Abukhair Rashid Underwent Ankle Fusion Surgery in Memorial Sisli Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Abukhair Rashid Underwent Ankle Fusion Surgery in Memorial Sisli Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Patient Name : Abukhair Rashid
  • From Country : UK
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Ankle Fusion Surgery
  • Hospital : Memorial Sisli Hospital, Istanbul

I am quite happy with the treatment and the results of the surgery. I also want to express my gratitude to the Memorial Sisli Hospital staff and Prof. Dr. Olcay Guler, who performed my eye surgery. I want to thank them for the pre-surgery advice and consultations. I also want to thank MediGence’s entire staff, who have done an outstanding job supporting me in every way. Dealing with them has been enjoyable because they made everything simple for me.

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Having terrible ankle discomfort, Abukhair Rashid, a 42-year-old patient from the United Kingdom. He was able to walk slowly and with small steps because he could not flex his ankles too much. His condition had a significant impact on his life. With time, his condition grew worse until he was no longer able to tolerate the pain, inflammation, and stiffness in the ankle. On the internet, where he was seeking a health advisor, he discovered MediGence. The MediGence health plan intrigued and pleased Mr. Abukhair Rashid. He submitted a question on the company’s website regarding ankle fusion surgery at the talus navicular joint, and to his surprise, a MediGence employee swiftly replied and asked him for some information. After providing the needed information, MediGence called him to learn more about his illness. Mr. Rashid received feedback from the top orthopedic institutions in Turkey in just three days. The doctor’s proposed course of therapy was thorough and in line with advice from consultants. He chose Dr. Olcay Guler for this procedure.

In Turkey, Prof. Dr. Olcay Güler is today recognized as a leading traumatologist and orthopedist. He speaks Turkish and English well, and his areas of expertise include cytokine therapy, robotic prosthetic surgery, and traditional prosthetic surgery. Dr. Guler is a great achiever who has taken part in numerous medical conferences and won numerous honors for his work. At the moment, he is employed by Memorial Sisli Hospital.

The Memorial Sisli Hospital, the first undertaking of the Memorial Group, opened its doors in 2000. Since then, the hospital has established a reputable name in the fields of genetics, IVF, organ transplant, cardiology, and cardiovascular surgery. The hospital, which occupies a sizable 53,000 square meters covered area, is renowned for providing both domestic and foreign patients with healthcare services that meet worldwide standards.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedure

The Visa invite from the chosen hospital was facilitated by the MediGence patient manager. Mr. Rashid applied and received the Visa within a week. He chose the hotel recommended by MediGence according to his budget. He and his wife arrived in India on the 30 Nov 2021. He was received at the airport by the MediGence Team and all accommodation arrangements were made by the team. The assigned case manager ensured that the patient was provided with the best facilities at the hotel. MediGence took the patient to the hospital for consultation with Prof. Dr. Olcay Guler. Mr. Rashid’s appointment with Dr. Haluk was pre-booked.

Following preliminary examinations, he was brought to the hospital. After finishing all medical exams, the doctor advised Evans to undergo a few diagnostic procedures in order to identify the illness. Evans underwent all necessary examinations. This helped the surgeon better understand the situation and develop the most effective treatment strategy. The doctor determined that Ankle Fusion Surgery was the most effective course of action after carefully reviewing the test results.

Ankle fusion (arthrodesis) surgery eliminates the painful arthritic joint by connecting the ankle bones together with screws or plates. The ankle bones are positioned so that they will fuse together when they recover after the surgeon removes the cartilage from their ends. One should experience less pain from ankle arthritis, if not no pain at all. If one gets such alleviation, one might be able to resume significant activities with little to no discomfort.

Post Treatment

Mr. Rashid was given a variety of lodging options following surgery, and he made his decision based on his budget. Prof. Dr. Olcay Guler gave the patients superb treatment and made sure they were at ease. MediGence made sure the patient had the finest care possible and handled all the arrangements, including the hospital transfer, airport pickup, and doctor appointments.

Mr. Rashid expressed his satisfaction with the physician and the treatment’s success. He was quite appreciative of the counseling he received right before surgery from the medical staff at Memorial Sisli Hospital. He also commended MediGence for their outstanding assistance during every stage of his treatment, from picking the finest surgeon and hospital to obtaining a visa and scheduling appointments.


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