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American Heart of Poland is an advanced medical facility for the management of cardiovascular conditions. The American Heart of Poland SA Group was founded in the year 2000. The group was founded by experienced and expert doctors from Poland and the United States. The mission of American Heart of Poland SA Group include providing comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, facilitating the availability of quality care in cardiology, providing advanced medical facilities to the patients with cardiovascular disorders by public and private collaboration, imparting cost-effective treatment facilities for patients and investing in the center for technological upgradation. American Heart of Poland SA Group believes in providing the latest medical facilities in the field of cardiology to its patients in consonance with the principles of environmental protection and working environment. The quality management system of American Heart of Poland SA Group complies with ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, and PN-N-18001: 2004. American Heart of Poland has been bestowed with various certificates and awards the notable being Forbes Diamonds, Health Market Leader Laurel (2012), Golden Cross of Merit (2013), BCC Lodge Award "Cezary of Silesian Business" (2013), Diamond to the 'Caesar of Silesian Business' (2014) statuette, and Golden Statuette of Polish Business Leader 2015.

Available Treatment and technologies

The hospital is equipped with advanced treatment facilities to cater to almost all the cardiovascular condition including high-risk, life-threatening conditions. The hospital has divided its operations into four main divisions. The cardiology division includes treatment of coronary artery disease, coronary angiography, coronary artery diagnosis with the use of IVUS and FFR, mitral and aortic valvuloplasty, and diagnosis and treatment of arterial fibrillation and flutter, cardiac arrhythmias, mapping arrhythmias, and ventricular arrhythmia foci. The other divisions of American Heart of Poland include cardiac surgery, Cardiac rehabilitation, and vascular surgery.


The center has all the facilities available for diagnosis and treatment of the cardiovascular condition. It has two world-class operation theaters with a fully integrated operation table. The post-operative facility provided is world-class and equipped with 10 intensive supervision stations. Hospital has 14 comfortable beds available with the option of single and double rooms. The hospital has experienced a counseling team and rehabilitation center.

Facilities Provided:

  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Choice of Meals
  • Interpreter
  • SIM
  • TV inside room

Hospital (Infrastructure)

  • The biggest European spa resort in Ustron is also an exclusive part of the American Heart of Poland.
  • The healthcare facility has highly advanced diagnostics.
  • A seamless prevention and rehabilitation process is followed here.
  • Surgeries performed here have the best success rates.
  • Telemedicine facilities are provided for the patients post treatment.

Hospital Location

American Heart of Poland Sp. z. o.o., Sanatoryjna, Ustro, Poland

Hospital Awards

  • Best Medical Tourism Provider in Central and Eastern Europe at the International Medical Travel Journal Awards in 2017
  • Best Cardiovascular Hospital in Europe at the International Hospital of the Year Awards in 2019
  • Quality Innovation Performance Accreditation (QIP) for Heart Failure and Acute Coronary Syndrome Programs in 2018
  • Best Medical Tourism Hospital at the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards in 2020
  • Best Hospital in Cardiology and Heart Surgery at the Forbes 2021 ranking of the best hospitals in Poland.

Available Specialities

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Dr. Andrzej Bochenek

Dr. Andrzej Bochenek

Ustron, Poland

47 Years of Experience

Dr. Andrzej Bochenek is a specialized Heart Specialist. And one of the most sought after medical specialists in Poland. The doctor has 47 Years of experience and is associated with , one of the best hospitals in Poland. View Profile

Dr. Radoslaw Stefan Kiesz

Dr. Radoslaw Stefan Kiesz

Ustron, Poland

43 Years of Experience

Dr. Radoslaw Stefan Kiesz is a specialized Heart Specialist. And one of the most sought after medical specialists in Poland. The doctor has 43 Years of experience and is associated with , one of the best hospitals in Poland. View Profile


Which are the most popular procedures in American Heart of Poland?
American Heart of Poland located in Poland provides services in a vast number of fields. The services offered are guided by exceptionally proficient physicians and surgeons. The most popular procedures offered in American Heart of Poland are in the field of
What diagnostics and tests are available in American Heart of Poland?
The American Heart of Poland located in Poland is known for the variety of diagnostic approaches available for the candidates to choose from. Apart from the generalized diagnostics test provided like Blood Tests, X-Ray, Echo and Cardiac related tests, the hospital also performs various forms of cosmetic surgery procedures, cancer treatment, transplantation treatments, ophthalmology as well as orthopaedic and paediatric treatments. The treatments offered are thoroughly well-curated so that every candidate is offered a distinguished treatment procedure.
What facilities are available in American Heart of Poland?
Apart from in-detail treatment procedures available, American Heart of Poland has a wide variety of facilities available for International Patients. Following are some of the procedures which are provided by them: Accommodation, Airport Transfer, Choice of Meals, Interpreter, SIM, TV inside room
Which Doctors are the most popular in American Heart of Poland?
American Heart of Poland flaunts a decorated list of physicians and surgeons. The medical professionals operating here are known for excellency in their respective fields. Some of the most popular doctors in the hospital from various fields are:
  • Dr. Andrzej Bochenek
  • Dr. Radoslaw Stefan Kiesz

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