Liposuction in Spain

Liposuction in Spain

Extremely advanced healthcare infrastructure establishes Spain as one of the top healthcare systems not only in Europe but in the entire world. The country maintains a network of most superior hospitals accredited by the international authorities certifying the quality of the healthcare provided.

The advanced healthcare infrastructure encourages them to exploit the most recent trends and approaches in liposuction aimed at improving surgical outcomes, minimizing the complications without imposing much burden on the patient’s pocket.

Hospitals in Spain employ the most advanced instruments updated with the most recent technologies to carry out liposuction procedures. The internationally recognized physicians obtain exposure by working in distinct parts of the world and demonstrate rich clinical expertise. Thoroughly competent paramedical staff can tackle any complications during or post-surgery.

Best Clinics for Liposuction in Spain

  • Centro Medico Teknon

  • Pérez De La Romana Institute

  • Antiageing Group Barcelona

  • Ocean Clinic

  • Biyo Clinic

  • Roque University Hospital

Cost of Liposuction:

As the selection of a specific procedure occupies a crucial role in the overall cost of the treatment, the surgeon, post consultation with the patient proceeds with the particular option.

The cost of Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL) is around US$ 4,400 – US$ 4,700. Power-Assisted Liposuction may incur a cost of US$ 3,300 – US$ 3,700 to patients.

The amount of fat to be removed (volume) also impacts the cost of the procedure. Liposuction of thighs and buttocks costs US$ 3,400 – US$ 3,900 and abdominal liposuction costs US$ 6,800 – US$ 7,500.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

2 Day in Hospital

3 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 7000


About the Liposuction

Liposuction is a common cosmetic surgery performed to remove stubborn fat from the skin. It is also known as lipoplasty and suction-assisted lipectomy. This procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetologist or anaesthetist to give a sculpted look to the body and beautify the overall look of the individual with proper contouring.

Liposuction is not meant for weight reduction. Large amounts of fat cannot be removed by this process. A maximum of a quart (litre) can be removed through liposuction surgery. It is not meant for cellulite removal. For such results, liposhaving is more effective. However, many surgeons believe that the areas containing cellulite may improve in appearance after liposuction is performed.

There can be regions of the skin that have localized fat. Such regions may include calves, abdomen, thighs, and arms. If these regions are resistant to diet and exercise, then a liposuction surgery is performed to remove them.

Liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic treatment among both men and women. It aims to extract the extra fat through a suction device to give a more toned look to the body. The finishing of such surgeries is extremely important.

How is Liposuction performed?

Liposuction surgery is performed by creating small and really inconspicuous incisions. A typical liposuction procedure involves the following steps:

  • Specific medications are administered to relieve any discomfort that may be experienced during the procedure. This may include local or general anaesthesia or a sedative.
  • A diluted local anaesthesia is administered to the target body part.
  • A thin hollow tube or a cannula is inserted into the vein to loosen excess fat. This is done using back and forth motion.
  • The dislodged fat is then sucked out of the body using a surgical vacuum or a syringe that created effective suction.

These days, the use of laser lipo and vaser liposuction is quite common. Both of these are advanced techniques that allow for minimal invasion and discomfort and faster recovery. 

In laser lipo, laser light is used to break down the fat cell walls, which allows the fatty oil to seep out and distort the cells that are subsequently removed. The laser light also coagulates the small blood vessels in the deeper layers, thus minimizing the risk of bleeding and bruising.


In vaser liposuction, also known as liposelection, ultrasonic energy is transformed into vibration energy, which is transferred to the fat cells. These cells are then shaken and mixed with a fluid prepared by the surgeon prior to the surgery. This emulsified mixture containing fat and water is then removed through suction with the help of small cannulas.

Recovery from Liposuction

  • The person must wear a support garment for the next two to three weeks after the surgery.
  • In case calves and ankles have been treated, supportive hose must be worn for at least 6 weeks.
  • The support garments are allowed to be removed while bathing 24 hours after the surgery. The support garments can prevent swelling, which is obvious after the surgery for at least 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Metal stitches and staples used to close the incision will be removed a day or two after the surgery.
  • Minor bleeding and seepage are common. It can be reduced by wearing an elastic garment.
  • There may be slight pain and soreness in the operated regions. However, it should subside within 10 to 14 days and people can resume duty after two weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of liposuction in Spain

The cost of liposuction in Spain is primarily dependent on the procedure employed to discard the fat. The decision to opt for a specific treatment is taken by the surgeon post consultation with the patient. The cost of Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL) is around US$ 4,400 – US$ 4,700. Power-Assisted Liposuction may incur costs of US$ 3,300 – US$ 3,700 to patients.

