Patient from Nigeria Underwent Full-body Health Check-up in Dubai

Patient from Nigeria Underwent Full-body Health Check-up in Dubai
  • Patient Name : Don Chinedu
  • From Country : Nigeria
  • Destination Country : United Arab Emirates
  • Procedure : Health Check-up
  • Hospital : Thumbay Hospital, Dubai

MediGence was very quick and responsiveness in all terms. They helped in choosing the right hospital for my health check-up. Thanks Team MediGence.

Nigerian national Don Chinedu, 51, had been experiencing chest pain, tremors and dizziness which had grown over a period of time.

The tremors resulting in shaky legs and hands had started to affect his quality of life. Addressing the issue, he decided to undergo a full-body check-up including specific consultation with a cardiologist and a neurologist.

Don started looking online for the best options for full-body health check-up and came across MediGence. He sent his query to MediGence via online webform on MediGence website stating his preference to travel to Dubai for his health check-up.

Upon receiving his query, MediGence shared various options of well-known multispeciality hospitals in Dubai with him. After closely reviewing all options and considering MediGence recommendation, Don chose Thumbay Hospital in Dubai for his check-up. Thumbay Chain of Hospitals is the largest and one of the most trusted healthcare providers in the UAE.

Don arrived in Dubai on the 5th of November. The next day, he headed straight to Thumbay hospital where he underwent a full-body health check-up. The cardiologist suggested the Angiogram for his chest pains. After the angiogram results were out, the cardiologist recommended drugs for his symptoms. He also consulted neurologists for his tremors and was advised for a neuro assessment and medical management for his condition.

Don’s health check-up was completed successfully and he was pleasantly satisfied with the services and overall care provided by Thumbay Hospital. He also appreciated MediGence for the quick responsiveness and help in choosing the right hospital for his health check-up.

Thereafter, Don returned back to Nigeria on the 21st of November 2019.

Team MediGence wishes Don a happy and healthy future!

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