Heart Transplantation in Israel

A heart transplant Is a very complicated procedure that is performed only by the best cardiologists and surgeons. A heart transplant is necessary when the patient’s heart has failed and a new heart is required in order for the patient to survive. The heart performs one of the most important functions of the body and that is pumping oxygen-rich blood to all the different parts of the body and hence replacing the oxygen-deficient blood in the process. Without this regular process of pumping blood, it is almost impossible for the patient to survive. The heart transplant process is very complex and is performed in the country of Israel by world-renowned specialists in the field of cardiology.

Cost Comparison

The heart transplant surgery is a complex one that requires a lot of precision and dexterity and also the use of some modern machines that help keep the blood flowing in the patient (called artificial heart machines). The cost is not predictable usually but it is lesser on an average in the country of Israel than in countries like Canada, the United States or even the United Kingdom for that matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Israel has one of the highest concentrations of top cardiologists in the world. The equipment in the hospitals and medical institutions in Israel are all advanced and state of the art and some are even better than the ones that you typically find in what we called the developed countries. The medical tourism industry in Israel is also booming and the prices are also competitive especially considering that the heart transplant surgery is a matter of life and death. The success rates for the Heart Transplantation procedure in Israel are also very high and are even comparable to the countries like the United States. These are some of the very few reasons why people prefer to go to Israel to have a Heart Transplantation surgery done in a convenient manner.

The average cost of a heart transplant operation in the country of Israel is mostly dependent on the surgeon and the cardiologists that are asked to perform the procedure. The medical center where the surgery is performed is also important in this matter because a lot of time and resources are required to be able to perform such complex surgeries. The average cost varies anywhere between 80 thousand US dollars to 1 million US dollars. This is again dependent on a lot of factors and cannot be generalized for the public.

  • Rabin Medical Centre beilnson – This hospital has a dedicated department for organ transplantations in the country of Israel. This hospital was where the very first heart transplant in Israel was performed. It is also the fifth medical institution that has performed a heart transplant on a patient. They have very experienced doctors in their team and are very well prepared to counter any emergencies in the Operating Room. The medical equipment in the Rabin Medical Centre beilnson is very advanced and Is up to international standards. The Rabin Medical Centre is one of the most famous hospitals in Israel to perform organ transplant surgeries like the heart transplant on patients. Almost 75% of all the transplant surgeries that are performed in Israel are performed by the elite surgeons and doctors of the Rabin Medical Centre. They have different departments within the organ transplant department that specialises in transplantation of each organ. They have performed more than a hundred heart transplants since the hospital was opened. They also have dedicated researchers who are constantly researching in the field of cardiology and heart transplants and are coming up with interesting inventions. It is located in the city of Petah Tikva in Israel.

  • Sheba Medical Centre – This is another very popular hospital in Israel. It is also regarded as the largest among the other hospitals. It is present in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. Set up in 1962, the heart transplant department of the Sheba Medical Centre has performed almost 150 plus heart transplant surgeries on patients that have come from all over the world. They are also experts in implanting a new gen tech called the Ventricular Assist Device which helps patients who are waiting for viable hearts from donors.

Some of the best cardiologists for a heart transplant in Israel are the ones present at the above-mentioned clinics.

  • Margarita Camacho, MD, Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre.

  • Saurabh Kapoor, MD, Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre.

Israel has one of the highest success rates for heart transplantation surgery in all of the world. This can be attributed to the fact that the facilities that are available in the hospitals of Israel are top of the class and so are the medical practitioners that operate here. The rules of the medical board here are also very strict.

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