:

8 days in the hospital, 14 days outside the hospital and 22 days in the country

For international patients, low-cost brain tumour surgery is a boon as they get the opportunity to get healed at a lower price than their home country. South Africa is a hub of world-class hospitals, advanced equipment, and highly specialized surgeons. South Africa is the preferred spot for brain tumour treatment because of low-cost standard treatment and affordable medical facilities.

Cost Comparison

The cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in South Africa depends upon several factors ranging from the type of treatment or surgery require to what stage the Brain Tumor is, which will lead to the final cost of the overall treatment in South Africa. Some of the Factors Affecting the cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in South Africa are:

    • Technology used
    • Type of anesthesia or sedation
    • Qualifications/expertise of the specialist
    • Incision location/type
    • The extent of surgery needed
    • The patient's general health
    • The patient's diagnosis
Treatment and Cost


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Frequently Asked Questions

Brain Tumor is a severe disease which happens due to the formation and growth of abnormal mass of cells in the brain. Some of these tumors are benign (noncancerous) and some are malignant (cancerous). Every tumor has its own pace of growth. The location of the tumor and its growth rate defines how it will affect the functioning of the nervous system. The Primary Brain Tumor emerges in the brain or in the tissues surrounding it like meninges (brain-covering membrane), penal glands (pituitary glands) and cranial nerves.

Primary Brain Tumors take place when the normal cells in the brain are disturbed. This particular disturbance involves the cells to grow and divide along with staying alive instead of dying as the normal cells do after a period of time. This process, in the end, allows the mass of abnormal cells to grow and become a tumor. Stating the specific reason behind this abnormal growth of mass of cells is quite tough as there has not been any solid reason supporting the very cause of brain tumors. However, there are many risk factors which are believed to have something to do with the occurrence of brain tumors. Some of the most common risk factors are –

  • Excessive exposure to radiation

  • Weak immune system

  • Genetic disorder such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome, Hippel-Lindau disease, Neurofibromatosis, and Tuberous Sclerosis.

The factors affecting the cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in South Africa are –

  • Patient’s medical condition

  • Area of tumor

  • Type of treatment

  • Type of anesthesia used

  • Patient’s diagnosis

  • Doctor’s proficiency

  • Type of hospital

  • Brand value of hospital

  • Location of the hospital

The types of surgeries available in South Africa for Brain Tumor Surgery are –

  • Biopsy–To confirm the diagnosis, a piece of the tumor is removed with the help of a surgical procedure called ‘biopsy’. Afterward, the sample is examined under the microscope to determine which kind of a tumor it is. A biopsy can either be performed as a part of the tumor surgery or as a totally separate procedure.

  • Craniotomy –This specific surgery is the most common type of surgery performed for the treatment of the brain tumor. In order to perform the craniotomy, a section of the scalp is shaved in order to make a clear incision through the skin. With the help of specialized equipment, the surgeon removes the bone of the treatment area to expose the part of the brain enclosing the tumor. Next, the outermost layer of the brain tissue (Dura mater) is opened up and the tumor is removed.

  • Shunt –In some cases, patients develop amplified intracranial pressure. To release the pressure, a procedure is performed to drain the blocked or excess fluid. Basically, a shunt is a thin piece of a flexible tube known as the catheter that is inserted into the ventricle of the patient’s brain. The other end of the catheter is stitched under the scalp towards the neck and still being under the skin; it is stitched to another cavity of the body which is the ultimate destination of the fluid drainage.

The recovery process post-surgery in South Africa for the Brain Tumor Treatment is as same as it is in any other country. The healing from the surgery requires an ample amount of time and patience at the same time. It will take quite a lot of time for the patient to be healthy and resume routine activities. In addition, the total time required for the patient to heal from the surgery varies from person to person and depends on various factors such as –

  • The procedure used to remove the brain tumor

  • Location of the brain tumor

  • Regions of the brain affected due to the surgery

  • Age and health of the patient

The hospital stay depends on various factors such as the type of surgery performed, if the patient faces any kind of complications post-surgery or requires another treatment, etc.

The top hospitals for brain tumor treatment in South Africa are Lenmed La Verna Private hospital, Ahmed Kathrada Private hospital, Zamokuhle Private hospital, Life Kingsbury hospital, UCT Private Academic hospital, Netcare hospital.

Top doctors in South Africa at Zamokuhle Private hospital are Dr. AO Adedipe and the doctors at Ahmed Kathrada Private hospital are Dr. V Goolab and Prof R Gopal. The doctors at Life Kingsbury hospital are Dr. AL Mbatha and Dr. John Hill. The doctors at UCT Private Academic hospital are Le Feuvre David and Prof. Taylor Allan.

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