Double Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)Surgery in Israel

When it comes to outer appearance, everyone desires a change. It doesn’t matter what you are born with and what your weaknesses are, it can be corrected and enhanced by undergoing plastic surgery and the acceptance of the same allow women to have the confidence to adapt it. One of the major plastic surgery which has gained popularity in the last few years is double eyelid surgery. Eyes are the first thing which people notice about your personality, they can speak and they always speak the truth. While mesmerizing pair of eyes create a beautiful look, the dull and aged eyes can make you look older than your age. Thus, ladies are adapting the procedure of double eyelid surgery to add crease on their eyes and enhance their feature.

Double eyelid surgery is now not uncommon; you can get this procedure from numerous destinations if you are not satisfied with your look or want to cut down some extra fat around the eyes. Israel, being the most preferred destination for the number of medical procedures, offers the safest and advanced approach for double eyelid surgery.

Cost Comparison

Blepharoplasty is done to alter the look of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or even both the eyelids, and to perform the procedure, one must make their mind for Israel due to its cost-effectiveness. The cost of the double eyelid surgery in Israel will go easy on your pocket as the minimum amount of the treatment is $1,700 and can go higher up to $ 2,100. The cost of the same procedure in other countries like U.S.A and Singapore are $3,000 to 11,000 and $2500 to $3500 respectively. In U.A.E, the total cost will reach up to $5600, hence, quit looking further and get the Double Eyelid Surgery Israel.  

With the world-class medical facilities, highly-trained cosmetic surgeons and top-notch infrastructure, Israel offers the best double eyelid surgery and will carry out your procedure with utmost precaution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Israel maintains its reputation of being economical than U.S.A and U.K since the last few years. The government of Israel spends tons of money on its medical and healthcare sector and in a process of making it the best medical destination across the globe. With modern technology, well-equipped infrastructures, and internationally recognized cosmetic surgeons, Israel is leading the race with its best approach towards healthcare sector. In fact, the equipment and devices used in the U.S.A and U.K are made in Israel. So, if you have a desire for double eyelid fold to accentuate your eyes, there is no need to apply heaps of eye makeup but go for Eyelid Surgery Israel.

Israel has the highest standard of approach when it comes to performing the double eyelid surgery. It offers safe and versatile treatment for Asian and other patients with monolids. The average cost of the double eyelid treatment is $1,700 to $ 2,100 which is, of course, much more cost-effective than the countries like U.S.A and U.K. It should be noted that the factors like, which cosmetic clinic you have chosen for your treatment and types of the hospital room, can greatly affect your budget.

In order to achieve the best Blepharoplasty Israel, there are mainly two types of procedure and that is, Non-incisional and Incisional. The Non-incisional or stitching method is a scar-less technique and is done through the placement of 6 sutures per eyelid by 4 small holes. And, the Incisional or cutting technique takes longer downtime of 4 to 6 weeks of swelling and requires the incision in the eyelid skin where the final crease are expected to be made.

Before the surgery: Usually, the first step involves the full checking of the body to ensure that the body is in a healthy state to undergo the procedure and also specific instructions are provided regarding the medications to take, and when to stop eating or drinking prior to the surgery.

After the surgery: The patients will be given specific instructions regarding the recovery. It is generally recommended to wear sunglasses and avoid direct sunlight. Also, ointments and lubricants are provided to reduce the effect of swelling.

The first step in the process of eyelid surgery in Israel is giving the anesthesia to the patients according to their health, weight, and medical history. Then, the surgeons make the first incision on the eyelid and in the case of lower eyelid; it is done behind the lower lid. Afterward, the surgeons will see which skin is baggy to remove and remove the muscles by instruments and devices. In the very procedure, sedation will be reduced at the end to give you the most perfect result.

To perform the double eyelid surgery, Israel offers some of the best cosmetic care clinics out of which below are the best clinics for performing the treatment:

  • Rambam Medical Center

  • Rabin Medical Center

  • Sourasky Medical Center

  • Herzliya Medical Center

  • Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

  • Assuta Hospital

  • Hadassah University Medical Center

Here is the list of the top plastic surgeons in Israel for double eyelid treatment:

  • Dr. Yehuda Ullmann MD, DSc

  • Dr. Dean Ad-El

  • Dr. Avraham Amir

  • Dr. Amirs Zligovsky

  • Dr. Topaz Morris

  • Dr. Topaz Morris

  • Prof. Abraham Bruchin

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