Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery) in U.A.E

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity causing a slight bulkiness of loose skin around the eyelid. The upper lid can fold over, creating a hooded effect and in the lower lid, the effect may be deepening furrows or creases. Our eyes are the first thing which people notice and also the first thing which hints the sign of ageing. Cosmetics are the gone days trick as people are nowadays happily settling on the latest procedure of cosmetic surgeries that is, double eyelid surgery which allows you to get rid of the sagginess by removing the extra fat from the specific area.

Double Eyelids Surgery (Blepharoplasty) in UAE

UAE government has all the factors required for a thriving tourist destination and now an important health tourism industry. It offers a unique opportunity for medical tourist to blend healthcare, wellness, and leisure in a single trip and has become one of the most searched destinations for medical tourism. Blepharoplasty surgery in UAE is one of the commonly performed cosmetic procedures by a team of skill, and experienced doctors offer a myriad of world-class medical treatment, advanced technology, and highly qualified doctors. Double eyelid surgery is one of the most adopted surgeries in UAE. One of the key reasons why UAE is considered as the best country for performing double eyelid surgery among all the western countries is its pure quality. You can get a thorough assessment and consultation with some qualified and experienced surgeons in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Double eyelid surgery is, of course, performed to enhance one’s features and make them look appealing and in order to get the treatment done, one must opt for the best medical destination. UAE is undoubtedly the most visited destination for double eyelid surgery due to its modern techniques and experienced surgeons.

Cost comparison

The cost of double eyelid surgery varies and depends on your chosen type of surgery. Plus, the hospital that you choose and the cost of the hospital’s room also affect the cost of double eyelid surgery. However, the cost of double eyelid surgery in UAE is $5600 and in the USA, it starts from $3,000 and can go up to $11,000. The expense of double eyelid surgery in Costa Rica and South Africa is $4,000 and $3,500 respectively. Although, the cost may be relatively higher than any other western countries, however, it is actually reasonable when it comes to quality treatment. USA and UK are expensive, but, if you are expecting the desired results and quality care, go for UAE.

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Why opt for Double Eyelid Surgery in Dubai?

In this new age generation where no one wants to settle with anything less, double eyelid surgery is emerging not only as a trend but also has become the necessity for people who want to undo their sagginess, turning it into a youthful look. The vacation paradise Dubai has become the ideal option when it comes to performing the eyelid surgery. To treat the specialized procedure of Double Eyelid Surgery UAE, Dubai has some renowned cosmetic clinics and the vast bunch of doctors which will carry out the surgery with utmost precaution and perform all the aftercare treatment with extreme ease. With its much-advanced approach and modern facilities which are known to be the best in the world, one has the opportunity to enjoy the tax-free status of Dubai.

What is the average cost of Double Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Surgery in Dubai ?

Blepharoplasty UAE is performed in the guidance of highly-trained and internationally recognized surgeons. When it comes to evaluating cost, there are a number of factors which decides the total bill. Firstly, how much surgery is needed, that is, removal of minimal skin, muscle tightening with skin excision, etc. Secondly, which hospital you have chosen for your treatment and the cost of the hospital’s room. However, the average cost of double eyelid surgery in Dubai is $5600 and also can go higher to $6,812. If you just need treatment for lower eyelid, then $3,815 would be the cost and for upper eyelid, the cost will rise up to around $3,270.

What are the different types of Double Eyelid Surgery you can get in UAE?

There are generally two types of double eyelid surgery performed in UAE that is, cutting and stitching. Cutting involves making an incision along the eyelids to remove the excess fat and skin to create the perception of bigger eyes. And in stitching, there are three stitches which are performed to hold the fold through small puncture holes. It allows patients to have surgery with little to no scars.

What is the recovery process (before and after) for Double Eyelid Surgery in UAE ?

Double eyelid surgery is less risky than any other cosmetic surgery but to perform this, one needs to be watchful about its recovery process which includes it’s before and aftercare.

Before the operation: Surgeons examine the person to make sure that he/she is healthy enough to undergo the surgery. It is advisable to quit smoking, alcohol consumption, or any blood-thinners medicines prior to the operation.

After treatment care: The patients are advised to take painkillers for two to five days. It is usually recommended to wear sunglasses to avoid direct sunlight. Also, lubricants and ointments are prescribed to help with the swelling and irritation.

What is the process of Eyelid Surgery in UAE ?

To perform the Eyelid Surgery UAE, surgeons firstly, remove the excess skin, muscles and sometimes fat from either the uppers side or lower side, or maybe both. The surgery is performed under light anaesthesia or general anaesthesia in some cases depending upon the extent of the surgery and the patient’s needs. Upper eyelid usually takes 45-60 minutes while lower lid surgery takes up to 90 minutes.

Which are the hospitals and clinics for Double Eyelid Surgery in UAE ?

UAE with its matchless techniques and highly trained surgeons boasts the best double eyelid surgery across the globe. Here is the list of some of the renowned hospitals and clinics for double eyelid surgery:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

  • Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group

  • Cosmetrix Plastic Surgery Center

  • Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

  • CosmeSurge

  • London Center for Aesthetic Surgery

Which are the top Plastic Surgeons in UAE for Double Eyelid Surgery ?

Here is the list of top plastic surgeon ion UAE for double eyelid surgery:


  • Dr Faisal Salim

  • Dr Ken Arashiro

  • Dr Masroor Alam

  • Dr Gabriel Fernando Bonesana

  • Dr Thomas Colson

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