Are you looking for the best IVF doctor in Singapore? Before that, you must know what IVF stands for. This is a condition when couples try to conceive but they are unable to do so. Nearly 80% of couples should get pregnant if they are having sex almost regularly. IVF is a serious concern among couples these days. 1 out of every 7 couples is affected in today's fast-paced world. Why does this happen? Life is utterly stressful in the 21st century. Moreover, people have a general tendency to grab junk food in between their work.

Infertility in Singapore

If you are a young woman then getting pregnant is easier for you than compared to women aged 40. The fertility rate starts to go down from the age of 34 which further aggravates at the age of 37. By 40 a woman loses her ability to get pregnant. IVF treatment in Singapore is one of the best available treatments offered across the globe. Singapore is the most preferred medical tourism destination. It is well equipped with all the latest medical advancements and world-class hospitals and clinics that have highly qualified and experienced doctors to serve you the purpose. IVF doctors in Singapore are trained for years under the supervision of senior doctors who help them understand the nuances of the technicality IVF acquires. The medical professionals complete their basic medical education and fellowship in their respective fields. After the training years, they become experts in dealing with the complications of medical cases and recommend the best treatment plans to the patients.

Cost Comparison

You have to decide between a public and a private hospital. If you go for a public hospital then you will require paying between $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 per cycle. On the other hand, a private hospital will cost you between $ 12,000 and $ 20,000.


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