Mr. Kenneth Underwent Knee Replacement Surgery in NP Istanbul Hospital, Turkey

Mr. Kenneth Underwent Knee Replacement Surgery in NP Istanbul Hospital, Turkey
  • Patient Name : Mr. Kenneth
  • From Country : UK
  • Destination Country : Turkey
  • Procedure : Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Hospital : NP Istanbul Hospital, Turkey

He is an excellent physician. I don’t have an infection and can walk with crutches only for support. I have complete confidence in Dr. Halil Ibrahim Balci since he is a true expert with a wealth of knowledge. 5 out of 5 stars for the hospital!

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Mr. Kenneth had been experiencing knee pain and limited movement for some time. His advanced age has contributed significantly to the deterioration of his knees.

Due to this, Mr. Kenneth, a 65-year-old United Kingdom national, gradually realized that a bilateral total knee replacement was the best course of action for his situation. He first made contact with MediGence, and the staff members at the company got to work right away. He chose Dr. Halil Ibrahim Balci for his treatment.

By speaking with the top orthopedic experts in the industry, they made sure the patient received the proper advice and suggestions. He chose the superior healthcare institution known as the NP Istanbul Hospital as a result of the properly planned and managed consultations. The patient’s demands, requirements, and preferences were carefully taken into account when MediGence planned and organized his appointments and stay. Mr. Kenneth arrived in Turkey on 7 February 2022. The patient’s hospital stay was 5 days and a total of 2 weeks in Turkey.

World-renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Halil Ibrahim Balci has more than 15 years of experience. He is renowned for going above and beyond the call of duty to give his patients the best care possible. He is renowned for upholding the standards of the field and providing the most efficient outcomes possible. The specialist is currently employed by Istanbul University’s Department of Surgical Medicine as an Associate Professor (as of 2017). He also serves as Istanbul University’s Deputy Chief Physician (2017–2019). Dr. Balci is dedicated to offering the highest quality of care; as a result, he regularly communicates with his patients via teleconsultations in addition to in-person appointments.

Pre-Treatment and Surgical Procedures

After the initial visit, Dr. Halil Ibrahim Balci recommended treating one side first to benefit Mr. Kenneth by promoting faster healing, a decreased chance of problems, and a shorter stay in the hospital. The initial phase of the treatment was scheduled first, and the patient and doctor agreed that the second phase procedure would be performed six months later. This means that the patient was scheduled for a Staged Bilateral Total Knee Replacement.

A number of tests were prepared for the patient before the treatment as soon as they were admitted to NP Istanbul Hospital. These examinations included CBC, ESR, fasting blood sugar, blood group, Rh factor, kidney and liver function tests, tests for HIV and Australian antigen, tests to rule out Hepatitis C, and a regular stool and urine analysis. Following the first examination and assessment of the patient’s overall health status, which was also assessed using the results of these tests, the specialist and his team got ready for the two-hour procedure. The femur bone end was removed after the anesthesia and replaced with a metal shell. Additionally, the lower leg bone’s (tibia) end was cut off and replaced with a plastic piece (channeled) with a metal stem.

Post Treatment

Without any complications, the surgery was effectively finished. The patient did follow the doctor’s advice regarding the necessary follow-up care and maintained contact with the physician during the time following treatment.

MediGence assisted the patient in every way. One of the crucial ones was that the patient had insurance, therefore the organization handled all of the logistics for insurance approval. This allowed the patient to concentrate on becoming well again while MediGence took care of the rest. This also entailed scheduling appointments, following up after treatment, and setting up regular check-ins while recovering.


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