The other factor that decided the cost of the procedure is the area from where fat is to be removed and ultimately the volume. Liposuction of thighs and buttocks costs US$ 3,400 – US$ 3,900 is Spain. The massive volume of fat can be removed from the abdominal region, and hence the cost of abdominal liposuction is on the higher side i.e. US$ 6,800 – US$ 7,500. 

What are the factors affecting the cost of liposuction in spain

Following are some of the factors affecting the cost of liposuction cost in Spain

    • Body area from where the fat is to be removed plays a crucial factor in deciding cost for the liposuction treatment as discussed above. 
    • The complexity of the treatment can alter the cost structure. For instance, removing fat from the chin can be challenging than extracting it from the upper thighs. 
    • The use of specific techniques produces an impact on the cost structure of the procedure. Apart from these factors, the cost of anesthesia (if employed) and other complications (if occurred or anticipated) can alter the cost structure. 
    • Apart from these clinical factors, overall skills, and experience of the surgeon and hospital/clinic brand on top influence cost of the therapy.
What are the various approaches and techniques of liposuction in Spain

Approaches and Techniques of Liposuction available in Spain

  • Tumescent liposuction: This process involves the administration of fluid (local anesthetic + drug that contracts blood vessel + salt solution) to an area from where the fat is to be removed. Once the area becomes firm and swollen (tumescent), more uniform and accurate fat extraction is enabled. A cannula assists in fat removal by applying a high-pressure vacuum. 

    This method offers several advantages. As the smaller incision is made to insert a cannula, an incision is smaller and hence recovery time is equally short. 
  • Super-wet technique: Similar to the tumescent method. The sole difference is less fluid is injected during the procedure. The patient may require sedation or general anesthesia to carry out this procedure

  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL): Ultra-high frequency sound waves are employed to liquefy the fat. Fat can be extracted through the cannula inserted by requiring a small incision

  • Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL): This process involves the use of vibrating cannula where mechanized movement is enabled for more effective and complete fat removal

Which are the best clinics in Spain for liposuction

Following are some of the most sought after and acclaimed clinics in Spain for Liposuction surgery: 

Quironsalud Torrevieja Hospital: boasts of internationally-renowned specialists and experts who specialize in the treatment and management of complex illnesses. It is a modern facility with services especially designed to cater to the need of international patients and their attendants.

Centro Medico Teknon:  One of the leading hospitals in the country’s private healthcare space, the hospital follows its rich tradition of quality management to deliver excellent care to all the patients. The hospitals enjoy the honor of being one of the very few hospitals to have JCI accreditation and accreditation from the Generalitat of Catalonia. 

400+ specialty doctors well trained to handle international patients and 2000+ health care professionals ready to serve, make this hospital a preferred destination for medical tourists.

Pérez De La Romana Institute: Board certified plastic surgeons, latest technology instruments, and best infrastructure work in favor for this clinic and encourages foreign medical tourists from all across Europe.

Antiageing Group Barcelona: Founded by a group of best specialists in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, the experts at the clinic also combine psychology and nutrition, making the treatment a comprehensive holistic experience for the patients. 

The clinic is recognized for pioneering many state-of-the-art technologies in the aesthetic procedure domain. The surgeons on board are competent enough and enjoy global recognition.

Ocean Clinic: The plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons at the clinic have experience of more than 15 years and perform 1000+ surgeries each year. The surgeons have comprehensive expertise in plastic and aesthetic surgeries, dermatology and anti-aging medicines.

Their expertise and skills have transformed the lives of people and hence it is a preferred destination of medical tourists for aesthetic treatments.

Roque University Hospital: QH (Quality Healthcare) accreditation in 2015, from Institute of Development and Integration of Health (IDIS) and Distinction of Commitment award in 2017 by Secretary of State for Tourism have recognized the contributions of the hospital in serving quality care to the medical tourists from all across the globe. 

Who are the best plastic surgeons in Spain for Liposuction

Some of the best reviewed plastic surgeons of Spain:

Dr. Julio Puig: Specialised in body contouring and aesthetic procedures, Dr. Julio Puig occupies 30+ years of experience in the domain. He demonstrates expertise in performing complex procedures and is comfortable with the most advanced techniques is plastic and aesthetic procedures.

