European Interbalkan Medical Centre

Chortiatis, Greece



European Interbalkan Medical Centre is a multidisciplinary hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece. European Interbalkan Medical Centre was founded in 2000. It belongs to Athens Medical Group, the biggest hospital network in Greece. The centre is situated in Thessaloniki and only 5 minutes by car from the International Airport.

The hospital uses innovative treatment methods and is fortified at the same level as top European hospitals. Physicians apply the Da Vinci robotic system for sparing surgeries, and IMRT technology for targeted irradiation of malignant tumours which is harmless for healthy tissues. Surgeries applying Da Vinci robot are minimally invasive via a small 1 cm punctures. A surgeon achieves the robotic instruments with 100% accuracy of movements. It allows removing the neoplasm wholly without injuring healthy tissues. The first Da Vinci system unit in South Greece has been set up at

Interbalkan. Because of the low injury rate of tissues, while surgery, a patient recovers quicker, severe pain is almost nil, scarring is hardly noticeable. Surgeons carry out such interventions applying Da Vinci robot:

  • Stomach resection
  • Bladder removal
  • Benign and malignant stomach neoplasms removal
  • Removal of myomas and cysts of ovaries
  • Gastric bypass
  • Prostate removal
  • Uterine removal
  • Kidney and bladder surgeries

The hospital has:

  • 36 departments
  • 383 beds
  • 22 operating theatres
  • 10 delivery rooms
  • 1 swimming pool


  • family accomodation Accommodation
  • flight booking Airport
  • special dietery food Choice of Meals
  • interpreter services Interpreter
  • phone in the room SIM
  • TV inside room TV inside room

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