A pacemaker stabilizes the heartbeat of a person. A pacemaker is required when there is a blockage in the heart and the natural pacemaker isn't capable of stabilizing the heartbeat. There are risks when the surgery is being performed by your doctor. Precautions are taken while implanting the device within your heart. Your doctor will check everything before he proceeds for the surgery. In fact, he will also have a word with you before he actually proceeds. Though there is only a 1% risk involved if any then will certainly explain the entire scenario to you.

Pacemaker Implant Surgery in Singapore

Before the pacemaker implant surgery in Singapore takes place, local anaesthesia would be used. The entire area would be made numb so that the patient does not feel any kind of discomfiture during the surgery. The patient will have a sleeping effect due to various medications. The surgery is not open-heart surgery. The surgery will be performed within 90 minutes maximum. While the device is being implanted into the chest it would be checked by the doctor. Your stay in the hospital totally depends on your body. Usually, patients are admitted a day before the operation. They are released on the same date of the surgery. If your surgery has complexities then you'll have to wait for your doctor’s advice. If you are taking any sort of medications then your doctor will advise you what you must do.

Cost Trend

In a public hospital, you can be charged between US$ 10,000 and US$ 12,900. On the other hand, a private hospital can charge you between US$ 18,100 and US$ 19,900.

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