Patient from UAE Underwent Knee Check-up in Thailand

Patient from UAE Underwent Knee Check-up in Thailand
  • Patient Name : Mrs. Heena Desai
  • From Country : United Arab Emirates
  • Destination Country : Thailand
  • Procedure : Knee Check-Up
  • Hospital : Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok

MediGence is very quick and responsiveness. The team took care of my entire medical journey right from the moment I sent medical query until I return home.

Mrs. Heena Desai, 46, travelled from the UAE to undergo orthopedic consultation and check up in Thailand for knee pain.

Mrs. Heena started looking online to find options for her knee pain check-up and treatment in Thailand when she came across MediGence. She submitted her query on the web query form available on MediGence website. Upon receiving her query, MediGence got back to her with the options of some of the best hospitals for orthopedics in Thailand. Heena reviewed the options shared with her and shortlisted Vejthani Hospital in Thailand after seeing the profile of Dr. Udom Tantipanpipat, Orthopedic Surgeon at Vejthani Hospital. Vejthani Hospital is one of the best multispeciality hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mrs. Heena arrived on the 1st of November and went directly for the consultation with Dr. Tantipanpipat at Vejthani Hospital in Thailand. Dr. Tantipanpipat prescribed her medications and injections for her knee pain after conducting investigations and physical assessment of her knee.

Mrs. Heena was extremely happy with the doctor’s approach and the services she received from the hospital. She also thanked MediGence for the quick responsiveness and taking care of her entire medical journey right from the moment she sent her medical query until her return back on the 11th of November.

We wish Mrs. Heena a happy and healthy future!

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