Eben’s Journey: Total Hip Replacement in India

Eben’s Journey: Total Hip Replacement in India
  • Patient Name : Eben
  • From Country : Ghana
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Total Hip Replacement
  • Hospital : Artemis Hospital

The surgeon who carried out the procedure and outcomes pleased me. I would like to thank the doctors and staff of Artemis Hospital for their excellent treatment.
I truly appreciate the help that MediGence has provided. I am grateful that MediGence communicated to me promptly to help me set up priority appointments and an airport pickup. In addition, I want to thank Medigence for their professionalism and help with my medical needs.

The local physicians recommended a hip replacement for Mr. Eben, a 40-year-old resident of Ghana, who was experiencing persistent hip pain and limited mobility. Despite trying various pain medications, his discomfort persisted and intensified with everyday activities such as walking, disturbed sleep, climbing stairs, and rising from a seated position. Motivated to find a solution, Mr. Eben opted to seek treatment in India, specifically at Artemis Hospital.

Upon his arrival in India on February 28th, 2023, Mr. Eben underwent a ten-day hospital stay for total hip replacement surgery. He entrusted his care to Dr. IPS Oberoi, a reputable orthopedic surgeon based in Gurugram, India, with over 24 years of specialized experience. Dr. Oberoi specializes in conditions related to the adult musculoskeletal system, focusing on issues affecting tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Established in 2007, Artemis Hospital stands as a leading multispecialty hospital in the bustling metropolis of Gurgaon, distinguished by its JCI and NABH accreditations. The hospital’s commitment to providing quality care in an affordable and welcoming environment has contributed to its rapid rise in popularity. Additionally, its partnerships with third-party administration firms enable clients with health insurance to benefit from cashless transactions, further enhancing accessibility to healthcare services.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

Upon Mr. Eben’s admission to the hospital for surgery, the physician thoroughly briefed him on the risks associated with the procedure and the importance of preparation. Given Mr. Eben’s strong desire for a total hip replacement, it was crucial to ensure he understood the implications and was mentally and physically prepared. To assess his suitability for the treatment, a series of tests were conducted, including a physical examination, blood tests, an EKG, a stress test, a chest X-ray, and a urine sample. These tests were essential for determining Mr. Eben’s overall health status and identifying any pre-existing conditions that required attention before surgery. Following the evaluations, Mr. Eben underwent a successful total hip replacement procedure.

Post Treatment

The surgery was completed efficiently and without any complications. Mr. Eben diligently followed the physician’s instructions for post-operative care and maintained regular communication with the medical team during the recovery phase.

MediGence offered the patient complete assistance. One of the most important was that the patient had insurance, thus the organization handled all the arrangements for the insurance to be approved. This gave the patient the freedom to focus on recovery while MediGence took care of the rest. This included making appointments, following up following therapy, and arranging for frequent check-ins along the healing process.


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