Aamri’s Limb-Lengthening Surgery Story at Fortis Hospital

Aamri’s Limb-Lengthening Surgery Story at Fortis Hospital
  • Patient Name : Aamri
  • From Country : Oman
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Limb Lengthening
  • Hospital : Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

Mr. Aamri was very happy with the treating doctor. He was impressed with the doctors and nursing staff at Fortis Hospital, Shalimarbagh for their outstanding patient care and services.
He is also very pleased with the services that MediGence provided. She also appreciated how quickly mediGence reached out to them and helped them in getting appointments and airport pick-up fixed. He also mentioned how professional and helpful was Medigence with their needs and medical treatment.

Mr. Aamri, a 29-year-old man from Oman, was embarrassed by his height which caused him distress leading to difficulty in carrying out daily activities. Determined to find a solution and regain independence, he turned to MediGence for assistance with his physical condition. The team assisted the patient with the entire procedure, scheduled follow-up appointments and arranging his initial consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. On July 1st, Mr. Aamri traveled from Oman to India to undergo the procedure performed by Dr. Manoj Miglani at Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh.

Dr. Manon Miglani received his MS (Ortho) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences and his MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College. Dr. Miglani was granted a Stryker fellowship in arthroplasty from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in addition to an AO spine fellowship from Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham. Dr. Miglani has contributed his expertise to several prestigious hospitals in Delhi and the National Capital Region, including AIIMS, Indraprastha Apollo, Jaipur Golden Hospital, and Artemis Hospital. Currently serving as a senior consultant at Fortis Shalimar Bagh and an additional director at Fortis Vasant Kunj, Dr. Miglani brings extensive experience and proficiency to his practice.

Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, is a leading multispecialty hospital renowned for its attentive and high-quality care. Established in 2010, it is the largest hospital within the Fortis group’s network. Located in the heart of North Delhi, Fortis Shalimar Bagh serves residents from nearby states, accessible via Karnal and Rohtak roads. Recognized with the 2014 FICCI HEAL award for branding, marketing, and image building, the hospital maintains quality standards accredited by NABH.


The additional surgical planning and preoperative evaluation started a few weeks before the surgery. After arriving in India, the patient was admitted to the Fortis Hospital for five days to complete the essential diagnostic procedures and limb lengthening surgery. After thorough consultation, Dr. Manoj Miglani and his colleagues determined the patient’s readiness for the procedure. Comprehensive considerations were made, encompassing the patient’s medical history, any alcohol or tobacco usage, allergies, medication regimen, supplements, and past surgeries or illnesses. Additionally, examinations of the heart, lungs, throat, nose, and head were conducted.

The primary goal of the meticulous pre-treatment assessment and examination was to identify the patient’s risk of post-operative complications. This comprehensive evaluation guided Dr. Manoj Miglani and his medical team in executing a seamless process, addressing all factors at the appropriate juncture, including follow-up care, anesthesia, surgical management, preoperative medication administration, and postoperative pain management.

Following the successful completion of the limb-lengthening surgery by Dr. Manoj Miglani, the patient expressed satisfaction. Anesthesia was administered at the outset of the procedure, followed by the extensive surgical intervention. After spending a day or so in the operating room, Mr. Aamir was discharged. The surgeon provided guidance on post-operative self-care, closely monitored the patient’s progress, and scheduled regular follow-up appointments.

Post Treatment

For the 65 days following the procedure, the patient underwent recovery in the country. MediGence facilitated the scheduling of the patient’s follow-up consultations. Overall, it can be said that the treatment proceeded smoothly without any complications.

MediGence also assisted in arranging the patient’s accommodation during their stay. The organization provided several options for nearby housing, from which Mr. Aamri selected the most suitable one within his budget. Additionally, the patient and their companion utilized other services offered by MediGence, including scheduling hospital appointments, coordinating prompt and efficient hospital transfers, and arranging airport transportation.


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