Stomach cancer or gastric cancer is the growth of cancerous cells within the lining of the stomach. It is rare cancer and is difficult to diagnose. At an early stage, the symptoms of stomach cancer are mostly not visible and stay undiagnosed till it has spread to other parts of the body.

Stomach cancer in India

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Cost comparison

The cost of stomach cancer in India along with the excellence of treatment and aftercare provided are comparable with few of the most popular medical tourism destinations like Singapore, Turkey, and Hungary. Stomach cancer surgery cost in India along with the chemotherapy and radiation, accommodation is almost less than one-sixth when compared with the treatment cost offered in US or UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no specific causes of stomach cancer however there are certain risk factors that may affect the chance of someone getting a disease such as cancer. Certain risk factors can be controlled eg. smoking. However, some risk factors cannot be controlled. Below are some of the major risk factors for stomach cancer:

  • Helicobacter Pylori Infection: The presence of infection caused by H. Pylori bacteria is a major cause of stomach cancer in the lower part of the stomach. The long-term presence of the infection may lead to stomach ulcers and inflammation.
  • Pernicious Anemia: It is long-lasting anemia that is resulted due to the body’s inability to absorb Vitamin B12.
  • Menetrier Disease: It is a rare disorder caused due to the massive growth of mucosa cells on the inner lining of the stomach.
  • Gastritis: Inflammation in the gut.
  • Growths in the stomach called polyps.
  • Epstein-Barr virus infection.

Other than the above there can be a host of other controllable as well as uncontrollable risk factors- smoking or use of tobacco, obesity, improper diet, exposure of asbestos just to name a few.

There are various approaches to stomach cancer treatment in India, some of the prominent ones being:

Surgery: It is the most common type of treatment for stomach cancer however the type of surgery depends upon the extent of cancer. There are two major types of surgeries namely:

  • Partial (subtotal) Gastrectomy: In this type of surgery, the cancerous part of the stomach is removed by the surgeon. A part of the esophagus and intestine may also get removed with it depending upon the case. The nearby tissues and lymph nodes may also get removed with it.
  • Total Gastrectomy: In this procedure, the entire stomach, the nearby lymph nodes, and other tissues near the tumor, parts of the esophagus and small intestine may also get removed and the surgeon creates a new stomach out of the tissues from the intestine. The esophagus is connected to the small intestine and a feeding tube is placed into the small intestine to make the nutrition reach the patient’s body as they heal.

Chemotherapy: In this procedure, anti-cancerous drugs are entered in the bloodstream, by injecting them (and some by mouth) to kill cancer cells. In most cases, people are given chemotherapy after their surgery. Chemotherapy might also be given in conjunction with Radiation therapy. This procedure also has its side-effects that can depend on the specific drugs and its doses.

Radiation Therapy: In this procedure, the treated area is subjected to high-energy rays to kill the cancer cells. Usually done in the hospital or clinic requiring a patient’s visit for five days a week for several weeks.

The cost of stomach cancer treatment in India starts from around USD 5,500. However, there are various factors affecting the cost of stomach cancer treatment.

Some of the major factors that determine the cost of stomach cancer treatment in India are:

  • Hospital or Treatment Facility (Government/ Private/ Trust)- Use of insurance, type of insurance or self-paid, hospital accreditation, the brand value of the hospital, treatment facility factors
  • Surgeon’s experience and expertise level
  • Treatment approach and the technology used in the treatment
  • Patient’s diagnosis- nature & type of cancer, cancer's stage, age of the patient, the size of the tumor, etc.

Mentioned below is some of the best hospitals for stomach cancer treatment in India:

  • Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai, India
  • Aster Medicity, Kochi, India
  • Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, India
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India
  • Fortis La Femme, Delhi / NCR, India

Below is the list of some of the best surgeons for stomach cancer treatment in India:

  • Dr. Jalaj Baxi, Senior Consultant Surgical Oncology. Fortis Hospital, Noida, India | Total Experience: 25 Years
  • Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pande, Director- Surgical Oncology, Fortis Hospital, Delhi / NCR, India | Total Experience: 21 Years
  • Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas, Director - Surgical Oncology & Chief - Robotic Surgery, BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi, India | Total Experience: 15 Years
  • Dr. Kapil Kumar, Director- Surgical Oncology, Fortis Hospital, Delhi / NCR, India | Total Experience: 30 Years
  • Dr. Sudeep Sarkar, Sr. Consultant Surgical Oncology, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, India | Total Experience: 34 Years

The success rate of stomach cancer treatment depends on various factors, the most important being the stage of cancer. If the cancer is in its early stage and/ or is caught early then the success rate is high. On the other hand, the recovery chances are next to impossible if cancer has spread beyond the lining or to the lymph nodes. Some dietary changes are also required to be made when the body is in the recovery stage.

The recovery process for a patient who has recently undergone a stomach cancer treatment is critical. It is very important for the patients to receive proper post-treatment care and visit the doctor for timely check-ups. Regular follow-ups become a crucial part of the post-treatment recovery. Owing to the tendency of the disease to return, regular monitoring by the doctor is done to identify the recurrence of cancerous cells or in case any undetected cancerous cells remain in the body. Doctors also advise stopping the usage of tobacco and alcohol consumption for at least a certain period of time. An average time period based on a study report is between one to four years for a full recovery.

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