Brachial plexus is a mesh of nerves that link the spinal cord and the nerves present in the arm. Injury to the brachial plexus can range from minor to severe. A minor damage will not require surgery, but it should not be ignored. The right candidate for surgery has a severe nerve injury termed as avulsion, rupture or laceration. Avulsions are the most severe form brachial plexus injury, in this, the nerve root gets disconnected leading to a partially or fully paralyzed arm.

Symptoms of the brachial plexus injury depend on the extent of the damage to each nerve. Avulsions, ruptures, lacerations cause weakness, paralysis, numbness or pain in the shoulder, arm hand or finger.

Cost Comparison

A nerve transfer is helpful in cases of a severely damaged nerve. In this procedure, a healthy nerve is taken from its original method and inserted into a different location. At this location, the nerve supply is damaged. The connection established between the healthy nerve and spine remains intact, and the transferred nerve brings the motor and sensory abilities to the lost area.

The other procedure used is nerve grafting, which is necessary for bridging the gap between the two cut ends of the nerve. It is useful in restoring the movement or sensation.

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Total Days
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USD 5500


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