New Life IVF

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Salonika, Greece



Newlife IVF is a leading IVF clinic in Greece offering the full range of fertility examinations and treatments, comprising a highly successful egg donation programme. The excellent experience with international patients as well as the high pregnancy rates makes them one of the most well-known IVF clinics overseas.

Newlife IVF is grounded in modern premises, designed on purpose to make sure of the maximum safety and minimal stress in the course of treatment. There are 3 separate laboratories:  seminology, embryology, and cryobiology and also two operating theatres. There are 4 single recovery rooms which have ensuite facilities so there is own personal space when having either an embryo transfer or egg collection.

The medical and laboratory equipment is refined and kept up to date as per to the scientific advances in the infertility field. They follow strict guidelines to make sure quality with all the processes and procedures so that you can be sure that safety is always their priority. They provide an affordable low-cost option related to other European countries. You will have a dedicated team of a clinical embryologist and fertility specialist who will personally deal with you to know your concerns with regards to treatment.


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