He is a prestigious member of the American Society of Plastic surgeons (ASPS) and Spanish Society of Plastic, reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SCEPRE) and many other scientific associations globally recognized.

Dr. Francisco Gomez Bravo: Currently serving as the President of Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery – Spain, (AECEP), Dr. Bravo remains a prestigious member of several scientific associations with global recognition. 

He is one of the youngest plastic and aesthetic surgeons in entire Europe, who has demonstrated his innovative techniques in international conferences and has published in the top four scientific journals of the domain.

Dr. Jesus Benito Ruiz: Ex-President of AECEP, 30+ years of experience in the plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and prestigious member of internationally recognized associations for plastic surgeons like ASPS and ISAPS and many more. (ASPS: American Society of Plastic Surgery, ISAPS: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

He is recognized for his pioneering surgical techniques in the field and is the recipient of numerous awards during his career. He has his own clinic (Antiaging Group Barcelona) equipped with most advanced instruments and Board-Certified Surgeons.

Dr. Sanchez Nebreda: 25+ years in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, 15,000+ surgical interventions including cosmetic procedures and body contouring. 

He has his own clinic, Institute of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (Granada), a facility fully fledges with modern instruments updated with most recent technology, health care professionals, and Board-Certified Surgeons. This facility is a one-stop solution for the multitude of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures and caters to domestic as well as international patients.

Dr. José María Palacin: 9,000+ surgical interventions in body contouring, facial cosmetic, and several other aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, he occupies 20+ years of experience in the domain. He is currently associated with the Teknon medical center.

What is the success rate for Liposuction in Spain

Offering the patients their most superior version of themselves they had been craving for by reshaping their body, liposuction remains the most popular treatment. The procedure has a success rate of almost 85%. In spite of such a high success rate, the procedure has some risk associated with it. The chances of complications depend on the procedure type and the skills of the surgeon. 

Severe bruising, inflammation, thrombophlebitis (blood clots in veins causing inflammation), kidney or heart problems (fluctuations in the body fluid levels) and pulmonary embolism (fat travels towards lungs via blood vessels resulting in the blockage) are some of the possible complications that can arise during or post-procedure.

How to get done the process for Liposuction in Spain?

Liposuction, or sometimes referred to as ‘Lipo” is a surgical and cosmetic procedure that utilizes a suction technique to remove the excess fat from the body that can’t be reduced by diet, medication, or exercises.

A dermatologic or cosmetic surgeon performs this procedure generally in the specific area of the body, for instance, thigh, arms, hips, neck, back, buttocks, and under the chin. Liposuction is often followed by other plastic surgery such as tummy tucks, facelift, and breast reduction. So, Liposuction is an altogether alternative weight-loss method that helps to improve body contours.

Liposuction, in Spain generally done under local anesthesia. It is done to minimize the trauma of the patients. Then, some unobtrusive incision is made in the area where the liposuction will be performed. This is followed by inserting a cannula, which is a small thin hollow tube. The back and forth motion of the cannula helps to loosen the fat. The excess fat is then deposed with the help of a syringe or surgical vacuum attached to the cannula.

Why should you opt for Liposuction in Spain?

Many people have a misconception in their mind that Liposuction is an invasive procedure. In Spain, with the help of the latest medical technologies and top-notch health care system, the surgeons perform it through minimum invasion and high accuracy. Tumescent Liposuction is a procedure that is followed by the hospitals of most countries. The hospitals in Spain is no exception. But, apart from that, hospitals and surgeons here, precisely apply other state-of-the-art techniques that may not be available to other parts of the world.

The first one is Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction (UAL). During UAL, ultrasonic energy is used to break down the excess fat. This improves the accuracy of the procedure, and the next generation UAL technology is known as VASER-assisted Liposuction. Another one is LAser assisted Liposuction (LAP), in which laser light is employed to rupture the fat cells, and then the fat is removed through a cannula. It enhances the body contouring with a lesser chance of skin injuries.

Keeping all those modern technical set up aside, the doctors who perform these surgeries are highly qualified and efficient. The success rate of Liposuction in hospitals in Spain is very high. On top of that, the jaw-dropping lower cost, combined with high-class infrastructure, makes this country a one-stop destination for patients to undergo Liposuction.

