Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Blepharoplasty commonly referred to as eyelid surgery or eyelid lift is done to remove the excess skin and fat present around the eyes. The surgery mostly performed for cosmetic reasons, but can also help in improving vision in people suffering from vision problems due to sagging upper eyelids.

Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

The nature of human facial feature and attractiveness has been pondered for thousands of years. We are living in the age of facial tweaks where masks, serums, and contour kits are basic. Now, ladies are taking a step further and opting for the double eyelid surgery to add creases to their eyelids. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, eyelid surgery is among the top five surgeries performed last year. With the rising trend, double eyelid surgery found its acceptance in almost every corner of the world.

The surgery continues to retain its popularity in Singapore not just as a solution for drooping eyelids but also a way for patients to enhance their facial features and achieve the aesthetic look they desire. It is not only used to reduce the extra bags of fatigue around the eyes but also is proven to be effective in the widening of vision and improvement of eyesight.  

Cost Comparison

In comparison to other major forms of cosmetic surgery, double eyelid surgery can be done at a relatively lower cost. Singapore is the most preferred destination for Blepharoplasty due to its comparatively lower cost than any other countries. If facts to be believed, medical prices in Singapore are 30%- 80% lower than the price of medical procedures in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Talking about the treatment of Blepharoplasty, the costs in Singapore ranges from $2500 to $3500 per procedure and medication will costs around $100- $200. Whereas, in the USA, the expenses will go up to $3,000-11,000 and in the United Arab Emirates, the total cost is around $5600 which is, of course, higher than the cost of Singapore.

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Why opt for Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore?

Double eyelid surgery in Singapore is actually a popular one. So, if the thought of it has ever intrigued you, go for it. But, from where you can get the best and safe double eyelid surgery treatment is the real concern. In Singapore, the procedure mainly involves cutting and stitching which is usually done by internationally trained surgeons. Singapore hosts world-class cosmetic centre which is renowned to perform Blepharoplasty procedure successfully over thousands of people. Aside from the quality of healthcare services which Singapore provides, the prime feature which attracts thousands and hundreds of patients is its cost-effectiveness.

What is the average cost of Double Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Surgery in Singapore?

The average cost of double eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty in Singapore is estimated at around $2500 to $3500 per procedure. The treatment executes with the medication procedure which will cost around $100- $200. However, the total cost depends on the hospital you have chosen and also the GST cost.

What are the different types of Double Eyelid Surgery you can get in Singapore?

There are mainly two types of double eyelid surgery you can get in Singapore- cutting and stitching. As they say, 50% of Asians do not have a fold in their eye region and the presence of fold will give the perception of bigger and expressive eyes. ‘Cutting’ creates the most natural effect. It involves making incisions along the eyelid to remove the excess fat, muscle, and skin to create a perfect eyelid and allow surgeons to enlarge the size of your eyes.

Stitching, on the other hand, involves placing three stitches to hold the fold through small puncture holes. It has a benefit to having an unnoticeable scar and faster recovery.

What is the recovery process (before and after) for Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore?

Double eyelid surgery may not be a risky one but it does contain several medical and cosmetic risks. In the rarest case, a patient can develop some serious problems like bleeding, infection and even vision problem. So, it is important to look after even after surgery is performed. Here are some aftercare pointers you need to look upon:

  • Avoid any tiring activity like lifting any heavy objects

  • Don’t try to bend over

  • Try to keep your head above the chest level

  • Avoid dry activities that may dry out your eyes

  • It is recommended to wear sunglasses to avoid direct sunlight

  • It is advisable to use lubricating ointments to help the reduction and swelling

What is the process of Eyelid Surgery in Singapore?

The first step in Double Eyelid Surgery Singapore procedure is to administer anesthesia and the amount is based upon the procedure, the patient’s current health, weight, and medical history. The patients will remain awake but the region around the eyes would feel numb during the whole surgery. The surgeons first make incisions on the eyelids along the natural crease of the upper eyelid and behind the lower lid in case of lower eyelids. After that, the surgeon will start marking to understand which region is lost and baggy to remove. They make use of specially-designed instruments or devices to remove the skin, fat, or muscle and then, incisions are closed with medical tape, adhesive, or stitches.

Which are the hospitals and clinics for Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore?

Here is the list of clinics for performing double eyelid surgery in Singapore:




  • Hong Plastic Surgery

Which are the top Plastic Surgeons in Singapore for Double Eyelid Surgery?

To perform the best Eyelid Surgery Singapore, the country has some of the highly trained plastic surgeons. Here is the list of plastic surgeons for double eyelid surgery.

  • Dr Michelle Lim

  • Dr Gale Lim

  • Dr Colin Tham

  • Dr Yeap Choong-Lieng 

  • Dr Jane Lim

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