Hair Transplantation in Prague, Czech Republic

Hair Transplantation in Prague, Czech Republic

With everyone around the world looking to maintain impossible standards of beauty, balding that has happened naturally or due to an accident or illness has always been that one thing with no real solution. But with advancements in technology and medical science, you can now surgically get a hair transplant done and revive your hairline. It has become a mainstream procedure, and hence you can get one done anywhere in the world, but getting one done in countries like the US, Canada, or the UK can hurt your finances quite a lot.

The best and cheapest solution that has come out is to get the procedure done abroad in east Europe and Asia, where these cosmetic procedures can be up to 90% cheaper. The Czech Republic is the preferred destination more often than not just because of the distance factor involved with going to Asia. For most people living in Europe, the Czech Republic even provides concierge medical tourism packages that include accommodation as well as the UK based follow up procedures that make it a very convenient option to consider.

Along with these cutting edge and standard medical procedures, the country can also provide tourists with the beauty and advancements of life most others lack. The capital, Prague, is a famous tourist spot known for its lavish lifestyle and grand architecture. The whole trip can feel like a little vacation, and you can get new hair while you're on it.

Cost Comparison

The price for a hair transplant is different for different clinics and doctors. Some clinics offer package prices consisting of all the prices involved so that the customer doesn’t worry about hidden extra charges. But most facilities will provide you the initial hair transplant cost, and add on costs of review sessions and medicines as the treatment goes on. High-quality transplants can cost you up to USD 5500 while on average all you need is about USD 2800. These prices vary based on:

  • The hair transplant technique: The most common hair transplant methods include FUE and FUT. The latter is cheaper because of scarring possibility and higher injury rate. The robotic FUE-ARTAS is the most expensive method due to the highest accuracy (up to 99%) and the bigger number of grafts transplanted per procedure.

  • The number of grafts: The graft is a set of 3-4 follicles taken from an area of the person’s body. The higher your hair loss, the more grafts are required to fix it. The hair transplant will be much cheaper if your area of baldness is small and will also last longer if your hair isn't thinking too much. Only a licensed doctor can tell you the volume of operation you require and hence calculate the final cost.

  • Plastic surgeon's experience: As in every field of life, reputable doctors and professionals ask for higher fees. You can choose a specialist with a relatively less known reputation to get a cheaper hair transplant. But definitely, do review them carefully and make sure they have at least 3-400 successful operations worth of experience and happy patients.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

1 Day in Hospital

14 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 4200


About the Hair Transplant

Hair transplant treatment has gained an immense popularity in the recent few years. This cosmetic treatment has offered a new hope to people who suffer from premature falling of hair and baldness. In fact, hair transplant not only helps those who suffer from baldness but also the ones who want a new look by altering their main and hairline. Many cosmetologists around the world offer hair transplant as an effective hair loss treatment that gives long-term and satisfying results.

This hair loss treatment is best suited for people who have lost confidence because of their receding hairline and baldness. It can boost confidence in people while improving their self-image and self-worth. However, it is necessary to talk to a good cosmetic surgeon before opting for this procedure and to analyze whether you are a candidate for it or not.

How is Hair Transplant performed?

This hair regrowth treatment is generally conducted in the doctor’s office. During this procedure, the hair already present on the scalp are used for transplant to the scalp area that has gone bald.

The surgeon first cleans the scalp and inject the medicine to numb the area. Depending on the approach used for transplantation, the surgeon may perform the following steps:

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

  • The surgeon removed a strip of skin from the back of the head.
  • The scalp is sewn, closed, and covered by surrounding hair.
  • The strip of skin is divided into tiny grafts with just one of a few more hair

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • The surgeon shaves the back of the scalp.
  • The follicles are removed one by one from the shaved area.
  • The area heals by itself and is covered by hair eventually.

Once the grafts are available, the surgeon created tiny holes in the targeted bald area and places each graft in a hole. The entire procedure takes around four to six hours to complete.Depending on the desired results and the outcomes of the procedure, another session may be conducted.

Recovery from Hair Transplant

You may experience extreme tenderness and soreness in the scalp after the procedure. This is why you will be required to take pain medications for at least a few days.

Additionally, you will have a bandage over your scalp for a few days. An anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic may be prescribed by the cosmetologist following the procedure. You will be able to return to a normal routine within two to five days of the procedure.

The transplanted hair usually fall out within a week or two of the procedure. However, the growth of new hair starts within a month of hair transplant. However, most people are able to see the growth of new hair after six to nine months.

Patient Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best candidate for Hair Transplantation in the Czech Republic?

No one doctor can be proclaimed as the best in the entire country. There are many fields a doctor can be great at be it the speed of the operation, the accuracy or the success-rate and no one doctor can be the best at everything. How good your doctor is mainly dependent on the level of experience and training they have and any doctor with more than 400 successful and happy customers can be considered a good candidate.

What is the average cost of Hair Transplantation in the Prague?

While most clinics keep the information about cost private until you take a consultation, some clinics do give an estimate of the final cost. The estimates are of around USD 1300 to USD 1600 for 300 grafts. That is the cost of about 350 INR/ graft. Some constitutions also hide other costs like consultation fee and hair growth supplements within the treatment that might increase your bill eventually.

Why should you opt for Hair Transplantation in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has various advantages when considering alternatives abroad. The obvious one being that it’s cheaper and with the cost being lower than their competitors, these surgeons, nurses, and technicians tend to get more cases and handle quite a large variety of hair types which is a great advantage. With the help of this experience, they get experienced and more efficient at the procedure. Also, for customers in the UK, they provide concierge medical tourism packages that include accommodation as well as the UK based follow up procedures making it a very convenient option.

