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New Delhi, India

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    Medicover Fertility is a healthcare provider originally from Europe. They expanded internationally so that they can try to give each couple who cannot conceive the joy of having a child. They landed in India in the year 2016 to address the country’s growing fertility issues.

    Medicover Fertility has set a standard for advanced and ethical fertility treatment across the globe. It follows the European standard of operating protocols which were designed and validated over multiple European countries under the ESHRE, an authority for infertility treatment in Europe. The clinics exceed the expectations set by the WHO, ICMR, and ASRM.

    Medicover Fertility has a strong presence in 13 countries including India and is acclaimed as the largest private-sector employer of qualified medical professionals in Central and Eastern Europe with over 5,000 employees. They have consistently met the ISO Quality Management System’s stringent standards year after year. 

    The Medicover Fertility situated in Panchsheel Park, is at a prime location, right next to a metro station for easy access. Their vision is to provide the best treatment in the field of infertility. Medicover Fertility Panchsheel Park is fully equipped with world-class technology and delivers patient-centric services every time.

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    All Medicover Fertility centres are designed and equipped to exceed the international standards set by the WHO, ICMR, and ASRM and the Panchsheel branch is no different. The practices followed here are the same as the ones in Europe. 

    All of the latest technology pertaining to the field of infertility is available here alongside well-trained clinical embryologists, dedicated nurses, and a team of fertility experts. It comes as no surprise that there is a baby born every three hours in one of the Medicover Fertility clinics worldwide. 

    Medicover Fertility clinics also have a total transparency policy that keeps the expectant parents fully updated and informed about their diagnosis and treatment. They believe it is the right of the patients to know all the minute details of whatever situation they are facing and all possible remedies and treatments so that the couple can make all the tough decisions through knowledge.

    The IVF treatment cost in the Medicover Fertility clinic in Panchsheel Park is quite affordable and comes with a 0% interest EMI option.

    Internationally certified and acclaimed doctors are present in the Medicover Fertility Panchsheel Park branch. They meet all the national and international standards and yet manage to provide quality treatment that is both ethical and cost-effective. They have earned their patient's trust over the years and have won goodwill at an international level.

    Medicover Fertility Panchsheel Park is known to have the best IVF treatment facility in all of Southern Delhi. This is only because of the expert fertility consultants and staff who are available at hand. They map out a proper, correct, and doable plan for all the couples who walk through the doors of the clinic after taking into consideration their medical history and reproductive issues.

    The IVF clinic offers standardized, ethical, transparent, and advanced infertility treatments performed by a team of qualified and well-experienced IVF doctors, clinical embryologists, and support staff. 

    The Medicover Fertility centre in Panchsheel Park offers a wide variety of treatments for infertility. The most popular procedure there is IVF also known as In-Vitro Fertilization. The other services offered are:

    • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
    • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    • Eggs and Sperm Freezing
    • Embryo Freezing
    • IVF with Donor Egg
    • IVF with Donor Sperm
    • IVF with Donor Embryo
    • Surrogacy
    • Assisted Hatching

    Drop by the Medicover Fertility Clinic in Panchsheel Park find your perfect treatment to make your dreams come true.

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    Offered Procedures

    General Surgery
    • Hysterectomy
    • Fibroid Removal Surgery
    • Intrauterine Insemination
    • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

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