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Millennium Cancer Center

Gurugram, India

    Profile (Overview)

    Millenium Cancer Center in Gurugram is one of the best and the most advanced institutes for cancer research and treatment in India. The center hopes to create a difference in the lives of all cancer patients by providing them the best medical care possible while treating them with the most advanced treatment approaches and therapies available in the field of oncology.
    The center offer surgical and radiation oncology in association with its partner hospitals and clinics in Delhi and NCR. However, other advanced cancer treatment options in the field of medical oncology such as cytotoxic chemotherapy, molecular and targeted therapy, dendritic cell immunotherapy, hematological treatment, and hormone therapy are available at the center. The patients are provided personalized treatment plan after a thorough genetic testing and counseling.
    • Availability of most advanced medical oncology treatments
    • Genetic testing and counseling
    • Treatment on the basis of individual and cancer profiling
    • Team has 30+ years of experience
    • In-house lab for sample processing and genetic testing
    Facilities Provided:
    • family accomodation Accommodation
    • flight booking Airport Transfer
    • special dietery food Choice of Meals
    • interpreter services Interpreter
    • phone in the room SIM
    • TV inside room TV inside room

    Hospital (Infrastructure)

    Millennium Cancer Center is a first of its kind medical center for the research & treatment of cancer in India. The center aims at promoting a knowledge-based cancer care system backed with the latest cancer screening and treatment technology. It provides affordable, accurate, and accessible healthcare to all groups of the society. The hospital has an excellent team of doctors with amazing services, unique infrastructure of international standards in services.

    Infrastructure & Facilities:

    • Dedicated OPD chambers, Neutropenica Care, and BMT Unit
    • Fully equipped intensive care units with the latest monitoring & therapeutic facilities
    • In-house 24 X7 blood bank
    • All types of in-patient accommodation
    • Dedicated neutropenia/leukemia to the special needs of patients
    • Hi-tech operation theaters
    • Outpatient Chemotherapy Suite to ensure comfort to patients
    • An excellent day care cancer centre with state of the art facilities
    • Robust IT infrastructure
    • State-of-the-art equipped modular operation theatres
    • Critical care units equipped with advanced patient monitoring devices, ventilators, isolation rooms

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    Offered Procedures

    • Brain Tumour Treatment
    • Brain Cancer Treatment
    • Breast Cancer Treatment
    • Cervical Cancer Treatment
    • Chemotherapy
    • Colorectal Cancer ( Colon Cancer ) Treatment
    • Hormonal Therapy
    • Immunotherapy
    • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)
    • Kidney Cancer Treatment
    • Larynx Cancer Treatment
    • Lung Cancer Treatment
    • Oral cancer Treatment
    • Ovarian Cancer Treatment
    • Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
    • Prostate Cancer Treatment
    • Skin Cancer Treatment
    • Stereotactic Radio Therapy (SRT)
    • Stomach Cancer Treatment
    • Targeted Therapy
    • Uterine Cancer Treatment

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    Medical Oncologist

    1 Doctors

    Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi
    Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi

    Doctor - Medical Oncologist

    Gurugram, India

       26 Years

       64 USD for Video Consultation

    Dr.Gurdeep Singh Sethi is a specialized Cancer Specialist. And one of the most sought after medical specialists in India. The doctor has 26 Years of experience and is associated with , one of the best hospitals in India. View bio



    Which are the most popular procedures in Millennium Cancer Center?
    Millennium Cancer Center located in India provides services in a vast number of fields. The services offered are guided by exceptionally proficient physicians and surgeons. The most popular procedures offered in Millennium Cancer Center are in the field of Brain Tumour Treatment, Breast Cancer Treatment, Chemotherapy, Hormonal Therapy, Immunotherapy, Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) , Lung Cancer Treatment, Oral cancer Treatment, Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Prostate Cancer Treatment, Stomach Cancer Treatment, Targeted Therapy
    What diagnostics and tests are available in Millennium Cancer Center?
    The Millennium Cancer Center located in India is known for the variety of diagnostic approaches available for the candidates to choose from. Apart from the generalized diagnostics test provided like Blood Tests, X-Ray, Echo and Cardiac related tests, the hospital also performs various forms of cosmetic surgery procedures, cancer treatment, transplantation treatments, ophthalmology as well as orthopaedic and paediatric treatments. The treatments offered are thoroughly well-curated so that every candidate is offered a distinguished treatment procedure.
    What facilities are available in Millennium Cancer Center?
    Apart from in-detail treatment procedures available, Millennium Cancer Center has a wide variety of facilities available for International Patients. Following are some of the procedures which are provided by them: Accommodation, Airport Transfer, Choice of Meals, Interpreter, SIM, TV inside room
    Which Doctors are the most popular in Millennium Cancer Center?
    Millennium Cancer Center flaunts a decorated list of physicians and surgeons. The medical professionals operating here are known for excellency in their respective fields. Some of the most popular doctors in the hospital from various fields are:
    • Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi, Cancer Specialist - Medical Oncologist, Hematologist


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