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Hair Transplant in Singapore

Hair Transplant in Singapore

With factors like pollution and lack of quality of water and the environment, the statistics of people suffering from balding has steadily risen. With hair quality decreasing and hair fall, destroying your hairline, a transplant might look like the easiest and most certain method to undergo. Especially in a field such as hair regrowth where a "wonder fixes" serum or medicine can be found on every corner, but none of them doing anything effectively. While some of these serums and healthy habits might help you to some extent, nothing is as solid as getting hair transplanted on your head. Hair Transplantation in Singapore is one of the most sought after surgeries and people traveling from Eastern Europe as well as the United States are seeking treatments there.

Hair Transplantation is a medical procedure that involves the removal of hair follicles from any area of the body and planting them on the balding portion. This method can also be employed to add hair in lashes and brows. The results are permanent and conclude with the transplant of clusters of hair follicles. This method is termed as Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT), which may be done in a couple of ways that are strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

In strip gather, skin strips with good hair growth are harvested and planted on the balding areas and in follicular unit extraction hair clusters with their roots are manually removed and planted at the balding region. Strip gather does, however, leave a little scar at the donor site, but full recovery is anticipated within a fortnight. FUE can be attempted in several old fashioned and modern ways, but it is a manual and time-consuming method, so the success of different methods is bound to vary. It's advantageous as it provides natural results and fewer scars. It can be achieved by using robotics and hence reducing the time taken for the complicated process.

With hair transplant becoming as mainstream as it is now, the question arises where you can get one done maximizing the quality of surgery and minimizing the cost. For most people, the answer to this question is Singapore, which has an industry famous for its high quality and affordable prices.

Cost Comparison

The process of hair transplant in Singapore has various steps the cost of which can be classified in the following way: Consultation and hair assessment can cost from $50 -$100, while the cost of the actual surgery depends on the price per graft (average $5/graft) and the total number of grafts (average 2000 grafts for complete scalp). For less than 1,500 grafts, the average cost per graft is usually around $6/graft. After the surgery, there are also Recovery medication and review costs from about $90 – $250 depending on the types of medication and painkillers used. It is also important to know that some people might require a second hair transplant for better results if there is a large area of baldness.

With all this included, the average cost of hair transplant surgery for the scalp in Singapore is between $8,000 to $12,000 USD in Singapore. This can increase if you choose to go the way of robotics, which is faster and more efficient but also less adaptable.

4 Clinics For Hair Transplant in Singapore




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Who is the best candidate for Hair Transplantation in Singapore?

There is no such thing as a "best" doctor for any field of medical science. Some doctors are good and doctors that aren't. And like most fields of surgery, how good your doctor depends mainly on the level of experience and training they have. To find the most experienced doctors you can ask around, and any doctor with more than 400 successful and happy customers can be considered a good candidate to consider for the transplantation.

What is the average cost of Hair Transplantation in Singapore?

The average cost for simple cases is around $7000-$9000, whereas complicated and large scale cases of balding can cost you up to $20,000 for repairs. The prices vary deeply based on the method of transplantation used, the number of grafts you require to be transplanted, and different surgeon fees. A person with moderate hair loss generally requires only about 2,000 grafts.

Why should you opt for Hair Transplantation in Singapore?

Hair transplant is quite expensive in most of the world, including countries like USA, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia. But in Singapore, even a good doctor charges only $5/ per graft. The only challenge for most patients is to make sure they find a reliable and experienced doctor. The best doctors in Singapore are as qualified as their counterparts in the USA and Europe and generally, have much more experience than most doctors abroad. With the cost being lower than their competitors, these hair transplant surgeons, along with medical, tend to attend more subjects with a variety of problems which is a great advantage as it complements their experience. With the help of this experience, they are faster, trustworthy and more efficient; and can transplant more grafts in a shorter time.

Which are the types of techniques utilized in Singapore for Hair Transplantation

A few techniques utilized in Singapore include:

  • Robotic FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

For robotic FUE hair transplant, we use a robotic machine called ARTAS that transplants hair follicles with unreal precision and speed but costs roughly double that of manual FUE hair transplant.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Using the Follicular Unit Extraction manually means painstakingly taking individual follicles and placing them onto your head. With the right doctor, this can mean a higher survival rate of follicles after the surgery as a human doctor is more adaptable than a machine.

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

Compared to FUE, it is a more dangerous method as it involves the cutting of a strip of the patient's scalp off, before proceeding to harvest their hair grafts before transplant. The open area is then sewn up and does heal with time but can leave the chances of visible scarring.

How successful is Hair Transplantation in Singapore?

While the surgery itself is almost always successful, the main issue is the short life of the hair transplanted. For a healthy person with no balding on other parts of the body, it can be 10 to 80 percent successful with hair growing back in three to four months. But for people with dormant hair follicles and damage to the scalp or natural thinning, transplants are known to be less effective. This is why transplanting is not the universal cure to balding but a procedure mainly for people who are partially balding or had lost hair due to an injury.

Which are the best Hospitals for Hair Transplantation in Singapore?

There are various Hospitals known for their transplantation expertise. These include household names like:

  • Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic/Hair Transplant

  • Ashley and Martin - Hair Loss Treatment

  • Terra Medical Hair & Aesthetic Clinic

Which are the top Plastic Surgeons for Hair Transplantation in Singapore

Just like there is no best practitioner, there are no high profile "best" surgeons in Singapore. There are many great surgeons to choose from, but they fly under the radar and can only be found by looking at their experience and past surgeries done in Singapore.

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