Which are the different types of Hair Transplantation Techniques used in the Prague, Czech Republic ?

A few medical techniques utilized in the Czech Republic include:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The method Follicular Unit Extraction includes manually and painstakingly taking out individual follicles from other areas of your body and placing them onto your head. With the right doctor, this can be advantageous as it can lead to a high survival rate of follicles after the surgery as a human doctor can be very adaptable and the surgery will be more effective in terms of long-term productivity.

  • Robotic FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

This method includes using FUE hair transplant with the help of a robotic machine called ARTAS that transplants hair follicles with unreal precision and prompt speed but is notorious for costs roughly double that of manual FUE hair transplant. This method, while giving consistent results, is not as adaptable as that of the manual FUE.

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

Compared to FUE, Follicular Unit Transplant can be more dangerous as it involves cutting off a strip of the patient’s scalp, and then proceeding to harvest their hair grafts before the transplant. The open area from the incision is then sewn up and will heal with time, but there is a chance that there will be visible scarring left in the area in the future.

How successful is Hair Transplantation in the Czech Republic?

While the surgery involved in the transplant isn’t as advanced and is almost always successful, the main issue is the short life of the hair that has been transplanted. For a healthy person with no other balding issues in life, it can be 10 to 80 percent successful with hair growing back completely in three to four months. But for people with dormant hair follicles and damage to the scalp, transplants are known to be less effective as the new hair does have to grow in the conditions the old ones did, and they at times fall off just like the ones in the past. This is the reason why transplanting has not become the universal cure to balding but a temporary solution mainly used only for partially balding people, who have thinning hair or lost their hair due to an injury.

Which are the best Clinics for Hair Transplantation in the Czech Republic?

There are various Hospitals known for their transplantation expertise in the Czech Republic. But most of them are situated in the capital city of Prague with its level of development and tourist footfall being the highest. A few of these includes:

  • Vinci Hair Clinic

  • Inter Clinic Praha-Radotín

  • Panacea Hair Clinic

Which are the top Plastic Surgeons Hair Transplantation in the Czech Republic

There are no well-known “best” surgeons in the Czech Republic. There are many great surgeons to choose from, but they usually fly under the radar due to various reasons. You can only find one by looking at different surgeons and their experience and surgeries. Also, great hospitals are known to hire the best in the country and therefore going for a high-end hospital might also be the answer when looking for the best surgeon for the procedure.

What is the health care infrastructure of Czechia / Why should opt for Czechia as a destination for your medical treatment?
Czechia is recognized for its strict rules and regulations which has kept the country in strict discipline. As an upside, the country has well-maintained regulations for every process and impressive medical healthcare facilities which has garnered thousands of visitors from across the world. The reasons for opting hospitals in Czechia is the astounding treatment options available at a very cost effective price range, which is undoubtedly affordable than most of the developed countries across the world. Besides the well-planned infrastructure, the treatment options and alternatives offered are tempting enough. Apart from that, the country also flaunts high success rates and has thus been able to cure some of the most complex diseases in the world.
What are the conditions of the hospitals in Czechia? Are they JCI certified. What is the quality of the support staff in the hospitals?
Contrary to a few decades back, the hospitals in Czechia have upgraded manifolds. The conditions of the multispecialty clinics have been modified to include the modern amenities and devices at large. This makes it ideally competent to the healthcare infrastructure in other developed countries making it capable of providing uncompromised treatment options to the medical tourists. A few of the hospitals and multispecialty clinics have earned due JCI certification and are thus, counted among the most trusted hospitals in the country. One of the most important aspects of availing healthcare benefits from any hospital is the quality of the support staff. Besides owning proficient doctors and surgeons, the efficiency of the support staff plays a major role on the health of the candidate. Keeping in mind the necessity, the staffs are well-trained to deal with every kind of situation thereby ensuring complete safety to the patients.
Are the doctors/surgeons in Czechia of the best quality?
One of the many reasons for the success of medical and health department of Czechia, is the supreme quality of the medical professionals. The doctors and surgeons providing treatments in Czechia are globally recognized for their service towards the medical field. Furnished with degrees from reputed universities and decades of training and experience, the doctors have earned high success rates throughout their professional career.
What is the process for obtaining medical visa in Czechia?
The Korean embassy follows a strict protocol for obtaining visa for travelling to the country. The necessary documents (photocopies and original) have been listed on their official website and should be strictly adhered to. However, one must definitely keep the documents at hand while applying for the same:
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the candidate not older than six months
  • Visa application fee which needs to be paid
  • Photocopy of the visa application fee paid
  • Confirmation of the duly filled visa application form
  • Civil status of the candidate
  • Copy of the entire travel itinerary
  • Proof of round ticket of flight as well as the accommodation reserved for staying
  • Other documents like birth certificate, residential proof, etc., which may also be required.
What support services does MediGence provide in Czechia?
Keeping in mind every travelling protocol listed by the government, MediGence ensures a hassle-free medical travelling experience in Czechia. Right from the beginning of the journey to the end, MediGence assists the candidates and the family with utmost care thereby making the stay as comfortable as it can be. Hence, here is a list of services provided for candidate satisfaction:
  • Medical travel and insurance query related support
  • Medical travel guidance
  • Visa Assistance
  • Free airport to hospital transfer
  • On-Ground Support
  • Teleconsultations
  • Visa Assistance
  • Accommodations Assistance
  • Free Airport to Hospital Transfer
  • Rehabilitation and recovery services
Which are the best cities in Czechia for medical treatment?
There are several cities which provide impressive medical benefits and are open for both national and international tourists. However, the best cities in Czechia for medical treatment are:
  • Seoul
  • Busan
  • Daegu
  • Incheon

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