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Bahelievler Mahallesi, Medicana Haznedar, Ba?c?lar Caddesi, Gngren/Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul.
Turkey 34160



The Medicana Health Group, which carries its activities especially in Istanbul and Ankara, provides the most advanced healthcare services in all aspects through its 11 hospitals and 5000 employees on average. It does not only pioneer the development of health tourism but also became one of the important centers in the treatment of international patients in multidisciplinary healthcare. Medicana Health Group, which aims to provide healthcare services to every segment of society at international standards, increases patient satisfaction with its transparent, reliable and compassionate approach towards them.

The primary aim of Medicana Health Group is to be a healthcare facility that continuously improves its productivity through its vision. In addition, it also aims to follow the development of healthcare services in Turkey and in the world and to adopt the internationally recognized methods and practices and offer these methods and practices to its patients.  

Its Medicana Haznedar Hospital in Turkey is one such setup. Its primary aim is to meet the patient’s medical needs and provide them with an opportunity to have a healthier life. Each day activities are carried out to introduce modern, reliable, and advanced healthcare technologies of high standards. It offers healthcare services at international standards in many fields, including cardiovascular surgery, IVF center, advanced cancer treatment, cosmetology, neurosurgery, organ transplantation, hemodialysis, knee joint disorders, and neurology.

  • Multidisciplinary healthcare
  • World-class facilities 


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