A Congo National Underwent CABG and Kidney Transplant Surgery in Turkey

A Congo National Underwent CABG and Kidney Transplant Surgery in Turkey
  • Patient Name : Cleon Masumbuko Mufungizi
  • From Country : Congo
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : CABG and Kidney Transplant
  • Hospital : Istinye University LIV Hospital

Mr. Cleon Masumbuko Mufungizi, 61-years-old, is a national of Democratic Republic of Congo. He had been suffering from chronic kidney disorder and was looking

Mr. Cleon Masumbuko Mufungizi, 61-years-old, is a national of Democratic Republic of Congo. He had been suffering from chronic kidney disorder and was looking for options for kidney transplantation abroad.

He discussed the issue with one of his friends who had received treatment in Dubai through MediGence. That is how the Patient Advisory team at MediGence got in touch with Mr. Mufungizi ans discussed the options available to him.

And thorough consideration of the options as well as the approximate cost of procedure, he decided to go ahead with Turkey as his preferred choice of destination. He shared his current medical reports as well as the reports that were asked for the donor, who happened to be his brother.

MediGence team presented Mr Mufungizi with multiple destinations with leading experts and experienced cardiologists. Mr Mufungizi decided to pursue his treatment with Associate Prof. Dr. Himmet Bora Uslu and surgeon Prof. Dr. Ayhan Dinckan at the Istinye University LIV Hospital in Turkey.

Mr Cleon Masumbuko Mufungizi arrived in Turkey on 14th October 2020. He travelled with his wife and brother. They were greeted at the airport by the hospital staffs and transferred to the Istinye University LIV Hospital.

The patient underwent a series of tests and assessments at the hospital. The results helped the doctor to map out his treatment plan effectively. During the tests, it was realized that he has multiple cardiac blockages, which must be treated first before kidney transplant can be performed.

He was referred to the cardiac surgeon Dr. Mustafa Bilge Erdogan at the Istinye University LIV Hospital for further course of treatment. Dr. Mustafa Bilge Erdogan suggested that the patient undergo a CABG (Coronary artery bypass grafting) procedure. The procedure was very critical and consisted of certain risks. After a clear understanding of the procedure, risks and complications, the patient underwent the procedure.

Dr. Mustafa Bilge Erdogan successfully performed the CABG procedure. The patient was monitored very closely post-op to prevent any complications. The excellent care provided by the staffs, continuous monitoring and patient care ensured that Mr Mufungizi was on the right road to recovery. Mr. Mufungizi stayed in the hospital for a total of 8 days. He was discharged after showing signs of recovery and improvements.

Mr. Mufungizi continued to recover for 4 weeks before he was assessed for fitness for kidney transplant, which was conducted the following week.

He was provided with multiple stay options and chose in accordance with his budget. The stay in the country helped him in ensuring his post-op checkups. Dr. Mustafa Bilge Erdogan and Dr. Himmet Bora Uslu provided the best care and always ensured that the patient was comfortable.

MediGence ensured that the patient received the best possible care and helped set up everything right from Hospital Transfer Co-ordination, Airport Pick-up Co-ordination to Hospital Appointment Co-ordination.

Mr. Mufungizi stated that he was very satisfied with the treating doctor and the outcome of both the surgeries. He was grateful to the doctors at Istinye University LIV Hospital for the counseling and consultations which was done before surgery.

Mr. Mufungizi also thanked MediGence for their enormous support right from the very beginning right from choosing the right expert to set up the hospital and follow up appointments and easing his worries.
He is currently recuperating at the guest house in Turkey and is attending follow-up consultations with the nephrology team.

Team MediGence wishes Mr. Mufungizi a happy and healthy future!

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