Redo CABG Surgery in India: A Case Study (Mr. Prithviraj Bhurtun from Mauritius)

Redo CABG Surgery in India: A Case Study (Mr. Prithviraj Bhurtun from Mauritius)
  • Patient Name : Prithviraj Bhurtun
  • From Country : Mauritius
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Redo CABG Surgery
  • Hospital : Max Smart Superspeciailty Hospital

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a type of cardiac surgery conducted to improve the blood flow to the cardiac muscles. In the procedure,

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a type of cardiac surgery conducted to improve the blood flow to the cardiac muscles. In the procedure, a healthy blood vessel, also known as the graft, is used to bypass the blocked parts of the coronary arteries. It is usually used to treat patients with severe coronary heart disease (CHD). During a cardiac bypass surgery, it is normal to bypass three to four coronary arteries. The foremost Cardiologist to perform Redo CABG Surgery in India is Dr. Mani of Max Hospitals.


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However, sometimes, a cardiac bypass surgery may fail. This is because the patient may again develop blocked arteries, thus reducing the flow of blood to the cardiac muscles.

Such was the case of Mr. Prithviraj Bhurtun from Mauritius. He had his first cardiac bypass surgery in 2006. However, the local doctor recommended a redo bypass surgery after he developed complications, for which his family decided to take him to India.


Mr. Bhurtun, aged 56, is a resident of Mauritius. His daughter, Ms. Lauvna Bhurtun, sent an inquiry to MediGence as she was exploring treatment options in India. One of the executives from the Patient Care Team at MediGence got in touch with Ms. Lauvna for a discussion regarding her father’s health.


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At the beginning of their journey with MediGence, both Lauvna and her brother, Kevin, were unsure of where to go and which specialist would be the best for their father’s surgery.

During the discussion, Lauvna shared a copy of the latest angiogram reports of her father. The reports revealed that the bypassed arteries were blocked again, thus requiring a need for an immediate redo cardiac bypass surgery.

About Patient’s Medical Condition (Pre-treatment)

Mr. Bhurtun is a known diabetic. His first bypass surgery was successfully done in 2006. However, he developed chest pain again in November 2017, which alarmed the doctors that he may have developed blocked arteries again.

An angiogram was conducted in November 2017, which confirmed the diagnosis. On the basis of the reports, the local doctor in Mauritius recommended them cardiac bypass or angioplasty. However, the doctors did not confirm any treatment plan, which made Lauvna and Kevin skeptical about getting further treatment in Mauritius.

His health stabilized over a period of time. However, Mr. Prithviraj again developed chest pain and breathlessness in July 2018. It was after visiting multiple specialists and getting no concrete answer that they began their journey of online research for getting medical treatment in India.


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Treatment Decision

As soon as Lauvna got in touch with MediGence and share the medical history of her father, the team quickly realized that he may need a redo CABG surgery. Understanding the fact that redo CABG surgery is a highly critical procedure and must only be conducted by a highly experienced an proficient cardiothoracic vascular surgeon (CTVS), the team at MediGence recommended Dr. G.K. Mani from Max Smart Superspecialty Hospital in Saket to Lauvna for her father’s treatment.

Dr. Mani is known for his skills and more than four decades of experience in conducting cardiac bypass surgery, among other key cardiac procedures. He happens to be a Padma Shree awardee, which is one of the most prestigious awards for civilians in India.

He is globally renowned for his expertise and skills. Sitting back there in Mauritius as well, Lauvna and Kevin were aware of his name and even their local doctor had recommended his name.

The MediGence team shared the opinion and approximate costing with Lauvna for the redo CABG surgery. The family did have some apprehensions about the procedure and its success rate, so a call directly with Dr. Mani was also arranged so that they can ask questions and be clear about what they should expect when they take their father to India for the surgery.

Seeing the reports, Dr. Mani frankly shared with Lauvna and Kevin that redo CABG is very much possible. However, the final treatment plan will only be decided after he has seen and examined the patient in person.

Talking directly to Dr. Mani gave Lauvna and her brother so much confidence about their decision to travel to India for the surgery. They decided to take their chances and bring Mr. Prithviraj to India for a thorough evaluation and treatment. They confirmed their travel plans to MediGence, following which all the arrangements were made with respect to airport pick up, hotel accommodation, and appointment booking at the hospital.


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Travel Period

Kevin traveled with his father, Mr. Prithviraj, on September 16th to India. All the investigations, including the angiography, were carried out on September 18th. Following the angiography, Dr. Mani and his team confirmed that he needs a redo CABG surgery, which was then performed on September 20th. Mr. Prithviraj and his family would return back to Mauritius on October 20th.

Treatment Details

Mr. Prithviraj met Dr. Mani at Max Smart Superspeciailty Hospital in Saket on September 17th. The very next day, his angiography was planned in the afternoon. During the procedure to look into the blood vessels, the doctors gave a go-ahead for redo CABG surgery.

When Mr. Bhurtun was in the recovery room and the doctors were explaining the results to him, he experienced a cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the team of doctors, including Dr. Mani, were there around him and they took immediate and swift action to revive the patient.

Once he was revived, an emergency procedure was immediately conducted to place a balloon in the blocked artery. The main intention of emergency angioplasty was to keep the patient stable until redo CABG is performed. He was kept in a critical care unit (CCU) after the procedure and on the next day as well. Redo CABG with three grafts was performed successfully on the second day of balloon angioplasty.


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Patient’s Medical Condition (Post-treatment)

The surgery was successfully performed and Mr. Prithviraj was kept in the intensive care unit (ICU) for two days. He was shifted to the ward on the third day and finally discharged on September 27th.

The hospital team did make Mr. Prithviraj walk before he was discharged from the hospital. The team at MediGence took him for a follow-up with Dr. Mani on October 4th and everything went well. Currently, he is recuperating in the hotel and is doing well.

Mr. Prithviraj’s son and daughter are relieved to see their father stable and smiling again. The team at MediGence wishes Mr. Prithviraj a healthy future with his family.

Last modified on at Oct 08, 2019

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