Patient Story: Billy Wynne Willson from UK | ACL Reconstruction Surgery | Hungary

Patient Story: Billy Wynne Willson from UK | ACL Reconstruction Surgery | Hungary
  • Patient Name : Billy Wynne Willson
  • From Country : United Kingdom
  • Destination Country : Hungary
  • Procedure : ACL and PCL Reconstruction Surgery
  • Hospital : Medicover Hospital, Hungary

Billy Wynne Wilson, a patient who had an accident which caused a rupture in his knee ligament. He had to undergo an ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Hungary.

Rotational stability during knee moving is one of the essential conditions for pain-free and effective movement. This rotational stability is assured by Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). ACL helps in controlling the excessive motion. In this activity, ACL is supported by Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL). The ACL tear is the condition characterized by the presence of severe pain, joint swelling, and instability of the knee. Similar symptoms can be experienced by the patients having PCL injury and the in such cases the patient is not able to bear the weight on the knees. These conditions are common during sports when the patient feels while his knees are bent. If left untreated, it may lead to weakness and further damage. A patient, Billy Wynne Wilson, suffering from these conditions, does not want to take the risk and contacted Medigence for further advice. Read on further how Medigence helps Billy to get complete recovery.

Patient Introduction And Medical Condition

36-year-old Billy Wynne Willson, from the UK, was riding on BMX bike when the incident occurs. He fell with a bent left knee and was in pain. His left knee was twisted, and he was rushed to the hospital. The MRI scan of the left knee indicates the complete tear of the ACL from the femoral insertion and there was a lax appearance of the PCL. There was also a bone bruising at the posterior aspect of both the medial and lateral tibial plateau and a subtle bone bruising seen of the lateral femoral condyle. A small depression was also seen in the MRI. Reconstruction surgery was advised to treat the condition.

Treatment Decision

Mr Billy contacted Medigence to find out the cost of ACL reconstruction surgery. The Patient Medicare team of Medigence swiftly responded to Mr Billy with various treatment options available at various hospitals all over the world along with costs. The best option, chosen by Mr Billy was Medicover hospital in Hungry, which is equipped with modern facilities to undertake such surgeries with ease. Mr Billy was admitted in the Medicover hospital on 18th February and arthroscopic ACL and PCL reconstruction surgery were done on 19th February. The experienced medical and para-medical staff at Medicover hospital monitored his condition for 2 days and after assuring that everything is fine, Mr Billy was discharged on 21st February.

Condition After Discharge

Mr Billy was feeling a lot better after surgery and the pain and inflammation were almost gone. The stitches were removed on 28th February and he happily left the country on 1st March. We, at MediGence, thanks to the expert surgeons and para-medical staff for performing this surgery with remarkable ease and wishMr. Billy a happy and healthy life.

Last modified on at Sep 03, 2019

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