A buttock lift or a butt lift is a kind of cosmetic surgery which enhances the shape and size of the butt and is conducted on the lower part of the body. After the surgery, the buttocks are likely to appear far more enhanced thereby blessing you with perfectly shaped and rounded butts. This kind of cosmetic surgery is likely to provide you with a curvy body and also makes you appear younger than your actual age. Such kind of surgery is conducted on patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight thereby changing the shape of the buttocks. The surgery is conducted after general anaesthesia by making a cut on the lower side of the back. The butt is raised to eliminate the excess skin and fatty tissue. The skin is bounded for the reorganization of the rest of the fat. In the end, bandages are used to cover up the wounded area after stitching the cut. Drainage tubes are used to eliminate blood.

Buttock Lift Surgery in UAE

Butt lift surgery cost Dubai is affordable when compared to the European nations. UAE has become one of the leading medical tourism destinations over the passage of years. The medical professionals and the staff are well-trained and skilled enough to perform the surgery on patients. The hospitals make use of modern amenities for the safety of the patients. Moreover, it is very easy to reach the UAE from all corners of the world.

Cost Comparison

The cost of buttock lift in UAE depends on a number of factors like the type of anaesthesia used, qualifications of the doctor, location of the slit, etc. The hospitals keep on introducing lucrative packages to the patients. The butt lift surgery cost starts at USD 2,474 in United Arab Emirates.

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