What is the cost of Liposuction in Spain?

Liposuction in Spain would attract a cost of around $5000. In certain cases, depending on several factors The cost may be as low as $2000 and also as high as $11000. Whatever it might be, the average cost is way cheaper than the cost fetched by the hospitals of the USA, Canada, or other EU countries.

What are the factors affecting the cost of Liposuction in Spain?

Liposuction cost varies from hospital to hospital and even in the same hospital for different patients with a different condition. So, it is difficult for hospitals to provide the exact cost of the process

The area of the body where the Liposuction will be done along with the risk factor associated with it plays a crucial role in determining the cost. For instance, Liposuction performed in the face or chin would fetch more cost than performing it in the upper thighs. This is because the former one is more complex and more challenging.

Secondly, Employing different techniques affect the cost of this process. Above all these factors, if the hospital has accreditation and is equipped with top-class experienced doctors, the steep rise in cost is very obvious.

How to choose the right hospital or clinic for Liposuction in Spain?

Choosing the right hospital for Liposuction depends on your suitability. The cost of the surgery is well-nigh the same for all the hospitals but what affects the cost is the premium service, accommodation, and post-surgery care. The second thing that you must consider before choosing any hospital is that whether that hospital offers you any TPA assistance and insurance cover.

Who are the top Liposuction surgeons in Spain?

Doctor Jesús Benito, a pioneer in the liposuction technique of lipo laser LIPOLIFE can perfectly assist you through the process of Liposuction. With the above 15 years of experience in this field, he performs Liposuction with high competence.

What is the health care infrastructure of Spain / Why should opt for Spain as a destination for your medical treatment?
Spain has a uni payer healthcare system. This means that there is universal coverage for most of the expenses (excluding prescription drugs). One might have to wait for quite some time to avail of elective procedure treatment in Spain. Non-European travelers must have valid health insurance coverage to benefit from the hospitals in Spain. One can also avail of it on a residency visa. The private insurance system helps you to avail the benefits at monthly costs. The taxes in Spain are comparatively lower than those of other European countries. Hence, one can surely opt for this country for medical treatment.
What are the conditions of the hospitals in Spain? Are they JCI certified? What is the quality of the support staff in the hospitals?
The Joint Commission International (JCI) is a global leader in health care accreditation. JCI accreditation is considered a gold standard in worldwide health care. It provides the most skilled and experienced healthcare professionals in the medical industry, as evaluators of the rigorous international standards in healthcare quality and patient safety. Here are a few JCI certified hospitals in Spain :
  • Vithas Xanit International Hospital
  • Grupo Hospitalario Quirónsalud
  • Centro Médico Quironsalud Teknon
  • Hospital General de Catalunya
  • Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular (IMO Barcelona)
  • Sanitas Hospitales
  • Guttmann Institute
  • Instituto Balear de Oftalmología (IBO)
Are the doctors/surgeons in Spain of the best quality?
The hospitals in Spain are based on “el sistema national de salud” which provides high-quality care and medical centres, that is, “centros de salud”. This system has public and private healthcare systems, often within the same level. Since many countries send ex-pats here, one can even find an English speaking doctor very easily. Most doctors are adequately skilled and can handle the cases.
What is the process for obtaining a medical visa in Spain?
One has to apply for a Schengen Visa to gain entry into Spain for a medical purpose. The required documents when applying for a Schengen Visa for Medical Treatment are as follows:
  1. Visa application form.
  2. Two photos.
  3. Valid travel document/passport.
  4. A copy of your passport's data page.
  5. Roundtrip flight reservation.
  6. Travel Medical Insurance.
  7. Proof of accommodation
What support services does MediGence provide in Spain?
MediGence has been praised on a global scale for the list of services they provide. Apart from the listed services, the staff and the guides are adorned for their customer interaction, impromptu assistance, and various other assistance related guidance throughout the tour. Thus, the list of services provided by MediGence are:
  • Insurance query related guidance
  • In-detail guidance till completion of the medical tour
  • Visa Assistance
  • Free airport to hospital transfer
  • On-Ground Support
  • Teleconsultations
  • Accommodations Assistance
  • Rehabilitation and recovery services
Which are the best cities in Spain for medical treatment?
Spain has many cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Pamplona that have some of the best hospitals in Spain. Madrid has good hospitals for general and reproductive health facilities. Barcelona has hospitals specializing in child healthcare.

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