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Our body is a complex structure. The slightest of malfunctioning can lead to undesirable outcomes. Among varied complex organs in our body, the heart is one of the most important ones. It pumps blood into our system, and without the proper functioning of the heart, the body cannot ideally do all that well. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome and other such complex heart defects which are caused by single ventricle physiology, need a procedure called Norwood Procedure.

What is the Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome?

Known to be a birth defect, this condition affects the flow of blood to the heart. The formative stage of the baby in the womb is crucial, and in some cases it so happens that the left side of the heart remains underdeveloped.

This is not an acquired disease, and hence treatment could sometimes be tricky. The only known successful technique to treat this condition is the Norwood Procedure, which is a three stage surgery. Israel is garnering quite a reputation for itself when it comes to creating a new functional system circuit.

Norwood Surgery in Israel

Norwood Surgery in Israel is carried out in three main stages.

Stage 1: This stage involves atrial septectomy, transaction and litigation of the distal pulmonary artery. This is done so that the pulmonary artery is connected to the Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome arch while the defected region of the aorta is fixed. Israel has the best in class equipments and machinery to make sure this happens without any hassle. To top it off, there also happens to be an elite bunch of cardiologists and surgeons in Israel who elevate the chances of success in the Norwood Procedure.

Stage 2: This is the actual Norwood Procedure, wherein the systematic and pulmonary circulation is restored once the vascular risk decreases.

Stage 3: This step is the creation of the modified procedure known as Fontan Procedure.

Israel has, over the last couple of decades, carried out the Norwood Procedure with excellent finesse. It has grown to be a specialist in this procedure, and looking at the means at their disposal, Israel seems to be your best shot to get Norwood procedure right.

Cost Comparison

The cost of Norwood Procedure in the USA is roughly around $110,000 and hospital charges of around $280,000 for a month long stay (uninsured). However, in Israel, the cost is a fraction of this number. Patients get the same top-notch treatment facilities and access to world-renowned physicians and surgeons, here in Israel.

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About the Norwood Procedure

Norwood procedure is a type of a heart surgery conducted to treat patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, mitral atresia, and other types of congenital heart defects that result in a single ventricle for blood circulation. This surgery, performed for the first time in 1981, is conducted in three steps.

Norwood procedure is conducted in patients whose heart is not able to pump blood to the different parts of the body. As a part of Norwood surgery, the doctors connect the single ventricle in the heart to the systemic circulation. To be able to do this, the surgeons first stop the circulation of the impure blood to the lungs from the ventricles and create an alternative pathway for it. During the Norwood surgery, the right side of the heart is resurrected as the main pumping chamber. Sometimes, it is the right ventricle that supplies blood to both the lungs and the rest of the body parts.

Norwood surgery is mostly conducted during the first week of life. It is usually conducted as a part of a series of heart surgeries required to correct the heart defect. It involves the reconstruction of the aorta using the pulmonary artery. During the same surgery, a Blalock-Taussig (BT) shunt is placed to maintain the flow of blood from the heart to the lungs.

How is Norwood Procedure performed?

The following three steps are performed during the surgery:

Step 1: Creation of a new aorta

The surgeons first split the pulmonary artery into two parts. The end closest to the lungs is sewn and the far end is sewn into the aorta. A patch is put on this conjunction is make the new aorta stronger and bigger. This way, the blood leaving the heart through the pulmonary valve in the right side to the rest of the body travels through the newly created aorta.

Step 2: Placement of a BT shunt

A BT shunt is a hollow tube that connects the pulmonary artery to the new aorta. It helps pump some blood that eventually reaches the lungs.

Step 3: Removal of walls between the atria

In the last step, the wall between the upper two chambers of the heart, the atria, is removed. This allows the flow of blood coming back from the lungs to the right upper chamber. The blood eventually reached the right lower chamber (ventricle) and is pumped to the rest of the body.

Recovery from Norwood Procedure

After the surgery, once the blood circulation resumes, the right side of the heart of the baby pumps a mixture of blue and red blood. Blue blood is the deoxygenated blood that comes from the different parts and red blood is the oxygenated blood coming from the lungs. This gives a blue or a dusky appearance to the skin and the lips of the baby.

Because the blood of the baby is mixed, the oxygen level in the blood circulating in the body is less than normal. However, the body of the baby adjusts to this levels and is not affected by it. A majority of babies who undergo Norwood surgery are released from the hospital after 10 days of the surgery. Doctor prescribe three to four medications that must be given to the baby in the days to come.  Breastfeeding is highly recommended for babies who have had a heart surgery. Some babies may be given breast milk through a feeding tube for a few days before normal feeding is resumed. For increased calories intake, breast milk can be supplemented with extra powders and other add-ons.

Parents of the baby must learn how to care for the baby at home and feed them. They must learn all the necessary skills from the nurse and take guidance from the surgeon. Babies who have had a Norwood operation grow normally like any other baby. They smile and roll over and the rest of the developmental stages are the same. Some babies may, however, face trouble gaining weight and they must be given richer milk to drink for normal development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why go for Norwood Surgery in Israel?

Israel lately is a leading name in medicine all around the world. With access to cutting edge technology and doctors and surgeons who have been in the practice for decades, the chances of the procedure misfiring are next to negligible here. They also have better treatment facilities and apt conditions that enhance recuperation at a faster rate. All these factors make Israel the best location to get a Norwood procedure.

What is the average cost of Norwood Surgery in Israel?

The average cost of getting a Norwood Surgery in Israel depends upon the quality of the facility you are looking at, at the reputation of the surgeon and doctors you consult, and the overall medication you opt for. However, on average, the cost of the Norwood Procedure in Israel would roughly cost you around $2800 USD.

Which are the top Hospitals and top Oncologists for Norwood Surgery in Israel?

Some of the most popular Oncologists in Israel are Dr. Moshe Inbar, Dr. Ilan Gil Ron, Dr. Rafael Katan, and Dr. Haim Gutman. Consulting these doctors may cost you a lot, but you can be sure that you would be advised by only the best in the business. Norwood procedures are tricky and therefore getting sound advice in such cases makes a huge difference. Also, considering the reputation of these doctors which precedes them, it won’t be hard for you to find them.

Which are the best cities in Israel for Norwood Surgery?

The best cities for Norwood Procedure in Israel are Tel-Aviv, Ramat Gan, Haifa, Petah Tikva, and even Jerusalem. These cities in Israel have access to the latest technology out there, which helps these cities garner a perfect record. Also, being one of the most populous cities, help would just be around the corner. The facilities here would never run out of assistance as nurses and other medical help are constantly made available at any hour of the day. You get round the clock service and access to international quality healthcare facilities.